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Top Mutual Funds in the Philippines (2013 1H)

 And the market downturn continued.

When we posted our update on the Performance of Philippine Mutual Funds, as of May 2013, it did not fully incorporate yet the impact of sell-offs which started in mid-May this year. Some funds were still in their highs and recording double-digit gains, but in this June 2013 update, the brunt of losses incurred by mutual fund companies in the Philippines is now starting to show.

As of the end of the 1st Quarter of 2013, majority of the previous mutual fund winners pared down their gains with some funds, especially the dollar-denominated Equity, Balanced and Bond Funds, registering losses.

The same performance is evident in the UITF Returns, as of the 1st Half 2013 and performance of stocks traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange, which shows this really is a market-wide phenomenon. Whether this bearish outlook will continue or if the market will go back to its all-time high by the 3rd and 4th Quarter of 2013 is something we will all watch out for.

Good luck to us!

To learn more about your investment options, here are easy-to-read guide we have prepared for you.

Be advised that our articles are for information purposes only and are not meant to solicit any investment. PinoyMoneyTalk does not endorse any of the funds listed below. Investors must conduct due diligence before making the decision to invest. Take note, too, that returns in these funds are not guaranteed and loss of capital is a possibility.

Here is a summary of the year-to-date performance of Mutual Funds in the Philippines, as of the end of June 2013.

Year-to-Date Returns, as of June 2013
(From January 2, 2013 until June 30, 2013)

June 2013 - Equity Mutual Funds Performance

EQUITY FUNDS June 2013 YTD Return 1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund 10.04% N.A. N.A. N.A.
ATRKE Equity Opportunity Fund 9.85% 19.43% 21.99% 18.07%
Philippine Stock Index Fund 9.76% 21.80% 25.49% 21.22%
Philequity PSE Index Fund 9.28% 19.80% 25.01% 22.20%
Philequity Fund 8.66% 19.81% 27.98% 25.64%
Philam Strategic Growth Fund 5.39% 10.87% 23.74% 21.50%
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund 5.35% 17.36% 23.52% 19.06%
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund 5.07% 14.18% 26.74% 24.79%
United Fund 2.11% 11.96% 11.30% 11.32%
ATR KimEng AsiaPlus Recovery Fund -6.97% 6.34% -2.37% N.A.

June 2013 - Balanced Mutual Funds Performance

BALANCED FUNDS June 2013 YTD Return 1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
Optima Balanced Fund 10.74% 20.95% 21.10% 15.82%
ATRKE Philippine Balanced Fund 9.67% 18.49% 18.06% 14.59%
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund 6.63% 15.15% 25.38% 25.36%
ALFM Growth Fund 6.14% 7.71% 19.70% N.A.
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund 4.23% 14.37% 18.62% 14.67%
Philam Fund 4.22% 7.38% 20.79% 19.09%
Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund 4.09% 9.17% 20.63% N.A.
NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils. 4.09% 7.21% N.A. N.A.
PAMI Horizon Fund 3.06% 4.60% 19.40% 18.24%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund 0.66% 7.26% 3.61% 3.27%
PAMI Asia Balanced Fund -5.07% 5.67% N.A. N.A.
Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder -8.29% -4.06% N.A. N.A.

June 2013 - Peso Bond Mutual Funds Performance

PESO BOND FUNDS June 2013 YTD Return 1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund 18.00% 28.23% 17.41% 12.38%
Philequity Peso Bond Fund 14.91% 21.03% 12.33% 9.85%
Grepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp. 9.84% 14.27% 8.76% 7.36%
Ekklesia Mutual Fund 8.59% 13.91% 10.30% 7.74%
Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund 8.55% 15.51% 7.93% 5.69%
Philam Bond Fund 6.86% 15.59% 10.06% 8.60%
ALFM Peso Bond Fund 5.55% 9.97% 8.46% 7.02%
Grepalife Bond Fund Corporation 5.47% 16.78% 8.45% N.A.
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund 5.46% 10.23% 8.73% 7.54%
Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund 3.29% 8.13% 8.18% 8.23%
Cocolife Fixed Income Fund 2.18% 5.22% 9.30% 9.02%

June 2013 - Foreign Currency Bond Mutual Funds Performance

FOREIGN CURRENCY BOND FUNDS June 2013 YTD Return 1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
ALFM Euro Bond Fund 0.39% 5.12% 3.76% 4.02%
MAA Privilege Euro Fixed Income Fund -0.91% N.A. N.A. N.A.
ALFM Dollar Bond Fund -4.45% 0.78% 4.30% 4.18%
ATR KimEng Total Return Bond Fund -5.41% -2.39% 0.74% N.A.
Philequity Dollar Income Fund -5.52% -0.72% 4.73% 5.77%
Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund Corp. -6.54% 7.05% 5.14% 6.52%
PAMI Global Bond Fund -6.75% -4.69% 1.78% 0.71%
MAA Privilege Dollar Fixed Income Fund -7.11% -0.81% 1.95% 2.09%
Philam Dollar Bond Fund -10.71% -4.54% 2.87% 4.41%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund -10.91% -5.74% 2.87% 4.88%

June 2013 - Peso Money Market Mutual Funds Performance

PESO MONEY MARKET FUNDS June 2013 YTD Return 1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
ALFM Money Market Fund 1.37% 3.11% 3.29% N.A.
Philam Managed Income Fund 0.65% 1.62% 1.79% 1.75%
First Metro Save and Learn Money Market Fund 0.50% 1.53% 1.81% N.A.
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund -0.04% 0.08% 0.36% 0.79%

* Figures with a minus sign (-) denote a loss. All data are from the Philippine Investment Funds Association.

Disclaimer: Although a fund’s rate of return is a typical measure of performance, other factors such as consistency of return and exposure to risks must also be considered before investing. Note that past performance of a fund is not and cannot be a guarantee of future returns. does not endorse any of the funds listed above. Use prudence and due diligence before making the decision to invest.

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