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Video Tutorial: How to open an egold account

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E-gold, or egold, is an electronic currency (e-currency) backed by actual gold bars in storage by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. under e-gold Ltd. It is a widely used online payment method in addition to PayPal.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to register for a new egold account.

Click here to go to e-gold's Account Creation page. (Note that the official site is, NOT

Read through e-gold's Account User Agreement and if you agree with the terms mentioned there, click "I Agree".

Fill up all required information in the New e-gold Account Creation Form. Important details include:

  • "Account Name" (name displayed when someone is spending or receiving funds to this account);
  • "User Name" (name that differentiates one account user from another);
  • "Point of Contact" (used by e-gold to contact the account holder in case of blocked accounts, so these should be accurate information);
  • "Passphrase" (equivalent of a password, must contain both letters and numbers, minimum of 6 characters); and
  • "Turing Number Entry" (a sequence of numbers shown randomly, this is not the assigned e-gold account number).

Once you have correctly filled up the form, click "Open".

If the registration is successful, the e-gold account number will be sent to the email address mentioned in the form (so make sure this is a valid email address).

Access your inbox to check the e-gold account number. Save a copy of the email so you won't forget your e-gold account number.

Login to e-gold's site by correctly filling in the "Account Number", "Passphrase" and "Turing Number". To prevent keyloggers, trojans, and viruses from having access to your account, always use the SRK function beside the "Passphrase" field.

Congratulations, you can now use your e-gold account!

For a clearer tutorial on the steps to sign up for an e-gold account, watch the video below.


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  • Hi Punch, you’ll need to use an e-currency exchanger to do that. Some info here: Getting an E-currency Account.

  • Jerson

    Is it still ok to do transaction with egold? i’m hearing bad news about it. Please kindly give me some advices. i’m thinking of investing using egold. thanks.

  • Still ok, as of now. Perhaps the best strategy you can do is to withdraw everything and not leave any funds there upon receiving any payment. That way, shoul anything happen to egold, your funds won’t be stuck there.

  • ruby

    I already have an e-gold account but I know know how to deposit my money in it. Thank you.

  • To fund your egold account, you need to use an ecurrency exchanger. Please refer to the article Getting an Ecurrency Account for more details.

    In the Philippines, you can use to buy or sell egold.

  • sam

    thank you !