LUCENA Master Electrician RME Board Exam Room Assignment (April 2019)

Take note of your Room Assignment if you belong to the hundreds of hopefuls taking the Master Electrician Board Exam in Lucena City this April 17, 2019.

Make sure you know the exact address and location of the School and Classroom assigned to you so that you won’t be late during exam day!

UPDATE (April 2019): The Master Electrician (RME) Board Exam room assignment in LUCENA is NOW AVAILABLE! Scroll below to view your final and official room assignment as released by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission).

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Electrician Board Exam Tips and Reminders

1. Prior to the boards, we highly encourage you to find out the address and exact location of the school or venue where you’ll be taking the exam. Research the address using Google Maps or a guide map.

2. Better yet, try visiting the venue a few days before the board exam! Doing so will help you discover the best transportation or routes to take. If you simulate going to the venue beforehand, you’ll also have an idea how long it takes to reach the exam center from your place. This allows you to change your transportation plans, if needed.

3. During exam day, don’t be late! According to the PRC, examinees who will be late will NOT BE ALLOWED to take the board exam. We suggest you arrive at the exam venue at least one (1) hour before the start of the exam. This gives you enough time to locate the building, classroom, and seat number assigned to you. What happens if you did not show up or weren’t able to take the boards? The answer is in this article: I registered but I did not take the board exam.

4. Finally, double-check the exam schedule, dress code, and items that you are allowed and not allowed to bring inside the exam premises. This is important so make sure you review the rules here: (April 2019) ROOM ASSIGNMENT: Registered Master Electrician RME Board Exam

RME Board Exam Venues in LUCENA

Don’t make the mistake of going to the wrong exam venue! If you’re taking the Master Electrician Board Exam on April 17, 2019, here is the school to be used as testing center in Lucena:


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Professional Regulation Commission
Licensure Examination for Master Electricians 
April 17, 2019

Here are the official Room Assignments provided by PRC. Please wait a few seconds for the PDF file to load completely. If you encounter a problem with the file or if the file won’t display properly, simply refresh or reload this page. Sometimes it takes two or three page refreshes to completely load the Room Assignments PDF list below.

If you find any errors in the spelling of your name, school, date of birth, or application number, please contact the Application Division of the PRC office nearest you to request a correction of these errors. Alternatively, on the exam day itself, you may approach the proctors or room watchers to request to rectify the errors.

To view All Room Assignments for the April 2019 Registered Master Electrician (RME) Board Exam, click here.