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WordPress 2.8 upgrade problem, downgrade possible?

Just like thousands of WordPress (WP) users who saw on June 11 that a new version — WordPress 2.8 — is already available, I clicked on the auto-upgrade link as soon as I saw it inside my blog’s Admin panel.

Wrong move! It crashed this blog and the site won’t load anymore!

For almost an hour yesterday, this blog was inaccessible. I tried logging in to the Admin Panel but I just got redirected again and again to the Admin login page.

How to downgrade a WordPress version?

I thought the only solution left was to downgrade the WordPress version. After searching online, I wasn’t able to find some easy way to do it. The ones I saw involve restoring the database backup but I did not bother with it because I know it would take hours since our WP blog database is huge.

Any other easy ways to downgrade a WordPress blog? Please post below.

Incompatible plugins

Fortunately after further searching online, I read that the common cause of  WordPress crashes after a version upgrade is incompatibility with the installed plugins. Usually, the solution is to uninstall all plugins then re-install them one by one to see which ones are causing the error. But then again, I can’t simply uninstall the plugins because I cannot login to the Admin Panel.

That’s when I stumbled upon a quick and easy but effective solution. Using my FTP software, I accessed my blog’s WordPress files.

Solution to WP 2.8 upgrade problem

Under the wp-content folder is the plugins folder which I renamed (to any name!). After doing so, all plugins became deactivated.

I then changed the folder name back to plugins and, fortunately, I did not encounter any problems anymore logging in to the Admin Panel. One by one, I activated the plugins but decided not to activate the following for the meantime because I read that they might be incompatible with the recent WordPress version.

  • All-in-One SEO Pack
  • Exec-PHP
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • qTranslate
  • WordPress Mobile Edition

This blog is now running version 2.8 and, fortunately, is currently problem-free.

Hope the above post will help those searching for a solution to the same WP 2.8 upgrade problem we had.

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15 thoughts on “WordPress 2.8 upgrade problem, downgrade possible?”

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for posting this solution. I was having problems with activating and deactivating widgets, and now the problem is fixed.


  2. elmot says:

    good thing that this blog is now running smoothly. if it happened to, i guess i would have just freaked out.
    .-= elmot´s latest blog ..Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof! =-.

  3. agentmango says:

    im still using Blogger free hosting…lol

  4. Jay Castillo says:

    I’m so glad I chose to do a fresh install of WP 2.8 instead of upgrading from an existing installation of WP 2.7. I was in the middle of moving my blog from blogger to wordpress when 2.8 was released. It was tempting to press the “Upgrade Now” button but my gut feel was to go for a fresh install. Afterwards, I just did a new import and all is working well.
    .-= Jay Castillo´s latest blog ..CBRE Post-Auction Sale Of Foreclosed Properties =-.

  5. Sheryl says:

    baket ganun, sakin nung nagupgrade naman ako thru wp admin, walang error na nangyari? love ata ako ni WP haha.

    buti naayos nyo po ung blog nyo.
    .-= Sheryl´s latest blog ..Manny Pacquiao ranked 57th on Forbes Mag =-.

  6. ice_hot says:

    hmmmmmmm…. ask ko lang was it worth it? i mean the upgrade at this time. gusto ko rin mag upgrade sa isang site ko. kaso lang natatakot ako baka hindi pa stable ang wp 2.8. tsaka mas maganda nga ba ang wp 2.8 compared sa 2.7?
    .-= ice_hot´s latest blog ..Manny Pacquiao is world’s 6th richest Athlete =-.

  7. Jamez says:

    I did not even bother to use the one click upgrade ng wordpress, I dont know, but I have a hunch that it would fail/cause problem around 4/10 times. That is why everytime a new wpress upgrade is available, I always do the manual upgrade by logging to the webftp of any hosting and replacing the wp-admin and wp-includes and other files with the new one.

    It may sound as tedious as it can be, but once you have done it for the first time, it would not take you longer than 2 minutes using the manual upgrade the next time around.

    its much better rather than having headaches after an automatic upgrade.

  8. Tina says:

    I like what you have going on here! Good work!

  9. jonharules says:

    May themes din na hindi gumagana sa bagong version kaya hindi ko matapostapos yung sites na pinapaset up sa akin.Well thanks for the information, kapag ka wala na talaga akong mabasang may kwenta, I got and read your posts kasi you’ve been really helpful.

  10. Tyrone @ Millionaire Acts says:

    My blog stays at its old version of 2.6. I never upgraded the version ever since I started blogging. I am afraid of crashes. And I am not that techie to resolve it. But this post is helpful for those who experienced wordpress crashes due to upgrade.

  11. IJ Styles says:

    For me, I like the new version of WordPress. 2.8 is great and more easier to set your blog but nagkakaroon ako lately ng problems regarding sa pag-install ng mga plugins at lagi nalang lumalabas yung no header file or something.

  12. WWW.GZON.US Mencari Pemilik says:

    Thanks for your nice information. I got the same problem with you when i upgrade my wordpress to 2.8 version. Once again, thanks.

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  15. Evelyn Messer says:

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