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The Philippines is a magnet for scamers

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The Philippines is a "magnet" for scamers.  Beside the Filipino scamers, foreign scamers move to Phils to avoid prison in their home countries and continue to be scamers in the Philippines.  I suppouse it's a "magnet" by the risk to get caught in Phils as a scamer is much lower than in their home countries. And in Phils it's possible for the scamers to buy themselves free when they get caught by paying the scamed in exchange for not make case against the scamers!!!
For instance:
/I have been told KAPA scamers have bought themselves free by "compensate" some of the scamed people. I supppise they don't have money to compensate all by they have wasted much money by living posh of other peoples' money  :fight1:
/I know it happened in a criminal case concerning mango investment too, but in that case I don't know if it was any intent to scam, or just incompetence  :hihi:    The leaders had counted with the costs for the handling until the first harvest after around 6 years, but they hadn't calculated with the costs after that, so it became impossible for them to fullfil the deal after 6 years. It seem they understood that when it was to late when they had got many such deals allready.

Not counted as scam in the Philipppines but in many other countries:
In the Philippines it's legal to do similar to "chain letter" MLM type.  MLM itself isn't forbidden in other countries neither, but there the "chain letter" effect has to be just a small part compared to the marketing/selling part of the earning.
This is an extra big problem in the Philippines because here so many more join MLMs.  An example in a municipaly at Cebu I know "everyone" in the whole municipaly interested in these products have joined the MLM and bought stocks, so there are no one left to sell to   :oops:     Only in one of the mountain baranggays they have more "sellers" than what's space for in the whole municipaly. So of course everyone lose except the starters.  Close before covid started that management talked about spreading it abroad, I suppouse by there are no one left to spread it to in Phils...

Here are examples of foreign scamers who have moved to Phils:
/Norwegian wanted in his home country for scams.  Moved his "investment" type scamings to Phils.
/Englishman. Some similar to the Norwegian, but tried to "sneak in" at a legal business claiming he work with geting investments to it, so the real owners have got huge problems by that, people scamed by the Englishman believe the legal owners are involved in the scam.  (I don't have information enough to be total sure but it seem the others are innocent.) 
/Not sure if he is American or Australian. But he is a much smaller scamer than the other two.

I don't know if these criminals have scamed anyone in Phils but they did run away from the police in their home countries to live in Phils:
/An American high at the wanted list in USA. (Before Duterte got president that American lived open in Phils, just bribing the police to let him be. I don't know if still.)
/A Swede had got a jail verdict about drugs but managed to run to Phils before the jail time started.  (Dead now.)
/An American pedophile did run away to Phils. But he was so stupid so he bragged at his Facebook telling he went on with his crimes in Phils and told where he was so the American police found him by that and told the Phils police so they caught him and send him to USA.  Some people are realy stupid    :harhar:

In difference from that pedophile idiot, many of the scamers are very intelligent people, so they have the capacity to earn good legal too, so it's realy crap by them to prefer to scam people instead of by legal work earning much just a bit slower :fight1:

(I have written about this subject before somewhere much earlier, but I believe it was in a Phils forum about laws. I didn't find it in the list of my posts here anyway.)


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The scammer may try to settle with his victim by agreeing to 50% refund if cornered. (he rewards himself with the other 50%)
And he will pay half of the 50% to get a quit claim with the 25% remaining to be paid later. Often nothing more than just another lie.
The court proceedings can cost a lot and takes years to reach a verdict. And this is what scammers take advantage off. Poor victims, it takes years of honest savings and to lose it all in a short time to scammers exploiting your greed.
I have watched  these movies: 1. the Great Gatsby 2. Wolf of Wall Street. And you must too.
Plenty of scammers come from your "religious" connections too. Sometimes they over displayed deep devotion to mislead others to trust them.
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Plenty of scammers come from your "religious" connections too. Sometimes they over displayed deep devotion to mislead others to trust them. 
Yes as for instance in the KAPA scam.

I blame part of the problem at common churches by they make it much easier for scamers by teaching people to obey and NOT think   

Church managed to fool me until I were 6-7 years old, when my logic thinking became to good for that   :hihi:

I don't know when Jesus started thinking different, but the Bible tell when Jesus was 14 yo he protested hard against what priests did.   (I don't remember where in the Bible, but it was about the period close before Jesus "disapeared" and weren't told anything about until he came back and started preaching himself when he was around 30 yo (?)
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