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USD – PHP Daily Exchange Rate (September 2010)

We recognize the need to find the daily closing exchange rates of the Philippine Peso (PHP) versus the US Dollar (USD), and so we present to you this Daily and Monthly Table of the USD-PHP exchange rates, based on data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Philippine Dealing System (PDS).

The exchange rates below are updated daily.

To convert USD to PHP and vice-versa, use this Currency Conversion Tool.

US Dollar – Philippine Peso Daily Exchange Rates – September 2010

USD - PHP Exchange Rate (Sept 2010)

USD-PHP Rate ( Day Exchange Rate
September 29 Thursday  
September 29 Wednesday 43.880
September 28 Tuesday 44.100
September 27 Monday 43.900
September 26 Sunday (Weekend)
September 25 Saturday (Weekend)
September 24 Friday 44.090
September 23 Thursday 44.120
September 22 Wednesday 43.880
September 21 Tuesday 44.005
September 20 Monday 44.065
September 19 Sunday (Weekend)
September 18 Saturday (Weekend)
September 17 Friday 44.210
September 16 Thursday 44.400
September 15 Wednesday 44.260
September 14 Tuesday 44.260
September 13 Monday 44.123
September 12 Sunday (Weekend)
September 11 Saturday (Weekend)
September 10 Friday (Holiday)
September 9 Thursday 44.398
September 8 Wednesday 44.420
September 7 Tuesday 44.438
September 6 Monday 44.770
September 5 Sunday (Weekend)
September 4 Saturday (Weekend)
September 3 Friday 44.979
September 2 Thursday 45.140
September 1 Wednesday 45.314

Sources: BSP and Philippine Dealing System

Convert US Dollar to Philippine Peso: Currency Conversion Tool

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