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27 thoughts on “Problems with”

  1. Jim says:

    I stopped using xoom to transfer money to friends in the Philippines over a year ago. Two days ago I got 13 emails from xoom confirming transactions that had been made in 2008 to one specific person. I thought it was odd, but ignored them. Twelve hours later I got this email:

    “We write to inform you that, after careful review, we have disabled your Xoom account for violations of the Xoom User Agreement, effective immediately. This decision cannot be appealed, and our customer service team will not be able to discuss the matter with you beyond restating the above. Nonetheless, if you feel compelled to contact Xoom regarding this decision, you may send an email to us at
    Very truly yours,
    The Xoom Compliance Team”

    Gotta love that “very truly yours” closing!!!! So anyway, I wrote back asking why this had occurred since I hadn’t even used the service in over a year. I also suggested that perhaps they had a systems problem that was suddenly generating useless emails.

    Last night I got another series of emails from xoom, this time for a different person I had sent money to. This time I wrote customer service and account compliance suggesting very strongly that they’ve been hacked or have some other serious SECURITY PROBLEM.

    I cannot get into my account because it has been terminated. Although, in some comic twist, I can reset my password, but then cannot sign in. Xoom is not a well-run business as the comments here will attest. But right now I’d be VERY CONCERNED about the security of your private and personal information on their server. Something very bad is happening at xoom.

    Cancel your account quick!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Same thing happened to me as with Jim and I havent used their service in over 6 months, so I am wondering what is happening. In fact, I only used them 2 times. Anyone have any further updates?

  3. WuMaster says:

    This just happened to me too. I called their customer service. They said they’d investigate the matter, but came back saying the same shit.

    We should all file a report about Xoom at and the BBB website too.

    Have any of you tried creating another Xoom account?

  4. Delilah says:

    I have experienced same problem with xoom.. it is true.. their customer support is very very poor..
    They have I guess a customer support from India. Very frustrating and business destroyer…

    So guys out there, if you have client outside and think to use xoom as money transfer service.. better not to do it. It’ll destroy your business..

  5. MARICAR says:

    I need to know to any of you who encountered this same problem if your payment has been refunded?

  6. lina says:

    same thing happen to me i provided all verification info needed still no resolution and no info why it was cancelled such inconvenience

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