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Paramore concert VIP ticket scam?

Paramore concert in ManilaGot a message from a PMT Forum member today about the supposed VIP ticket scam relating to the Paramore concert in Manila last March 9. Several VIP ticket holders who paid P10,000 each were complaining that they did not enjoy the benefit of being a VIP.

It appeared that the VIP ticket holders, who were supposed to be located near the stage, were simply lumped together with the Gold ticket holders who paid P3,950. Worst, some VIP ticket holders were even positioned behind the Gold ticket holders.

One can only imagine the frustration and anger of these VIP ticket holders on the day of the concert. If the details of the stories here and here are true, then the VIP ticket holders do have a right to demand for refund.

Charlemagne Lim, from the organizers who sold the tickets, allegedly issued this statement as a response:

First of all, I wanna apologize for what happened last night. We didn’t want that to happen, the Paramore management and security decided a few hours before the show started to move the VIP section further back for the safety of the band and for their security reasons. We were against it and we didn’t agree, but they told us that the show won’t push thru if we won’t listen to them. We had no choice but to comply. I know you guys want a refund, so we talked to their management again, unfortunately they didn’t agree as we expected. What can we do is to compensate all our VIP buyers only.

We made a deal with Paramore’s management and they will give all our VIP buyers an Official Paramore autographed picture and it will be personalized. It will arrive end of this week or next week, because it will come from the USA and they will just ship it here. Also, we will give you the Official Paramore Concert T-shirt in the Philippines. the shirt was never on sale but was used during the concert last night, so the people who will have this are all VIP Buyers only and that’s YOU!

Wear it with pride :) to my customers, pls txt me the names of your autographed pictures and sizes of your shirts. Pls. include the gender because it will be a baby tee for the girls and shirts for the guys. To my good friend Royd’s customers, pls contact him directly and I’m gonna talk with him with all the VIP tickets that he sold. I will make sure that all his customers will get them.

Again, we want to apologize for what happened, we are so sorry and humiliated for what happened. Hope you understand what happened last night was beyond our control and jurisdiction, last night was a LESSON on our part. We will make sure that it will never happen again. We will include that on our contract next time.

Pls. forward this message to all the VIP buyers only. Hoping for your understanding and kind consideration.

The issue here is simple: VIP ticket holders paid P10,000 expecting to be ahead of everyone else and be positioned closest to the stage. The ticket sellers were unable to give this benefit, thus, VIP ticket holders have all the right to complain. A refund or some commensurate compensation is definitely in order. An autographed photo and official concert T-shirt won’t do.

We heard that some VIP ticket holders are already planning on filing a lawsuit against the sellers of the Paramore concert VIP tickets. Well, to the organizers: “That’s what you get” for being in the “misery business.”

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8 thoughts on “Paramore concert VIP ticket scam?”

  1. Jonha says:

    Naku naman, pera2 nalang ba talaga ito. Ang laki ng binayad di rin naman pala maibibigay yung dapat.
    .-= Jonha´s latest blog ..Carlos Slim, Forbes Richest Man for 2010 =-.

  2. Diabetis says:

    To be honest, I don’t know them.

    I’m sorry for all who buy their tickets.
    .-= Diabetis´s latest blog ..Too much exercise is bad for Diabetes =-.

  3. Rain says:

    charlemagne lim? i think he’s the owner of little asia at t. morato?
    i hope those who got VIP tickets will get what they paid for. 10k is 10k, it’s not a small amount of money.

  4. BrianB says:

    From one facebook account, it seems they neglected to put proper security measures.

  5. Dinah says:

    You paid 10k and didn’t get the comfort you paid for? Tshirts or signed whatever wont do it for me either. I would definitely ask for a refund or else I would sue. its a breach of contract, i think :-)

  6. segio says:

    ung pambili ng vip ticket ay pwede nang pambayad partially sa tuition fee sa school nawala! ang saklap ng nangyari sa mga vip. VIPs should be treated like VIPs kasi sila they paid for the most expensive front section para they’ll be entertained at the same time safe at makikita ng malapitan ang favorite artist nila. ako honestly may balak din akong bumili ng VIP pero dahil sa nangyari na iyon parang d na ako naeenganyong bumili pa ng vip ticket dahil sa nanyari na iyon at bakia mangyari pa sa ibang concert. mabuti pa nga ang nasa general admission kahit malayo, sila wala nang isyu tulad sa mga vip!

  7. sergio says:

    i mean d tulad na nangyari sa mga vip

  8. Jed Budde says:

    WOW! Awesome and well deserved.

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