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More pictures of the Pinoy Big Brother CE 2 Housemates

Jen da Silva and Marylaine Viernes were the first to be evicted from Kuya‘s house.

Pinoy Big Brother House

The ones up for eviction this week are: Megan Young; Zara Aldana; and Baron Geisler and Donald Geisler (2-in-1).

Who’s next to go? We’ll find out this week.

For those looking for more pictures and info of each Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 housemate, visit their individual profile below.

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6 thoughts on “More pictures of the Pinoy Big Brother CE 2 Housemates”

  1. alex says:

    ang ganda ng pbb.ok na ok sana manalo kaung lahat

    1. Lhanyg says:

      xana nde manuminate cna kim and mark

  2. Amil says:

    sana maraming gaya ni donnie super bait.

  3. cosmonaut_badzie says:

    in fairness, bagay si donnie and gaby ^_^

    i really like donnie kasi he’s so nice

    sayang nga lang, na evict na siya.

  4. Daniel says:

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  5. nikki says:

    i really love gaby even if she’s a gurl………..jejejeejejej

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