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American Idol scandal: Nude pics of Kristy Lee Cook, Amanda Overmyer

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It now seems like the American Idol series won’t be complete without a contestant being rumored to have naked photos circulating on the internet.

Last season’s victim was Antonella Barba whose semi-nude photos of herself and pics where she was supposedly giving a guy a blowjob partly cost her a spot in the Top 12. She finished 16th in the contest.

This year, word is spreading that AI finalists Kristy Lee Cook and Amanda Overmyer have their own share of these nasty, racy pics.

Kristy Lee Cook scandal

Top 12 finalist Cook is said to be involved in a webcam sex stripping scandal. Photos supposedly proving the claim appeared on the internet but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Amanda Overmyer scandal

The National Ledger reported that someone from Overmyer’s home state of Indiana are shopping the pictures to the tabloids and reportedly asking for cash for the alleged nude pictures of the AI finalist. However, it is still not confirmed whether the photos are really out there.

Will these two match the popularity of the Antonella Barba scandal?

Find out when American Idol returns…

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  • Road Runner Coyote

    Glad that your are not puritanical.

    Regarding the pinay scandal issue head on over at to his solution which is funny. He actually advocate using the porn site Adult Friend Finder!

    He said the purpose of pinay scandal is to clean up the Internet with porn! I said in your dreams. It will not happen. Puputi muna ang uwak, bago mangyari ‘yan.

    What a hypocrite. Has he actually visited Adult Friend Finder? He even said that he even earned money promoting it. No shit Einstein, he promoted a porn site and now he’s saying that he’s anti-porn? Funny.

  • YOG

    I think it’s fake… they edited it with Photoshop.. that’s according to the news ;D

  • Pornographers often hire look a likes of famous celebrities to star in their porn videos.

  • Sad, everyone wants a piece of someone else.