Job Fair and Employment Expo in Glorietta Makati

Most recent graduates are probably happy that school has come to an end but when the graduation rites are over, the reality starts to kick in. Getting a job in this country is not easy.

In January this year, the Philippines recorded a high 7.4% unemployment rate, according to the National Statistics Office. Although this was already a 0.4% nominal improvement from last year, it still translates to more than 2.7 million FIlipinos out of work.

But this does not mean jobs are not really available. In fact, more than 3,000 jobs in foreign-owned firms in the country are up for grabs in a two-day employment expo at the Glorietta Activity Center in Ayala, Makati.

The Foreign Chambers Employment Expo opened yesterday and will run until today, where a variety of job opportunities from 47 member companies of the American, Australian-New Zealand, British, Canadian, and European chambers of commerce will be offered to the public.

So if you’re looking for work, prepare your resumes now and head off to the Glorietta Job Expo.

Foreign Chambers Employment Expo
Glorietta Activity Center
Ayala, Makati City
April 25 and 26
10 am to 8 pm

Be prepared to compete, though, with a lot of people — and I mean a looooot.

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