Scams and Scam Updates

How to report text scams

It’s annoying to wake up to an SMS message you don’t expect, and even worst when that text is a spam/scam message. Earlier, the following obvious scam message unfortunately woke me up. E2 bago roaming # k. Mzta n kau jan? Ok lang ako d2 my pa2 dor 2 dor akong mga gamit jan. Mern …

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12DailyPro update: Refunds to start soon

Remember 12DailyPro (12DP)? That high-yield autosurf investment program that offered 12% return on your investment after 12 days? If you were a former investor and you filed for a refund claim, you might get your money back if you are eligible for a refund.

Beware of these eBay scammers

In the past, we’ve featured stories of scams and victims’ tales of being scammed. Here’s an addition to those tales. Following are posts of some members of the PMT Forum about their experiences being victimized by scammers on eBay. The modus operandi is almost always the same. A product is advertised at an unbelievably low …

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