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Ranking of the Top Mutual Funds in the Philippines (May 2016)

Best Mutual Funds in the Philippines to Invest InWhich ones are the best and worst mutual funds in the country?

Relying solely on income or profit earned from January 2016 until the end of May 2016, we ranked all mutual funds in the Philippines and the results are shown below.

Regardless of the asset class (equity, balanced, bonds, or money market), the Top 10 highest-gaining mutual fund across all categories, include:

From January to May 2016

RankMutual FundTypeJan-May 2016 Gain %
1ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity FundEquity Fund10.59%
2First Metro Phil. Equity Exchange Traded FundExchange Traded Fund (Equity)8.03%
3PAMI Equity Index FundEquity Fund7.55%
4Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index FundEquity Fund7.49%
5Philippine Stock Index FundEquity Fund7.40%
6Philequity PSE Index FundEquity Fund7.27%
7ATRAM Alpha Opportunity FundEquity Fund6.90%
8United FundEquity Fund6.68%
9ATRAM Philippine Balanced FundBalanced Fund6.63%
10Philam Strategic Growth FundEquity Fund6.43%


Meanwhile, the top losing funds which had the worst returns in the same period are:

From January to May 2016

RankMutual FundTypeJan-May 2016 Return %
1First Metro Save and Learn Balanced FundBalanced Fund-0.58%
2Philequity Peso Bond FundBond Fund-0.23%
3Philam Managed FundMoney Market Fund-0.11%
4ATRAM Corporate Bond FundBond Fund0.37%
5ALFM Money Market FundMoney Market Fund0.53%
6Sun Life Prosperity Money Market FundMoney Market Fund0.82%
7First Metro Save and Learn FixedBond Fund1.41%
8First Metro Save and Learn Equity FundEquity Fund1.54%
9Grepalife FixedBond Fund1.69%
10ALFM Peso Bond FundBond Fund1.81%


For the complete list of mutual funds, ranked per investment category based on their generated returns, check out the table below.

From January to May 2016

Name of Mutual FundJan-May 2016 Gain (Loss) %1-Year Gain (Loss) %3-Years Gain (Loss) %5-Years Gain (Loss) %
ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund10.59%-3.55%-1.23%7.38%
PAMI Equity Index Fund7.55%No dataNo dataNo data
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund7.49%-0.84%No dataNo data
Philippine Stock Index Fund7.40%-1.44%2.16%12.02%
Philequity PSE Index Fund7.27%-1.09%2.87%11.88%
ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund6.90%-12.47%-4.12%No data
United Fund6.68%-2.71%-3.27%3.93%
Philam Strategic Growth Fund6.43%-2.87%-2.42%6.90%
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund6.16%-2.64%-0.83%8.21%
ALFM Growth Fund6.10%-3.37%0.26%6.94%
Philequity Dividend Yield Fund6.02%-2.49%No dataNo data
Philequity Fund5.65%-3.57%1.62%11.27%
Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund4.70%-6.12%No dataNo data
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund1.54%-5.29%-1.32%9.27%
One Wealthy Nation FundNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
First Metro Phil. Equity Exchange Traded Fund8.03%-0.25%No dataNo data
ATRAM AsiaPlus Equity Fund-7.35%-23.67%-6.09%-6.83%
Sun Life Prosperity World Voyager FundNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund6.63%-1.15%0.45%7.38%
NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils.4.92%-0.87%-2.55%5.38%
Philam Fund4.88%-1.96%-3.19%5.48%
PAMI Horizon Fund4.75%-1.83%-3.51%4.62%
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund4.15%-2.14%-1.51%6.51%
Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund3.82%-0.82%1.13%7.44%
Sun Life Prosperity Dynamic Fund2.82%-5.12%No dataNo data
ATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund2.28%-6.07%-1.72%7.40%
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund-0.58%-5.72%-4.36%6.60%
Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder0.71%0.56%2.17%3.20%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund0.09%-5.81%1.08%2.72%
PAMI Asia Balanced Fund-1.41%-14.03%-5.89%-3.45%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Wellspring FundNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Philam Bond Fund3.33%1.07%-0.80%5.60%
Soldivo Bond Fund2.78%-0.59%No dataNo data
Cocolife Fixed2.64%4.99%5.19%6.10%
Ekklesia Mutual Fund2.44%2.16%0.22%5.93%
Grepalife Bond Fund2.07%0.02%-2.06%3.28%
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund1.95%-0.04%-0.52%4.40%
Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund1.91%0.12%-1.10%3.65%
ALFM Peso Bond Fund1.81%2.01%0.65%4.34%
Grepalife Fixed1.69%-2.10%-3.87%2.87%
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed1.41%0.93%1.29%8.49%
ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund0.37%-2.31%0.47%4.30%
Philequity Peso Bond Fund-0.23%-1.55%-1.01%5.99%
Philam Dollar Bond Fund5.77%4.90%3.91%4.08%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund5.38%4.64%1.99%3.33%
Grepalife Dollar Bond Fund4.14%3.39%2.78%5.01%
ALFM Dollar Bond Fund3.23%3.82%2.90%3.99%
PAMI Global Bond Fund3.08%1.65%-2.62%-2.44%
ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund1.84%2.73%1.79%2.13%
First Metro Save and Learn Dollar Bond Fund1.65%0.82%No dataNo data
Philequity Dollar Fund1.50%1.43%2.47%3.67%
ALFM Euro Bond Fund0.49%0.09%1.64%3.26%
MAA Privilege Dollar FixedNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
MAA Privilege Euro FixedNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund0.82%1.79%0.53%0.45%
ALFM Money Market Fund0.53%1.17%1.13%2.07%
Philam Managed Fund-0.11%-0.51%0.06%0.85%


Recap: What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds are pooled investment schemes where funds collected from a variety of investors are invested by professional fund managers in different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments, among others. Investors become shareholders, or part-owners of the company, enabling them to share in the distribution of profits, after deducting all fees and expenses related to fund management.

Recap: What are Exchange Traded Funds?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), meanwhile, are open-ended investment companies that track a basket of assets and are traded on a stock exchange. At present, there is only one ETF in the country, tracking the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi). As opposed to actively-managed funds, ETFs are passively managed because they merely attempt to mirror the performance of an index.

For more educational resources about Mutual Funds and ETF in the Philippines, check out the list at the bottom of this post!

Disclaimer: Our articles are only informative in nature and are not intended as a solicitation of investment. PinoyMoneyTalk does not endorse any of the funds listed above. Investors must conduct due diligence before a decision to invest is made. Be advised, too, that returns are not guaranteed and loss of capital is a possibility.

Let us also highlight that returns should not be used as sole criteria when investing. Although the rate of return is typically a good measure of performance, other factors such as the fund’s consistency of performance and exposure to risks must also be considered before investing. Consistency of performance refers to an ETF or mutual fund’s ability to generate expected returns over a long period of time. This is the reason why we also include the past 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year returns of each fund in the rankings above.

* Figures with a minus sign (-) denote a loss. All data are from the Philippine Investment Funds Association (PIFA).

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2 thoughts on “Ranking of the Top Mutual Funds in the Philippines (May 2016)”

  1. MariusDejess says:

    I am at a loss because there are so many mutual funds operators to choose from, and then when I have chosen one because it seemed to be very good at making money for me, then in time some other funds become even better,

    The same also with uitf funds and also perhaps etf funds.

    For the present for three years already I have decided to keep to one funds operator like the [b]Bpi Asset Management[/b], because I cannot be always entering and leaving in order to shift to better operators of funds, as often as my extant ones are not apparently doing as well.

    I wonder if the authors of the articles in this internet page can come up with a more rational and of course rewarding method on how to choose funds and why to keep them – for otherwise I will wear myself out with going in and out of funds, as better ones turn up and the ones I have started with become less promising.

    What do you guys here experienced and more mature investors, what do you propose for my better or wiser policy, i.e. in the long run rewarding way of choosing and keeping funds for the longer haul?

  2. VLSI says:

    Mutual Funds ay pooled schemes investment kung saan pondo na nakolekta
    mula sa iba’t ibang namumuhunan ay invested sa pamamagitan ng
    propesyonal fund managers sa iba’t ibang mga klase ng asset –
    Please ipaliwanag kaunti

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