(May 2019) RESULTS: Dentistry Written Board Exam List of Passers A-F

Congratulations to all passers of the Dentistry Board Exam!

Are you one of the successful examinees of the Dentistry Written Licensure Exam held on May 8-10, 2019? Scroll below to find out.

Take note that the list of passers is arranged by Last Name (Surname). Click the link below corresponding to the Last Name of the person you wish to check. For example, if you want to know if “Juan Reyes” passed, since the last name starts with the letter “R”, you will need to view the “List of Passers Q-Z” in the links below.

UPDATE (June 2019): The Dentistry Board Exam (Written) Results are NOW RELEASED! Scroll below to view the official List of Passers as announced by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission).

LIST OF PASSERS: May 2019 Dentistry Written Board Exam

What to Do Next if you Passed (or Did not Pass) the Exam

If you successfully passed the board exam, congratulations!

You may soon apply with the PRC to become a licensed professional. Click here to know the steps to register to get your new PRC ID. You may also verify your board exam rating to check your exam score online.

If you unfortunately did not pass, it’s OK! This is just a minor setback. Keep your head up and try again in the succeeding exam.

FYI: The next schedule of the Dentistry Licensure Exam in the Philippines will be on December 3-5, 2019. Click here to secure an Online Appointment for PRC Board Exam Application.

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Dentistry Board Exam Passing Rate

Let’s take a look at the historical trend of passing rates in the Dentistry Board Exam.

The table below shows that, from 2015 to 2018, the overall passing rate in the Dentistry Written Licensure Exam has ranged from as low as 44.27% to as high as 55.94%.

The highest board exam passing rate was achieved on December 2018, with 55.% passing rate, while the lowest was recorded on June 2015, with 44.27% passing rate.

Dentistry Board ExamNo. of PassersTotal No. of ExamineesPassing Rate %
December 20188901,59155.94%
May 20185091,11745.57%
December 20177621,48451.35%
May 201739785746.32%
December 20166051,15052.61%
June 201632973444.82%
December 201544690049.56%
June 201527862844.27%

Do you think the May 2019 Dentistry Board Exam passing rate will be higher, lower, or just the same compared to last year? We’ll find out very soon!

RESULTS- Dentistry Written Board Exam List of Passers

Complete List of Passers (with Last Names A-F)
Held on MAY 8-10, 2019
Released on JUNE 2019

LIST OF PASSERS: May 2019 Dentistry Written Board Exam

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