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Another fake e-gold email

Be warned of the following email purportedly from e-gold. It is a phishing email, one designed to steal your personal data to be used for identity theft. Do not click the link in the email. It goes NOT to e-gold’s official site ( but to

How to earn from Text-Link-Ads

A webmaster-friend of mine told me that exactly a week after he signed up in Text-Link-Ads, his account shows he has already earned $15. I visited his site (PR4 with a fair amount of backlinks) and there they are, the three text link ads worth

Another get-paid-to-post-reviews program: SponsoredReviews

Another pay-per-post program is in town. Just like ReviewMe and PayperPost, the new player, SponsoredReviews, is paying bloggers who will write reviews of an advertiser’s product or site. Depending on a blog’s readership and quality of posts, the SponsoredReviews system recommends an amount that can

12DailyPro refunds FAQ

The latest breakthrough 12DailyPro news came in November 2006 but recently, however, there still are no major updates regarding the receivership status of 12DailyPro or the possibility of refunds. We might hear some 12DailyPro updates in April 2007, though, once the Receiver submits a 2nd

March 2007 Member of the Month: Bentong

One of the few "old-timers" still active in the forum until now, Bentong is PMT's March Member of the Month. 9. Any tips you can share about money-making?  Save, save, save. It's not how much money you earn it's how much money you save. Do – a phishing website?

A customer gripe site or a phishing site?, a site put up to document complaints of customers of the hosting company RegisterFly, is recognized by the browser Internet Explorer as a phishing website, when accessed via the link (see screenshot below). However, accessing the site