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(Pics) Valerie Weignmann – PBB Teen Edition Plus

The 11th housemate to enter Kuya’s house: Valerie Weignmann, the Dazzling Doll of Germany.

Full Name: Valerie Weignmann
Nickname: Valie
Origin: Weisbaden, Germany
Age: 18
Birthdate: Novemeber 22, 1989
Nationality: Fil-German
School: Sophie-hans, Germany
Height: 5’9
Interests: Dancing hiphop
Favorite cartoon character: Hello Kitty and Tweety Bird
Favorite subject in school: English and German
Least liked subject in school: Math
Favorite sport: Badminton
Favorite summer/vacation destination: The Philippines
Ultimate celebrity crush: Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby

More about Valerie Weignmann below.

Born to a German chief cook father and a Filipina kitchen assistant mother, Valerie describes herself as the European Girl with a Filipina heart.

Valerie confesses that she gets hurt whenever she hears people speak awful things about Filipinos and half-Pinoys like her and because of this, she is more comfortable hanging out with half-Pinays like her in Weisbaden.

Although loves spending time with her friends, she also confesses that she enjoys the solace of her room where she would often watch Maging Sino Ka Man and Lobo on The Filipino Channel.

Valerie’s lowest time in her life came when her beloved father passed away. She found it hard to move on and eventually went into a depression and neglected her studies.

With Pinoy Big Brother giving her a new chance at life, this Barbie Doll hopes to find a new home in the Philippines and jumpstart her career as a successful actress who can speak very good Tagalog.

PBB Teens Edition Plus Housemates:

  1. Alex Anselmuccio – 18, Italian Valentino of Milan
  2. Christine Marie “Beauty” Gonzalez – 16, Rebellious Beauty of Dumaguete
  3. Ejay Falcon– 18, Promdi Hottie of Mindoro
  4. Jieriel Papa – 16, Bubbly Girl of Davao
  5. Jolas Paguia – 18, Gentle Giant of Davao
  6. Marc Josef Elizalde – 16, Lethal Lasallite
  7. Kevin Flood – 18, Spanish Stallion of Madrid
  8. Linda Backlund – 16, Bikina Babe of Iriga
  9. Arnan “Nan” Clenuar – 17, Junior Kengkoy of Davao
  10. Nicole Uysiuseng – 17, In-chick of Cebu
  11. Priscilla Mae Navidad – 17, Deaf Dreamer of Davao
  12. Robi Domingo – 18, True Blue Atenista
  13. Rona Marie Libby – 16, The Prisoner’s Daughter of Dumaguete
  14. Valerie Weignmann – 18, Dazzling Doll of Germany


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43 thoughts on “(Pics) Valerie Weignmann – PBB Teen Edition Plus”

  1. jeanmarc bareng says:

    ou nga ur d best kea lng sbrang syang c nicole nlng sna ntangal hndi ikaw sbrang bgay kayo ni ejay sgutin u na xa pglbz nya ha add u me

  2. jeanmarc bareng says:

    love yah go ate val bagay kayo ni ejay sagutin u na sya paglabas nya mwah dpat nga ksalin ka sa big 4 eh pero hayaan u mggng newest and the best actress ka mwah add mo ako ha

  3. eunice says:

    hello valerie! sayang evictee ka na…naiwan tuloy ung mga hndi deserving…nalungkot tuloy c Ejay..

  4. pretty_doll_25 says:

    ??? ate valerie ang cute muh bagay ka maging artista.. ???
    ??? sayang ate valerie akala kuh makakasama ka sa big 4 ???
    ??? ndi pla nalungkot akuh un.. ???
    ??? ate valerie kau na bah ni kua ejay sana magkaroon kau ng show.. ???
    ??? na magkasama kau.. bakit ka umabas ng house dapt ndi ikw.. ???
    ??? nalungkot tuloy c kua ejay.. ???
    ??? kht d me nakakanuod sa hapon inaabangan kuh nmn sa gabi.,???
    ??? VALJAY.. INGATS KAU palage mwwuuuaaahh … ???

    ??? cnuh gusto maging friends me add me sa FrIENDSTER

  5. jenny says:

    gusto talaga kita valerie dahil hindi ka O.Ahindi tulad ni nikki na sobrang o.a… sana kahit na evect kana.. sana si nicole nalang yung na labas
    halata naman na pinipili ni big brother kung sino ang gusto nyang ma big 4.
    it`s unfair yun ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    sana si valerie nalang yung hindi na evect pero mas maganda ka naman kay sa kay nicole.maganda nga e na loob naman yung kulo…
    more power ate valerie maa artista karin kay sa kay nicole
    muahhhhhhhhhhhhh love yah!

  6. alexes says:

    ganda mu talga… err… dapat talga nasa bigfour ka… haaay.

  7. Trixie says:

    Valerie ang ganda mo! BEWITH <3 EJAY

  8. anna marie podunas says:

    ~ hai!! ate val!! bagay kayo ni ejay!!!!! hehehe i watch da show bcoz of you!!!! gling mong sumayaw!!! prang c ate dialyn!! sna makita kita in person here in mindanao!!!!!!!!

  9. mira says:

    sana maging parents ko kayo

  10. yek says:

    yeah she looks like my friend swedish and mas maganda lng ung friend ko kc morena eh and solid ung ilong ang tangos…hehe but i liker val kc ganda nya…

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