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Author Topic: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions  (Read 50798 times)

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May nakikinig ba rito ng radio program ni DJ Mo? Sa 89.9 dwtm yung show entitled Good Times, Mon-Fri 6-9 am. Naging kontrobersyal yung show dahil sa segment na 40 Forbidden Questions. Every Wednesday, may guest na celebrity para sumagot ng 40 questions. Game daw yon at ang objective ay dapat hindi masagot lahat ng celebrity yung 40 questions. Sa mga nag-guest, sina Lolit Solis at Borgy Manotoc pa lang ang matapang na sumagot dun sa lahat ng 40 questions. Naging isyu pa nga yung kay Borgy kasi sinabi nya na isa si Vina Morales sa mga naka-one-night stand nya.

Eto yung transcript ng interview kay Borgy (nakita ko lang sa ibang site, di kumpleto):

DJ Mo: What's the size of your "wang"?
Borgy: around 7 inches

DJ Mo: When was the last time you ma$turb@ted?
Borgy: No, not this morning....yesterday morning at the' s a good thing to do when you woke up and your girlfriend is not around.

DJ Mo: "Dude, we all know you're gay, admit it!" (who are you going to tell this to?)
Borgy: Sam Milby!

DJ Mo: Worst-dressed celebrity?
Borgy: Gwen Garci

DJ Mo: Who's better in bed? ex-gf Sarah Meier (former MTV-Asia VJ) or model Ornusa Cadness?
Borgy: Ornusa

DJ Mo: Celebrity you don't wanna work with?
Borgy: aside from my brother (TJ).....Christian Bautista

DJ Mo: Celebrity who you think had gone under the knife/enhancement/ retoke?
Borgy: Pops Fernandez

DJ Mo: Name a model who doesn't look like one? (something to that effect)
Borgy: Robbie Mananquil

DJ Mo: Weirdest place he has done it with someone?
Borgy: In a photo studio, in between shoots/ while changing wardrobe

DJ Mo: Name 3 celebrities you did it with($ex) before?
Borgy: 1. Lana Assanin (when he was 15)
2. Victoria London
3. Vina Morales

Eto naman yung kay Rustom Padilla:

Worst thing done to a fan?
Rustom: Gave a fake number

Craziest thing done when drunk?
Rustom: In Stars (?), at a friend's birthday party, ordered the drinks for people, and the bill went up to as high as P40,000 pesos, the friend paid it anyway.

Bad encounter with a local celeb?
Rustom: none maybe people are extra nice because Robin Padilla is a big star..then later on a caller named Carla said that Rustom lied on this one kasi Rustom daw had a bad encounter with one ABS-CBN newscaster while inside the PBB in the Celeb edition, to which Rustom confirmed pero di daw nya considered na bad encounter.

Lost virginity when?
Rustom: 20 years old with a girl; 31 years old with a guy

Did you have any plastic surgery?
Rustom: no (took a long time to answer)

Which local celeb had plastic surgery?
Rustom: Alfred Vargas with his butt

When was the last time you watched porn?
Rustom: mga two years ago, Paris Hilton sextape

Worst billboard in Edsa?
Rustom: the one with Piolo Pascual, the Nescafe ad.

If you were to make a Pinoy Brokeback Mountain, it would be with?
Rustom: Cesar Montano, good actor and good physical attributes.

Which celeb has the worst BO?
Rustom: Chokoleit

Cellphone's 5th message in inbox?
Rustom: from Mojo Jojo

Showbiz' worst dresser?
Rustom: Baywalk Bodies, i don't get it, pag may ribbon kailangan bang may ribbon...Sexbomb Dancers are not much better.

What is the worst award-giving body?
Rustom: the Metro Manila Film Festival, it's a joke, ang Enteng Kabisote 3, kahit sila di inexpect, pagkatapos Best Picture, the least credible of all, nagfloat parade kami, tumirik pa, then yearly ginagawa pero di man lang naayos, from 2 pm parade, pero may mga sumisingit singit pa na mga jeep sa parada.

Most credible award-giving body?
Rustom: Urian

Mo dared Rustom to kiss Mojo Jojo in the lips, to which he did and Mojo Jojo said Rustom had the softest lips ever, then Mo dared Rustom that if he is able to answer all 40 questions, Mo will kiss him on the lips too.

A caller then asked where does he get his outfits, Rustom said in New York, the gown he wore in the Zsazsa Zaturnah premiere is by Paul Cabral.

Most plastic in showbiz?
Rustom: Mother Lily

Ever had one night stand?
Rustom: with a guy, none; with a girl, Michelle Parton, a British-Filipina, he co-starred with in the movie, Bilang Na Ang Araw Mo in 1994.

Worst Actor/ Actress?
Rustom: Angelica Jones, pwede namang pag aralan ang acting e. Worst actors, Mo Twister and Carlos Agassi.

Feeling sikat?
Rustom: the new stars, narinig ko sa may dressing room na nagsasakit-sakitan, arguing with her father after a photoshoot. And feeling sikat na nga kasi, di pa naman talaga sikat because i can't even remember the name of the young actress.

Your least favorite movie made?
Rustom: Gagay (with Gelli de Belen)

Drama Queen?
Rustom: Dina Bonnevie, a classic, manonood ng preview ng movie namin, then pag di nacapture yung eksena, mag iiyak kay Boss Vic, na di pupunta ng premiere.

Maganda sa PBB? Least liked?
Rustom: Bianca Gonzales, maganda sya; least liked, Bianca Gonzales also, di ko masakyan yung bestfriend sila ni Zanjoe Marudo sa loob ng PBB house then paglabas di na pinapansin.

Celeb couple that will not last?
Rustom: Tonyo and Lara Morena, on tv magkaaway pero nakita ko magkasama sa Embassy. Pops and Jomari, magtatagal; Rufa Mae Guinto and Erik Santos, mahirap maging judgmental, love is beyond physical. Mark Herras, Katrina Halili, di magtatagal (are they even together?)

When was the last time you pleasured yourself?
Rustom: New Year's Eve, stroke of midnight. To which Mo said " don't keep the fireworks in your hand."

A caller then asked if he thinks Keanna Reeves has changed. He said no, although bihira na sila magkita.

Have you ever picked up a guy before?
Rustom: lahat naman ata nagdaan dyan
Mojo Jojo: (was also asked the same question) "no, the guy you see me once with, i was only buying the guy breakfast".

How big is your "wang"?
Rustom: may way para malaman...kuha kayong tissue...Mojo jojo egged him on to answer and gave some example of guys who guested like Jao Mapa said he has 5" and Troy Montero, an 8.5"..but Rustom said, it's easy for someone to say 12" or something so he did not specifically answered it.

Who is your ultimate Crush?
Rustom: Borgy Manotoc

Anong opinyon nyo, dapat nga bang i-ban ang show ni Mo Twister? May kasalanan ba si DJ Mo sa mga nangyaring away ng mga artista dahil sa program nya?

Kung sakaling may gumawa ng 40 Forbidden Questions - PMT Version at ipasagot sa mga magiging Member of the Month, payag ba kayo? :hihi:

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Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
« Reply #1 on: Jan 15, 2007, 12:43 PM »
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  • 40 Forbidden Questions sa Member of the Month? Bakit nde? Basta nde ako ang sasagot... :D

    Para sa akin, nde fully responsible si DJ Mo sa mga sagot ng guests niya. Granted na siya ang nagtatanong, nde naman pinipilit ang guests na sumagot. Kung may concern man ako sa show, yun ay yung rating niyang tingin kong R-18 kaya nde dapat siya nasa timeslot na accessible sa bata. Pero kung yung show daw ang nagsisimula ng pag-aaway ng mga artista, wala namang pinagkaiba yung sa showbiz tsismis shows tulad ng S-Files at The Buzz na ganun din ang nangyayari. Puro batuhan ng dumi ng mga artista at kung anu-anong iskandalo na nilalabas sa ere.
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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #2 on: Jan 15, 2007, 01:27 PM »
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  • yun naman ata ang purpose ng show at ni dj mo mismo (heard a lot about the show but will never waste time and airwaves listening to it)... to create controversies, cause bickerings and revive dj mo's career at the expense of others. the show is degrading to the guests/subjects and INSULTING to the intelligence of the listening public. at based dyan sa pinost ni ana na transcript ng interviews, walang mapapala mga listeners kundi kabobohan. isipin mo, buong 3 oras ng show e puro ganun ang tema ng usapan... pagtapos mong makinig, sing-bobo ka na ni dj mo, kaso mas lamang sya sayo dahil pinagkakitaan ka nya (oops, sintabi po, pero sana naman wala rito na nakikinig sa show na ito, at pagkakaalam ko mga intelligent beings ang mga PMTers!). .

    loyal pa rin ako sa RX (chix n del), wehehe... at the very least, natututo ako sa grammar nila at may value added sa buhay ko dahil natututo akong magjoke in english! lol.

    « Last Edit: Jan 15, 2007, 01:34 PM by lowije_dapogs »

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #2 on: Jan 15, 2007, 01:27 PM »
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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #3 on: Jan 21, 2007, 09:58 PM »
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  • 40 Forbidden Questions sa Member of the Month? Bakit nde? Basta nde ako ang sasagot... :D

    Ay sayang! :hihi:

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #4 on: Feb 15, 2007, 08:26 PM »
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  • Nakakatuwa lang makinig minsan. hehehe :rofl:

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #5 on: Mar 31, 2007, 07:39 PM »
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  • uy parang makikinig na ako sa umaga ah. one time lang.  :hihi:
    Yesterday is over.
    Tomorrow will worry for itself. Today, I begin!

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #5 on: Mar 31, 2007, 07:39 PM »
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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #6 on: Apr 02, 2007, 09:27 AM »
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  • May mabait bang magre-repost ng transcripts dito ng ibang 40 Questions interview? Para nde na kami pupunta sa ibang sites, dito na lang. Nde ako fan, jologs lang :hihi:
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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #7 on: Apr 02, 2007, 06:43 PM »
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  • parang wala ng nagtyagang magtranscribe nung conversations/interviews at magcirculate nito... nung una lang siguro dahil novelty sya kumbaga... alternatively, try to listen na lang bos meron atang live web streaming ang station nila. just dont know the sked of dj mo's program... site nila ay tapos transcribe mo na rin sir, lol.. :rofl:

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #8 on: Apr 02, 2007, 08:14 PM »
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  • Merong transcripts sa ibang blog/sites. Kopyahin ko na lang at i-post ko dito yung iba  :rofl:


    Are you gay?
    Hero: No. Cristy (Fermin) made straight guys gay and gay guys straight

    Worst thing done to a fan?
    Hero: (stutters) He discovered a fan that is like Cristy Fermin and cleared himself (huh)

    Man crush?
    Hero: Spongecola

    Better Network? GMA

    Given 5 names, give animal:
    Sandara Park... new specie, innocent looking creature
    Alfie Lorenzo... furry animal, walrus, coz of the moustache
    Joseph Bitangcol... bird
    Cristy Fermin... definitely an animal, more like a frog (the voice) (you touch you get warts - dj mo)
    Herbert Angeles (his brother/manager)...hawk, ready to attack for defense

    Bad encounter with a local celeb?
    Hero: Heart Evangelista, after SCQ may auditions for a new soap tapos machika si Heart. Then after hindi makuha si Hero deadma na sya kay Hero. After a year nagtext uli si Heart to get Sandara's number.

    Have you ever cheated on a GF?
    Hero: No

    Worst billboard?
    Hero: Panday, in Cubao mrt. Tapos na ang show pero andun pa rin.

    Have you lied in a showbiz chismis show?
    Hero: no, only sugar coating promo on tv shows

    Then someone called in to say that "nakakairita na sya kaya magtagalog na lang sya"

    Worst TV show in ABS-CBN?
    Hero: Wowowee, because of the stampede and the anomaly there of someone in the show that takes 40% of the prizes.

    Better loveteam? Sandara/Hero or Sandara/Joseph?

    Hero: Sandara/Hero

    Cristy Fermin needs to stop doing?

    Hero: Libelous acts (but he cant tell her to do good things because he knows she won't do it)

    How old were you when you lost your virginity?
    Hero: between 19 and 20 years old, not memorable though

    Rate Sandara as a kisser from 1-10? (original question: better kisser Sandara or Sarah - haven't kissed Sarah though)
    Hero: 1(lowest). Just a screen kiss, during the shooting she runs around the church and hides in the van coz she doesn't want to, she want Joseph daw lol

    Sinong artista ang feeling sikat?
    Hero: Rachel (yung teacher sa Pinoy Big Brother), paglabas nya feeling talaga

    Showbiz hottest mom?
    Hero: Donita Rose

    Then callers, struck again, saying:
    James from QC: Bayaran dapat ang mga utang nya. Magtagalog ka na lang Hero.
    Jen: he's gay. We have common friends. He's so weak. Not a good way to go back to showbiz.(fake daw according to DJ Mo Twister)

    What do you think is Cristy Fermin's email address?
    DJ Mo:

    Worst B.O.?
    Hero: none encountered so far

    Slept with anyone famous?
    Hero: no..too early to say (Hero put his hand in his mouth and DJ Mo said he was lying)

    Sandara needs to stop playing innocent and start?
    Hero: stop playing innocent and being herself

    Worst Actor/actress?
    Hero: Joebert and Cristy (nag guest sila sa Bituin Walang Ningning),
    Victor Basa and Sandara Park

    Most Plastic?
    Hero: Kris Aquino, she's always being friendly on cam

    Worst dresser?
    Hero: (after a long time)...Cristy Fermin

    Crush ni Hero before Roxanne Guinoo

    Local female celeb you hit on but not interested with you?
    Hero: Kim Chiu

    Celeb couple that will break up next?
    DJ Mo: Cristy and Shrek
    Hero: Rufa Mae Quinto and Erik Santos

    Have you ever slept with a fan?
    Hero: no

    Who's gay in showbiz (closet queen)? Admit it dude, you're gay (the question)

    Hero: (took a very long time to answer) Uma Khouny

    Local celeb you dislike working with?
    Hero: Toni Gonzaga (she always shouts, when she's hosting)

    When was the last time you pleasured yourself?
    Hero: last week

    How big is your wang?
    Hero: above average

    Big reality stars who doesn't fit showbiz?
    Hero: Sandara Park, she went back to Korea for a not so clear reason at parang hindi hindi sineryoso ang career. (nagwala si DJ Mo nang naisama si Say Alonzo sa list ni Mojo Jojo, DJ Mo and Say Alonzo, also has an ongoing word war, because DJ Mo says he doesn't know Say, to which Say says not true, she meet Mo and he even came up to her)

    Who needs to admit that plastic surgery was done on them?
    Hero: Sandara Park (ang dinig ko,cheeks, pero sabi dito samin, Hero daw said, eyelids, uso daw sa Korea, baka yun daw ang isa sa mga rason na pumunta sa Korea)

    then nagpromote si Hero: his movie "Stockroom" will be shown in feb or march daw

    Most over-rated director?
    Hero: Joey Reyes (Jose Javier Reyes), (naging director na nya before)

    Which showbiz reporter do you dislike the most:
    Hero: Regie Bonoan (a friend of Cristy Fermin)

    Which new local celeb do you want to bed with?
    Hero: Asia Agcaoili

    Kiss Mojo Jojo on the lips..
    Madaming cameras daw sa booth kaya medyo asiwa sya (he is also with his parents) He tapped out..
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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #9 on: Apr 05, 2007, 07:11 AM »
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  • eto naman...

    I, Wilma Doesnt do solemnly promise that i will be honest with all my answers. I am prepared and definitely not scared to face ur inquiries despite the controversies surrounding the show. Once again,
    I, Wilma Doesnt of sound mind and sexy body, will tap out when it gets too naughty but i shall not fear the fat old woman or the acne-faced gay guy with long hair as u expect the truth, the whole
    truth & nothing but the truth while i sit in this booth.

    1. What's the worst thing youve ever done to a fan
    - snob them, giving them a 360 look. Why? im hungry. But not all the time i snob them.
    2. Whose showbusiness' worst dress celebrity?
    - Aya Medel. Lagi ko syang nakikita sa magazine sa worst dress corner eh.
    MO : i dont know aya medel, so give something like a celebrity.
    - minsan kasi hindi terno yung shoes sa suot, angelika dela cruz. Sorry girl.
    3. Sinong feeling diva, aside from you, na celebrity?
    - Maui taylor.
    4. Who's the most vain celebrity? Always looking at the mirror, always fixing?
    - I think it's Piolo Pascual. Palagi syang ang bango bango, he's a friend of mine & also Ariel Rivera.
    5. Which part of your body is not real?
    - nothing.
    Never had a lipo?
    - lipo ako, im so skinny, excuse me. Not real? nagpabawas ako ng nose.
    Mojojo : you are so real wilma, i love you! You are the real-iest guest here.
    6. What's the worst thing uve done when youre drunk?
    - im a party animal. Nakikipag-kiss ako kahit kanino. Sa boys lang. So far, that's the worst ive done. Yun lang, may image ako 'no.
    7. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
    - 23. Im serious, im a late bloomer. Im probinsyana eh. Im turning 32.
    8. Which male model has the worst zoo-lander look? A guy model pose? Most maarte look na model look
    - Robert "robby" Mananquil but he's hot. Half open eyes and pouty lip.
    9. Do you have a girl crush on?
    - Rhian Ramos. She's an artista (mcdo model).
    10. What's the better tv station, ABS or GMA?
    - GMA. They gave me a break. I used to be with ABS but mas less yung stress sa GMA compared to ABS. Everybody's friendlier, pagdating mo don, may sasalubong sayo, youd feel more of an artista. I have nothing against ABS, pero parang, wala lang, i love my job, kailangan mo pang hanapin ang tao, san kaya dressing room or san ako pupunta.

    11. Give me 1 bad encounter w/ a local celeb ?
    - felt so insulted in a way when i was doing hosting, sobrang pabiro ako, i was energetic, i didnt mean anything and
    then someone goes like i dont eat dinuguan eh, sabi ko talaga, parang he was like saying he doesnt like black girl.
    Who's the guy?
    - Diether Ocampo, pero ok lang.
    12. Which local celeb parties too hard?
    - i dont know pag way too hard na sila, wasted na din ako. I always go out with Phoemela, like robby, si mojojo, always

    with models also.
    What's your waistline?
    - 25. But 4 years ago, i had 22, 23
    Mojojo :
    13. Which model is an intellectual light weight?
    - siguro 1 show lang tapos model na sila. I forgot the name, I think Mark something. Ramp model i think friend ng asawa ni Ana Dizon.
    in My organization, wala naman more popular na walang alam or hindi palasalita.
    14. Which celeb goodlooking on TV pero pag nakita sa personal, sayang hindi pala gwapo?
    - Dennis Trillo. Nakita ko na sya sa personal. Super ganda ng registry nila sa TV pero pag nakita mo sa personal, parang may kulang kasi hinahanap mo yung nakikita mo sa tv. Pumayag ka na neng!
    Andi9 : yah i agree.
    - parang gusto ko na ata magtrabaho sa station na to
    Mo : yah, you can replace andi, she's leaving tomorrow
    15. Which local male celeb always tried flirting w/ u?
    - nobody. I flirt with them.
    3 guys you flirt with and they turned you down?
    - Keempee de Leon, crush ko talaga yon, alam nya yon.
    - Wendell ramos - hot
    - Antonio Aquitana.
    MO : Who's hot? for me? Maureen Larazzabal. Man, she's so hot!
    16. What's the craziest place you've done it?
    - I think in the public rest room.
    - In the bar?
    Male or female CR?
    - female naman. Ni-lock ko yung door. Syempre bata pa ako non eh. After 23 naman yon.
    Was he famous? Was he hot?
    - no he's not famous, but he's hot, and Im drunk!
    17. I want you to reveal a big secret, something youve never admitted on television? There must be something that youve
    never admitted?
    - My big secret, Oscar Belarmino Jr. from Batangas. The name of father of my baby.
    18. Whos in the industry's most plastic person? Recently we've had kris Aquino, come out lot of times.
    - Maui Taylor.
    mojojo : have u had a fight w/ her?
    - Nothing, she's not done anything i find her plastic lang talaga. Diyos ko, lagot ako sa manager nya.
    19. Which female celeb has not admitted having plastic surgery?
    - lam mo kahit hindi nila aminin sakin malalaman ko naman eh, you can tell kung fake boobs, nose or butt, if you have

    the money, why not
    if it will add up to your confidence. Sino pa ba ang hindi umamin?
    Angelika dela cruz? talaga? sa boobs? Ah sa chin or cheek bone, tama ba ako? oo tama i think so!
    Sige Angelika Dela Cruz
    Caller : you are inconsistent, you said earlier the craziest thing youve done is kissing people and then when you were
    asked another craziest thing, you didnt say youve done it in a public CR.
    - no. I said i kissed people i dont know when im drunk, but here yung question craziest PLACE ive done it, so magkaiba yon and I know the guy!
    20. What's the worst billboard in Edsa?
    - yung Ellen Skin care. Personal opinion ko to ha. Kasi unang una, she's plugging a skin care pero pag nakita mo yung billboard sobrang filtered, nagiging blurry na sya, so asan na yung skin. Elvira ata yung mom nya. Tapos may kasama pa syang bagets.
    Mo : yes it's terrible.
    mojojo : jeans for women, there's a chubby girl w/ shirt, it was bad. And then a shirtless in jeans, it doesnt make sense.
    Caller : F&H Polo Ravales.
    Mojojo : I like Claudine billboard, she's sexy there.
    Mo : I like Claudine.
    Jericho Rosales texted and said best billboard is Penshoppe.
    Caller : Retokadas
    - regine velasquez, everything
    - pops fernandez
    - bea alonzo, recent one, the nose
    21. Have you ever got intimate with something non human?
    - ano ba yon, hindi naman ako ganon ka desperada.
    Mojojo : not an animal
    - you mean battery operated? No, hindi pa, itry ko tonight. Promise tapos babalik ako dito next week, ill tell you how it feels.
    22. Have you ever cheated with a bf?
    - yes. Ako i did.
    How many times?
    - kaya nga bumalik sakin diba, un ang karma
    23. Which celeb has the worst BO? - feet, armpit, bad breath
    - wala pa naman sa mga nakasama ko. Wala I worked w/ richard gomez, jomari juice ko naman ang bango non ha. Sa dami ng
    work naman nila
    syempre they know their hygiene.
    24. Which celeb couple you think will not last?
    Caller : Patrick & Jennylyn
    - hindi kasi ako masyadong chismosa eh, hindi ko nga alam na si patrick & jennylyn eh, ang alam ko kasi si mark pa dati

    yon, so hindi na pala sila.
    Caller : Sandara Park & Joseph Bitangcol
    - Sino yon? Sino ba ang girlfriend ni Oyo Boy? wala na sila, yun pa naman sana. I think si Rufa Mae and Erik Santos. Yah i think, lagot ako kay Rufa Mae.
    25. Which local model you think has an eating disorder?
    - before it's Jill Baltazar. eating disorder is not a problem in the industry and not mine.
    26. Models dress up together backstage, boys & girls, hubot hubad, whos got the luckiest?
    - you mean the biggest? mas masaya sa likod na show kesa sa harap. Minsan napapatingin ka. Esp if they're hot, parang its like oops ano kayang andon. I think it's Luke Jickain. Tapos ang kinis kinis.
    27. Who's the unluckiest?
    - Next question? What do you mean?
    - jett Rye, the bumbay looking
    Nothing down?
    - there is but not my type.
    28. Lets play celeb email addresses? We'll give out celeb name & tell us what their email add?
    Ex : Sam Milby - i
    Maui taylor :

    29. Movie coming out called the worst actor and actress, who's the leading man and woman?
    Caller : Aubrey Miles & Joross Gamboa
    Mo : Joross is andi's boy toy
    Andi : no, excuse me, that's not true
    - I go for Joross and Roxanne. I think joross, and napanood ko yung Maalala mo kaya, pretty kaya lang sana nabigyan nya ng mas justice yung role nya sa gay. Sa girl, Sandara Park. sorry.

    30. Which celeb you dont want working with, when you see their name on the sheetlist and on the line you say geez?
    - Maui Taylor
    Mojo : you are so anti-maui
    Andi : tell us what happened & how it started?
    Mo : We are interested, this is the 4 maui answer.
    we did a stage play together, parang i made a simple comment, totoo, they did a recording, first time ko narinig ang recording and i said di pala maganda ang boses nya, when i said it, everytime i hear her sa tv ok lang, sabi ko siguro minadali yung recording, she got mad at me, lahat ng cast nagalit over me, ganon. it must be the surgery.
    31. Worst local designer? Over-rated?
    - Alex Pigao. Made of fish-scale, di ko maintindihan.
    32. Have you ever slept anyone famous?
    - yes of course. Alam ko na ang susunod mong itatanong.
    33. HOw many?
    - 1 lang.
    34. Is he popular?
    - yah
    Do i know him?
    - Oh yes. im sorry kung sasabihin ko lang ha, kung sino ka man, naipit lang ako. Starts with letter O.
    Caller says : Onemig.
    - bastos
    Wilma, we want the confirmation.
    - i had a good time. great time. it's onemig bondoc. diba ang ganda ko, mestisang mestiza ako. Secret naming dalawa yon eh. When he gets back, i think he'll ask me one more time. Way back, I think 2001. Diba napagkamalan syang tatay ng
    anak ko. Sabi nga nila, pag may apoy, may usok. ganda ko diba?
    35. Worst TV Show?
    Daisy Syete
    36. - Name 3 and 1 for you if you will say ffg lines to a local celeb, Dude, i think youre gay, admit it? Youll be on
    - Si piolo, sam, hindi. Si Uma. laging nakataas ang kilay nya tsaka yung daliri nya, mas malantik pa sya sa daliri ko
    eh. Wala eh, sya lang kaya ko eh. Baka mawalan ako ng gatas ng anak ko eh.
    37. This is just for formality. Have you ever sabotaged or been sabotaged?
    - I had a fight with model?
    - no model, hindi 4'11 at batang may boobs...sobrang nainis ako ayun nagalit din sya sakin. nasa harap ko ako sa likod, binuksan ko yung zipper nya, lumalakad syang nakabukas yung zipper and yung bra nya nilagay ko sa pitcher. She's bad para gawin ko yun, it must be something. When im evil, im better.
    38. Have you ever been discriminated in the fashion industry?
    - yes. in showbiz wala pa aside from diether. Ang advantage parang iba ang dating, pinanindigan ko na lang para hindi ako madiscriminate. I dont know if you know her, cheeky samson. Model.
    39. Have you ever tried illegal drugs?
    - yes.
    What's the worst youve tried?
    - everything but not shabu.But i stopped na, it depends on the mood. Pag sinabi ko naman na ive never tried drugs, magtataasan naman kilay, parang hindi nya ako nakita non.
    Not only in modelling industry, in showbiz as well. You should try, curiosity wise. It takes one to know one.
    40. I want you to kiss Mojojo in the lips. (dare)
    - with mojojo its easy to me, pero sayo with tongue pa if you want. (listener)
    - lets do it.
    Listener - 6 foot, name IAN, School Ateneo. 19 years old.
    Ian are you willing to get down with Wilma.
    Just a walk in the park, Ian has kissed somebody before.
    And Wilma Kissed Ian.
    Wilma Got 40.
    And Wilma kissed Mo in the lips.....
    Mo : how was I as a kisser ?
    Wilma : 7
    Mo : *******, i was not in my element! [\quote]
    Yesterday is over.
    Tomorrow will worry for itself. Today, I begin!

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
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  • sa tingin ko he should be held liable.. pero at one point kasi yung mga nagccomment din na mga celebrities ang dapat na maging accountable..

    pero kasi si mo ang nagiinstigate para magsalita sila eh..

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    Re: DJ Mo Twister's Radio Program and 40 Forbidden Questions
    « Reply #10 on: Jun 26, 2007, 11:52 AM »
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