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Freedom Rocks: Forex Hedging

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Mike QC

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on: Oct 29, 2006, 07:50 PM
A unique system that I'll be trying this week.  We'll find out whether it's indeed risk free este much safer than traditional forex trading ;)


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Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 2006, 09:01 PM
Mike, balitaan mo kami, is this the same as scalping?

Mike QC

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Reply #2 on: Oct 30, 2006, 02:04 PM
Hi Lehboy and everyone else,
I joined FR finally this am.  So far mukhang ok nga talaga ito.   I  browsed their training materials specially their step-by-step training videos quickly and wow kakaiba nga ang system/strategy nila.  Every member is and will be using their recommended broker FXSol..... based in:  
Saddle River Executive Centre
1 Route 17 South
Saddle River, NJ 07458
Tel: +1-800-969-8365 or 1-201-345-2210

Freedom Rocks is based in:
3470 W Cheyenne Ave, Suite 100
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Phone: (702) 638-1444 - Monday though Friday (10am - 4pm [Pacific])
Fax: (702) 638-1789

Here's their setup. FR itself is offering training and software to aid what you do yourself in forex. That is a very key point. They are not licensed to offer securities but they don't offer securities so there is no issue.  Signals are sent via the broker and of course the broker (FXSol) is licensed and fully compliant with SEC regulations.

Their strategy is to hedge on currency pairs with the best reciprocals (kung tama ang pagkakaintindi ko).  Sa nakikita ko at sa pag explain ng friend ko   sakin, this is a great and very much safer alternative to "traditional forex trading" which as we all know entails considerable amounts of risk.  Sa nakita ko sa training videos this morning, talaga ngang very minimal ang risk dito.  BTW, my friends in both Vancouver and New York are experienced career forex traders who are really experts on their field, and are now adopting the Freedom Rocks strategy.  

I would highly recommend that you guys try out  "FREE DEMO TRADING" first before even joining.  For those who are curious and wants to find out more about this, just pm me for the link to free demo trading and you'll have 15 days to learn, practice and play with it.  Kakaiba itong system nila and sa nakikita ko everyone including newbies will find it very easy to learn.    



Although Sport Arbitrage Trading is really great,  I think FR will be more accessible to us here because there is no Neteller or Firepay that will make it impossible for us to trade here in Philippines.  


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Reply #3 on: Oct 30, 2006, 04:04 PM
Mike, can you PM the free demo link, since 15days free trial lang, I'll try it pagbalik ko na from Cebu.

I done some research this morning (blog site, forex forum site, forex review site). Overall, there are more good reviews than bad, and still there is also risk involve using their software.

Please check this site

To my understanding:
- FR automatic fills positions sa FXsol broker.
- You have to set your  own % of your account balance to use.
- Choose your own leverage.
- FR automatic calculate the risk for you.
- You won't lose but if the market goes against the pair that gain overnight interest, you'll have to wait for the trend to reverse (this might take weeks or months).

I heard FX Solution increased their spread on GBP/USD pair recently from 4 to 5 pips (not sure kung nag-change din yung EUR/USD na dating 2 pips), a decrease of 2% of supposedly profit on a round trip trade. I wonder if there's any affect to FR software, since naka calculate na sa program nila yung lot size).

"kung" tama nga pagkaintindi ko sa strategy nila, then masmaganda pa rin yung strategy ko na "little" similar to theirs. Which is walang risk, hassle nga lang to transfer funds from 1 broker to another.

Well, check nalang natin muna sa demo, mukhang impressive naman yung mga result na nakita ko eh. ;)

BTW, got your contact #.

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Mike QC

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Reply #4 on: Oct 30, 2006, 08:01 PM
Hi sam_1_els, thanks again for those infos. Yes I've seen that site way before while I was still closely watching freedom rocks.  If you will notice, all negative comments there were made by people who haven't even tried the software. Anyway what's impotant is all in all, there were a lot more good reviews than those few.  Nothing beats trying the software yourself.  So far I like the fact that FR's command center is making it simple for newbies to learn.  The step-by-step instructions and videos are clear and concise.  

Here's an info I got from their site on why they recommend FXSol.....

There are dozens of brokers with which you can trade the forex market.  Traditional brokers, such as E-Trade, Ameritrade, Fidelity, Schwab, etc., do not offer forex trading.

To aid in the training process, we suggest all FreedomRocks investors trade with our recommended broker -- FX Solutions (FXSol) -- although you are free to trade with any broker you'd like.  There are several key features FXSol offers which make them a good choice:

    * FXSol offers lot sizes as small as 1k -- giving us a great deal of flexibility when trading our accounts.  Most brokers offer only 100k and 10k lot sizes.  The Portfolio Allocator and the guidelines below will help you determine the lot size you should consider trading.
    * FXSol has one of the best software interfaces we've seen.  Their proprietary software has all sorts of features to make your life easier.  Their reporting is simple and easy to understand, and they offer e-mail and SMS (cell phone) paging when your pre-set orders are executed.  This is extremely useful to you as a FreedomRocks investor.
    * FXSol offers up to 400:1 leverage on your money.  This means you can control up to $400,000 worth of currency for as little as $1,000.  This can be a double-edged sword, though.  If used correctly, leverage can allow you to significantly multiply your gains.
    * Because FXSol is our recommended broker, we're able to give detailed instructions  illustrating exactly how to place trades -- including screenshots so you'll see exactly what they look like.

Once again guys, I recommend that you try their demo trading which is free for 15 days.  You won't lose anything if you try it.  I would appreciate your comments whether negative or positive so it will help me in my trial process as well.  Thanks to all those who PMed me.  ;)

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Reply #5 on: Oct 30, 2006, 08:40 PM
Hi Mike do keep us updated, matry nga rin yan kung may demo ng 15 days

Mike QC

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Reply #6 on: Nov 19, 2006, 11:37 PM
Guys, last Friday, I just completed my first 4-hour basic forex crash course with Markso at his "Business-Maker Academy School".  What he explained to us and how he explained it has made me feel a lot more positive and increased my understanding of all the theory. The course is the best introduction to forex trading. I am also thankful to him that he also took time to explain Freedom Rock's strategy. The course represents excellent value for the money and it is clear and concise.  I would highly recommend that you guys go enroll yourselves.  It is a much much better alternative to self-studying such as those "online forex courses" and "webinars" specially if you're the type who's used to being spoon-fed like me.  

Honestly, I never really intended to trade myself (traditionally) as I am just a passive investor.  I enrolled because I want to have a good head-start with the Freedom Rocks System.  I don't want to just take the plunge blindly without having any knowledge of what I'm getting into.  But now, I'm thinking of doing both (the FR system & the traditional) but I'll still be needing more training and of course practice, practice & practice and more time with my demo accounts.  I will still be taking the more extensive forex training course that Markso is offering in his one and only "brick and mortar" forex school here in Manila.  ;)


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Reply #7 on: Nov 19, 2006, 11:46 PM
Nice to hear that Mike! I'd like to try the Freedom Rocks system myself, I just have to find the time. Been pretty busy the past few weeks.  But based from the reviews I read at other forums, this seems like a very promising system
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Mike QC

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Reply #8 on: Nov 26, 2006, 12:17 AM
Update on our FR Test:  

Markso and I have been testing FR's Software & Command Center and so far so good. This is really getting interesting.  Our test in not over though so DON'T sign up yet.  Being the Forex expert and my trainer, I requested Markso to personally test the software himself so I gave him my FR ID# and password:  

Here are our initial concerns that we ironed out....
I discussed our reservations with my professional forex trader friend in Vancouver who's into both "traditional" forex trading and the Freedom Rocks strategy.  Here's his reply to our concerns as follows:

#1. "The carry trade is only profitable if you have deep pockets meaning you invest more than 5000 usd since you need to trade at least 100,000 of currency at any given time."
Reply:  That is simply not the case at all. We trade in lot sizes of $1000 not lot sizes of $100,000.  It sounds like he has serious restrictions which dont apply to other forex traders around the world.

#2 Quote:  "I'm still a bit hesitant with this approach since there are still some margins of error in the Correlation factor (0.80 - 0.98). Another thing to be cautious about is the fact that if the trend breaks out there will not be any significant gains made except for the carry trade."
Reply: It does indeed fluctuate but as long as you are not crazy with the amount of margin you are using you are fine with the correlation even when dropping to the -80 range. In fact that provides a new opportunity because when it is OUT of sync that far we know it will come back to where it usually is.
Keep in mind this:
A lot of people using the FR system are closing all positions when they are in profit 5-10% which happens often. THEN they are waiting until the correlation is back in sync or at least in their favor to reopen and do it again. We made 11.7% last week and are now waiting to re-enter because we closed all trades to lock in the 11.7% profit.  Do you follow what I'm saying?
Anyway, your instructor gives a good advice. Do the 15 day free trial, extend that to more days if necessary, and thoroughly check out the system and ask questions along the way.  We have a lot of very exprienced forex people in our camp now and with no exceptions they are coming aboard with good reviews. Ask your instructor to back-test the system using historical data and he can see for himself it works."

2nd Update by Markso:  

"I’ve actually been testing the hedging strategy already and so far so good. Currency correlation is actually a good solid strategy and I can understand why even the veterans are going into it. I’ve already (to some extent) back tested it and find it quite reliable. However take note that Currency Correlation is not an absolute, it can and does change over time if the laws and monetary policies of the countries involved suddenly change. But I’m thinking probably not in the short term. So over all, it looks quite good for now."

3rd Update:  
Markso's latest findings to date:  
"I’ve left a floating trade for about 4 days now. So far, the strategy is not bad but you must be able to hold on to around $200 to $500 “floating” losses at any given period of time. If the losses are within this range and you are trading with around 200k total lots (100k for Eur/USD and 100k for USD/CHF), you should be able to recover this floating loss in a month and a half. The other part of their strategy where you buy and sell 1 lot at a time will fast track the loss recovery process. Over all the system was well thought of. My testing is still on going most probably until first week of December to see all the ups and downs."

Again thanks a lot Markso for being so kind enough for giving time to explore Freedom Rocks with me.  Guys, stay tuned for further updates as we will be discussing more of this on our next forex class.  Once again guys, I highly recommend that you join us and enroll at Markso's class at "Business-Maker Academy".   ;)


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Reply #9 on: Nov 26, 2006, 05:19 PM
Hi Mike QC,

Just a clarification, I'm actually just simulating the Freedom Rocks strategy using FXCM and GFT using 10k mini lots instead of 1k lots of 1wforex. I haven't been able to log back on to the Command center since I viewed the videos.




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Reply #10 on: Nov 26, 2006, 05:34 PM
Mike sorry, cleared my inbox, I'll also try the FR demo this week when I have time. Good to hear that your experiments are doing good.


  • sam_1_else
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Reply #11 on: Nov 27, 2006, 11:22 PM
First of all, I would like to thank Mike QC for letting me use his FR trial account. Very kind of you Mike  ;). Markso, lehboy, how's your performance with FR strategy?

I'm testing the FR software since this morning with NorthFinance broker at $50000 demo capital, 1K lot and 100:1 leverage.

So far so good. I'm $5463 positive (floating status) with my initial purchased lots (Eur/Usd and Usd/Chf) as I'm typing this. This is mainly because swissy is trending upward as of this moment. My concern is what if the trend goes the other way around for weeks.  :confused: My prediction is GBP is at its highest level right now, and might just go a little bit higher to 1.94 level before it goes down bigtime, since cable and euro is an mirror image of their own and we are trading swissy with a larger lot than Eur, then we are still on the  right track (with FR).

Can't conclude much right now, here are the pros and cons for now.

- Less mental stress.
- Less risk if set it right.
- Profitable in the long run.
- Easy to follow instructions.

- Less lucrative if you have a effective trading strategy.
- If one of the pending orders is executed for a long time and you're not in front of your PC. That position will be exposed to the market for a long time and it is risky.
- Need large capital, para maramdaman agad yung profit.
- We'll be crippled if the software is no longer available to us, so better have a spare tire (traditional way of trading know-how), I suggest enroll to Markso's course.

Those are just my personal opinion.

On the brighter side, I think I can use the FR software at my advantage by combining it with my strategy if ever I trade for the club.

Mike QC

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Reply #12 on: Nov 28, 2006, 03:18 AM
Thanks for the info Markso. Thanks sam_1_els for your update.  So far so good indeed!  I'm looking forward to a satisfactory completion of our tests.  FYI, I just heard from a forex trader friend in Vancouver that the President of the largest forex group in Canada is a staunch Freedom Rocks advocate. Stay tuned for more updates.  Keep it coming guys!

And I hope we'll have more classmates and fellow "would be" alumnis at Markso's "BusinessMaker Academy" and eventually fellow "would be" members of "Forex Club Manila" and of course pioneers of FR.  ;)


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Reply #13 on: Nov 28, 2006, 08:11 PM
Hi Mike QC, Sam_1_Else,

Suggest (if you haven't done so) you create an FX Solutions Practice Account and configure the trading rules set to 400:1 leverage and 1K lots. This way we can better simulate how the Freedom Rocks system works.

Unfortunately, my FXCM Demo Account is not as flexible as FX SOL. The results however are not bad, made about US$ 360 today (because I scalped a few trades on the side with 100k lots --Kids don't do this at home) with a positive float of US$ 140. The interest to date is a very modest US$ 7.50 but I'm waiting for Wednesday as that is when FXCM's rollover interest is credited three times the usual amount.

These days are unusually peculiar for EUR Bulls, the Market Sentiment is definitely Dollar Bearish and almost anything you do this week as long as you short the USD will make some money for you. -- But please do not take this as trading advise  ;)

More updates as they come. Also, I have launched 5 new Forex Courses it's called the BMA Forex Arsenal and is intermediate and advanced level training. If you feel up to it, do visit my website and look it through. I've also included a Diagnostic test to see if you qualify.

Best Regards,


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Reply #14 on: Nov 28, 2006, 08:17 PM
Been reading a lot on hyipd on freedomrocks, still have to read the thread in TG, but the system is indeed promising...

There's another system similar to FR called forexforsmarties -

You guys might want to check it out also.


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