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UPCAT 2014 Results — List of Passers

Congratulations to the new Iskolars ng Bayan!

Around 12,000 out of 80,000+ takers this year were admitted as incoming freshmen students of the University of the Philippines for the school year 2014 – 2015. The results were released today and posted at the UPCAT website of UP and outside the Office of Admissions in UP Diliman. Admitted students will also receive official notifications through postal.

What is the UPCAT?

The UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) is the entrance exam taken by high school students wanting to pursue an undergraduate degree program in any of the seven (7) constituent units of the UP System. These constituent universities are: UP Diliman, UP Manila, UP Los Banos, UP Baguio, UP Visayas, UP Mindanao and UP Open University.

The UPCAT is comprised of 4 subjects areas: Language Proficiency, Science, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension. Standardized scores on these subtests are combined with the weighted average of final grades in the first three years of high school to determine qualification into UP.

The results and list of passers are available here. Those having problems accessing the site may use the alternative mirror site 1 and mirror site 2.

Notes on UPCAT Results

In the list of UPCAT passers, some names have an asterisk mark (*) which means the students Qualified but there are application deficiencies that must be cleared with the UP Office of Admissions starting January 6, 2014.

Those with a double asterisk mark (**) mark are Pending cases which means they are NOT guaranteed admission into any UP campus and also have deficient requirements which must be completed on or before the 2nd week of February 2014.

For those who did not pass the UPCAT

Those who did not qualify in any of the campuses in UP still have a chance to get in through either route below.

First, they can apply for reconsideration to their 2nd UP campus choice or other UP campuses which they may not have originally applied to. Admission may be possible if the student’s University Predicted Grade (UPG) is within the campus UPG cut-off and there are remaining slots. Qualified students will be given a choice to enroll in a Degree Program with Available Slots (DPWAS) in that campus. To ask for reconsideration, a student has to present his or her Non-Qualifier’s Slip (which contains the UPG) to the Office of the Registrar of the campus they want to enter.

The second option is to transfer to UP once the student has completed at least 33 academic units in another university. He or she may enroll first in a college or university other than UP and, usually after 1 year, after earning at least 33 academic units with a weighted average of 2.00 or better (transmuted to UP grade), he or she may apply for transfer into a UP campus.

Those who have questions or clarification regarding the results may contact the UP Office of Admissions at Diliman, Quezon City at Telephone Numbers 927-4561 or 981-8500 loc. 3826 to 3831 starting January 6, 2014.

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