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How to maximize bank deposits, government bonds

Original article by Dr. Noet E. Ravalo, former Chief Economist of the Bankers Association of the Philippines, published on Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Business section: If you are asking yourself how to invest your modest family savings, while generating, at the same time, some return without

Are income from Mutual Funds and UITFs taxable?

Question: Do I need to pay taxes on my earnings once I redeem my Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) or shares of mutual funds? Answer: No, as long as proper taxes have already been collected prior to the redemption of your UITF participation. That’s according

Performance returns of mutual funds in the Philippines

Updates July 2010: Mutual Funds Philippines Report – 2009 Mutual Funds Philippines Report – 2008 Mutual Funds Philippines Report – 2007 More articles about Philippine Mutual Funds Performance Following is a summary of performance returns of Philippine mutual funds as of the week ended November

Tips to avoid scams on eBay

Consider the following stats related to eBay-related scams, as reported by Javelin Strategy & Research: Nearly 100 people in eBay become victims of identity fraud every five minutes; Total losses amount to $600,000; Around 11% of members fall for a typical spoof or phishing scam.

FAQ on Google Adsense PIN

All Google Adsense publishers are required to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to be eligible to receive payments from Adsense. You will receive the PIN via mail after your earnings balance has reached $50. Adsense publishers in the Philippines have reported that