Best and Worst PSE Stocks of 2018

The year 2018 is over and was undoubtedly an unfortunate year for stock investors, especially for those who just started last year. Philippine stocks were on an unpredictable rollercoaster ride last year, reaching new peaks during earlier months, but closed 2018 with a steep loss from its highs.

The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi)‘s full-year performance in 2018 was -12.76%, a reversal of the 25.11% full-year gain in 2017.

Translating the -12.76% loss in monetary terms, an investment of P100,000 at the start of 2018 would have been worth only P87,240.00 at the close of the year. That’s a loss of P12,760.00.

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Still, if you were able to choose stocks wisely, you could have invested in winning stocks that could have made you an instant millionaire!

Take for example, Golden Bria Holdings (HVN) — 2018’s Best Performing Stock — which surged a whopping 1,377% last year. If you invested P100,000 in HVN at the beginning of the year, this is now worth P1.477 Million. Again, your P100,000 would have turned into P1.477 Million in just one year if you invested in HVN stock last year!

Here are the Best Performing Stocks in the PSE last year based on their overall 1-year return.

PSE Top 10 Stock Gainers (January – December 2018)

 Stock CodeCompanyPrice Gain % (Jan-Dec 2018)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceDec. 2018 Last Price
1HVNGolden Bria Holdings1,377.00%22.00325.00
2ISMISM Communications Corp327.66%1.416.03
3ATNATN Holdings230.23%0.431.42
4ATNBATN Holdings "B"202.13%0.471.42
5IRCPhilippine Infradev Holdings200.00%0.752.25
6SGPSynergy Grid & Dev't Phils197.61%180.10536.00
7ABAAbaCore Capital Holdings103.33%0.300.61
8VULVulcan Industrial and Mining102.53%0.791.60
9MHCMabuhay Holdings Corp.93.44%0.300.59
10PXPPXP Energy Corp.82.69%8.3215.20

Of course, choosing winning stocks is easier said than done. If you chose the following stocks last year, unfortunately, you invested in the PSE’s Biggest Losers.

Here are the Worst Performing Stocks in the Philippines in 2018.

PSE Top 10 Stock Losers (January – December 2018)

 Stock CodeCompanyPrice Loss % (Jan-Dec 2018)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceDec. 2018 Last Price
1XXurpas Inc.-66.47%5.131.72
2CHPCemex Holdings Phils-60.91%4.861.90
4DDDoubleDragon Properties-55.12%39.7517.84
5MACAYMacay Holdings Inc.-53.46%20.809.68
6PXPhilex Mining-51.72%6.403.09
7STISTI Holdings-50.31%1.590.79
8ATAtlas Consolidated Mining-48.80%5.002.56
9EWEast West Bank-45.91%22.0011.90
10HLCMHolcim Philippines Inc.-45.39%10.625.80

Complete Ranking of all PSE Stocks

Can’t find your stock in the list? You may view here the full ranking of all stocks traded in the PSE with their one-year return in 2018: Performance Returns of all PSE stocks in 2018

Was 2018 a good or bad year for you? Regardless of your investing performance, let’s move forward and face a new year of exciting trading in 2019!

Happy investing!

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