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PSE Top Stock Picks (April 2015)

You should always take charge of your investments, but it helps to get stock investment advice from credible stock brokers in the Philippines!

We bring you this month’s stock picks from one of PinoyInvestor’s partner brokers, Unicapital Securities.


Stock Picks — January to March 2015

Back in January this year, Unicapital Securities chose two stocks as their prime picks: (1) SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) and (2) Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC).

These stocks were both rated as “Outperform” — a technical stock recommendation term which means the stock is expected to perform better than the competition. (In contrast, a stock rated “Underperform” means the opposite, that it is expected to perform poorly than its peers and is thus a candidate for selling.)

(See also: Comparison of Brokers’ Ratings and Recommendations)

Three months later, SMPH and JFC have booked profits of 18.79% and 4.27%, respectively, as of March 31, 2015.

Stock05 January 2015 Closing Price31 March 2015 Closing Price3-Month Profit (% Change in Price)
SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)PHP 16.82PHP 19.9818.79%
Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC)PHP 211.00PHP 220.004.27%


Stock Picks — April 2015

This week, Unicapital Securities again issued their stock picks and outlook for the Philippine Stock Exchange. They identified two companies as Outperform and two other companies as Underperform.

Here’s an excerpt from this premium Special Report from PinoyInvestor:

pinoyinvestor-pse-stock-picks-april-2015We like this stock as it remained a laggard for the past few months with the recent run-up in the market. Likewise, the massive layout of infrastructure plans of the government by 2016 is definitely an opportunity for the company to take advantage of it. The government plans to increase infrastructure spending from 2.5% of GDP to 5%, brining more room for upside and looking at the full potential of the robust economic growth.

If you want to view these prime stock picks, get this PinoyInvestor stock report here.



The data and content presented above are for information purposes only and are not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell the securities mentioned. They are also not meant to provide investment advice and to substitute for personal investment decisions of our readers.

Investing in stocks is risky and loss of capital is a possibility. Past performance is not and cannot be a guarantee of future returns. Read and understand how the stock market works before investing your money.

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