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  • Carl

    Hi PMT thanks for sharing this! Found this direct link to CocoLife’s MFs

    • James |

      Thanks Carl! I’ve now updated the post to reflect Cocolife’s website for mutual funds.

  • Student

    sir, in light with the current problems of the us and European economies and the market outlook right now, would you say it’s wise to invest today or should we hold onto our money?

    • John

      My dear sir,

      With the market outlook nowadays, inflation rates are going nowhere but higher.

      As time goes, the value of money per peso goes down. THerefore, if you hold onto it and just keep it in a bank or somewhere under your mattress; though it’s amount does not decrease, it’s actual value depreciates due to inflation.

      It’s best that you study how to invest well now so that you could start investing to increase the amount of your money. When you have enough, do your best to purchase assets (i.e. real estate properties, etc) whose value appreciates through time.

  • Ezekiel_guevarra

    Can a minor join in a mutual fund?

  • Some Mutual Funds have Funny Names,. haha,.

  • rose

    which is the best among the mutual funds being handled by BPI’s ALFM? I want to start investing soon.