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BUSINESS IDEAS to start this year 2019...

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An OFW here.. planning to put up a business this year sana.. any recommendations and suggestions?


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Hello, maybe you want a tie-up with me Skin Clinic and Hair Spa. Good profit. I'm working in a skin clinic as a manager but want to have my own or atleast co-own. PM or call me at 09672633503 if interested.


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All the best wishes for your need planning for business


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Where are you located and how much investment required?


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Try to attend ng seminar sa Travel Depot. Di pa  ako nagttraining pero I think it’s a good company. They will give you direct suppliers na mismo and no royalty fees whatsoever. Seems promising din iba nilang affiliates na successful na ngayon so super excited nako to start my business soon!


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Good luck with your business ideas Personally, I can only advise you to consider these factors even as you look for a business to embark on (1) Passion - Your passion matters most, since you shouldn't go into something just because it yiields profits even if you dont like it That way, you'll fail terribly (2) Capital - Consider starting  a business that you can afford to run without struggling You can even go for partnership


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Newly Innovated Low Cost Technology to generate income for you na walang masyadong operating cost at napakaliit na puhunan.
Capital Requirement = More or Less 50k lang po! Depende na po sa diskarte nyo.
Anyone can start this business kahit hindi masyadong techy. Easy to use naman po and very self explanatory. Kung marunong ka gumamit ng computer or printer, kayang kaya mo ito.

Please watch this video on YouTube for demonstration.

PCS Express - Print Copy Scan In A Breeze!

- Automated Vending Machine for Printing Copying and Scanning.
- Self Service
- Pwedeng bukas 24 hours para sa mga students na mahilig maghapit at natatapos ng gabing gabi na tapos kailangan ng umagang umaga.
- No to need to hire for an operator. Makakatipid ng 300-500 a day!
- Software ay gumagana sa kahit anong printer! The best is to use a refill ink tank system para mura ang ink at maintenance.
- Can print Word Document, PDF, and PowerPoint
- Letter and PH Legal (Folio) Paper Size
- Colored or Black and White
- With Secured Admin Control para madaling magchange ng pricing, password, or printer.
- Scan and Copy in Letter Size


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My suggestion is that you should go for a business that best suits you in terms of your passion and capabilities. As much as capital matters a lot for the sustainace of the business, it's also very important to do something that you enjoy since you'll be competent and able to satisfy your custoers' needs

mj cardon

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kung ako ikaw po, gusto ko muna malaman ano pong kulang or kelangan sa komunidad. like kung wala pong bigasan samen, din maraming bumibili sa ibang lugar. then magpapatyo ako ng mini-bigasan at first. dalawang centavos ko lang po hehe ;)


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My first business venture failure. Balik OFW uli.. Lesson learned. Nag-iipon uli para sumubok ng panibago. Good sa inyo po.


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You can put up any business, depending on what works bets for you. Looking at all the business ideas that have been suggested here,  I think you should write them down and critically analyse the possibility of each depending on your available resources, skills and market gap


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There are many things that are trending now, but don't just get into a business field because of that. If you lack the skills, you'll not succeed and it would be a shame. If you have enough resources, I suggest you venture into technology business or fashion industry. And if your appettite for risk is higher, invest in trading something like forex, Binary Options, stock exchange etc

the filipreneur

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It's not safe to go with business trends right now because trends fade.
Tulad ng fidget spinner. Dati usong uso yan yung mga original kinopya nila at pineke para mabenta ng mas mura pero ngayon di na profitable.

I suggest, you identify a need, solve a problem or fulfill a need in your self/family/community/workplace/hobbies/interest

Ex. sa place namin walang nagbebenta ng ice, kelangan mo pa dumayo sa ibang lugar para lang makabili. so if magbebenta ka ng ice sa lugar namin sigurado ako bebenta ka talaga.


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Offer a Service Business that no one could easily replicate. Hirap kasi pag madali gayahin ang business. Daming competitors.


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