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Fake PayPal email

Now that you have a PayPal account, you should be wary of emails you receive supposedly from PayPal. Although the email might have a header and logo similar to that of PayPal, most of these are actually phishing mails intent on stealing your personal information.

PIPS Update: Bail reduced for Marsdens as more charges pile up

Malaysia’s The New Straits Times reported on October 11 that Bryan Marsden and his wife Phan Sew Ken of the now infamous PIPS scam program had their bail reduced by the trial court, but the day did not end well for the two as additional

Filipinos search for “sex” more than “money” (Part 2)

The Hypothesis Use search terms other than “money” in our preceding “sex-vs.-money” Google search analysis and results would have been different. The Experiment In Google Trends (, compare the number of Philippine-based searches of the term “sex” with business- and income-related keywords aside from “money”

More ways to earn with paid online surveys

Global Test Market (GTM) is one of those few, genuine online survey programs confirmed to be paying. If you already signed up with them but still are not eligible for payment or have not answered any survey yet, don't fret. There are some more ways to

Link UnionBank EON or credit card with PayPal

As of October 2007, the previous “Send-Only” PayPal Philippines accounts have been upgraded to “Send-Receive-Withdraw” status, meaning, PayPal users in the Philippines can now send, receive AND withdraw PayPal funds. With this feature, can now directly withdraw Paypal funds to your bank account, credit card or debit

Filipinos more interested in “sex” than “money”

More Filipinos are looking for “sex” than “money” — in Google search, that is. Google Trends, a tool from Google Labs that charts how often a particular term is entered relative to the total number of searches, has shown that Filipino internet users search for the