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4 thoughts on “How to activate Facebook Timeline in 3 easy steps”

  1. Invest in Your Future says:

    I just want to add that if you want to do this you need to activate your facebook account using your mobile phone or your credit card. It easy to do and would just cost you P1 for the text message. Also, the new profile that will be created will only be visible to people who have developer accounts. If not then they would see your old profile. Facebook will roll-out timeline to everyone on October 4, 2011 so you can just wait a few more days if you want.

  2. Loqman Mridha says:

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  3. Mridha 03jan says:

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  4. Teach says:

    great tutorial…but I think those users with account with timeline activated too are the only one who can see your Timeline page

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