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Philippine Stocks Performance: 1st Quarter 2013

Philippine stocks last week were already headed to end the 1st Quarter of 2013 with a stellar performance but, thanks to a last-minute credit rating upgrade announcement courtesy of Fitch Ratings, the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) got additional fuel for some more rally to finally end with a 17.80% year-to-date record return.

There’s no denying the January-to-March 2013 returns of Philippine stocks was outstanding. Prior to the last trading day on March 27, the PSE index was already poised to end with a two-digit quarterly growth. But when it was announced that the country has earned its first investment grade rating, just hours before last week’s closing bell, the PSEi further surged 2.74% during the quarter’s last trading day.

The PSE index closed the quarter at 6,847.74 points.

All industry sectors were up year-to-date, led by the Property sector, which closed the quarter up 22.87%, Services, up 16.80%, and Financials, up 16.71%.

Year to date, a total of 165 shares increased prices, while 67 shares lost value, with only 5 shares unchanged. Foreign funds continued to flow to the Philippines, registering a strong P39 billion net foreign buying during the 1st Quarter.

The Top 10 stocks that registered the highest quarterly gain are as follows.

Top 10 PSE Gainers — 1st Quarter 2013


The Top 10 stocks that declined value, meanwhile, are as follows.

Top 10 PSE Losers — 1st Quarter 2013


Considering only the 30-company PSE index, the movers are as follows.

PSE index (PSEi) Year-to-Date Performance — 1st Quarter 2013


Can the Philippines sustain this stock rally until the end of the year? Place your bets and gear up while it unfolds.

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  1. Christine Perez says:

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  2. sargewarrior says:

    I just hope this opportunity will not be put into waste. Every Filipinos, OFW, regular employees should consider putting their money in the market to help the economy.

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