Stock codes of listed companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

As of May 1 2007, the Philippine Stock Exchange has a total of 241 listed companies. Stocks listed in the PSE are classified into six sectors, namely Financials, Industrial, Holding Firms, Property, Services, and Mining & Oil. Companies are classified according to the business that generates the bulk of their revenues.

Companies engaged in banking, investments, and finance are under the Financials sector.

The Industrial sector includes companies active in electricity, energy, power & water; food, beverage & tobacco; construction, infrastructure & allied services; chemicals; and diversified industrials.

Diversified companies engaged in three or more businesses classified in different industries, any of which does not dominate revenue, are classified under Holding Firms.

Companies engaged in land and property development are classified under the Property sector.

The Services sector includes companies involved in media, telecommunications, information technology, transportation services, hotel & leisure, education, and diversified services.

The Mining & Oil sector includes companies engaged in mineral extraction and in oil exploration, extraction and production.

Here are the stock codes/ ticker symbols of companies listed in the PSE.

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