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PMT Trivia Game Weekend Special: $0.35 per correct answer

Be reminded that the PMT Daily Trivia Game is also on during weekends. And the prize is even higher! A correct reply to the trivia question of the day wins you US$0.35 instead of the usual US$0.25 awarded during weekdays. Before you start, read and

Stormpay lowers fees but still no update on refunds

And we thought Stormpay went down together with 12DailyPro. But no, it is very much alive. Alive, kicking, and still operating despite freezing most of its members’ funds early this year and refusing to distribute it back despite a Terms of Service clause providing for

First Country Bank – Overview

First Country Bank (, banking arm of First Country Financial Group, is a microfinance bank that focuses on promoting micro-entrepreneurs and helping marginalized members of society. Former DECS Undersecretary Dr. Alejandro Wilfredo Clemente and members of the Bankers' Club (retired top bank executives from BSP,

What’s new in the PMT Forum?

Have you dropped by the PMT Forum lately? If not, then you’re probably missing on these updates: $0.25 Daily Trivia Game Answer trivia questions every weekday and win US$0.25 everyday! Visit the PMT’s $0.25 Daily Trivia Game thread for more details. Share Your Business /