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Member of the Month (August 2013): kithe

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Every month, the PMT Forum honors one outstanding member of the PMT community to be awarded as the "Member of the Month".

Our "Member of the Month" is chosen among members who are seen as consistently active, dependable, insightful, and friendly in the forum. He or she, therefore, may be considered as a genuine role model in our forum community. For us to know better our "Member of the Month," we request our awardee to answer a few questions. Other members of the forum may also post in this thread to ask our MotM questions.

Our August 2013 Member of the Month is
kithe! Congratulations! :yehey:

Here are kithe's responses to our questions.

August 2013 Member of the Month: kithe

1. Hi kithe! How long have you been a PMT Forum member? Share to us how you discovered PinoyMoneyTalk.

I registered in PMT on November 17, 2011, so I've been a  tambay  here for 1 year and 8 months or 622 days. Haha. I discovered it when my client shared a linked about Mutual fund comparing the returns of MF companies, I was an active member of PEX by that time.

2. Why did you choose the username "kithe"? 

My nickname is "kithe" talaga since high school pa,  but I have other name when I am in the office.

3. What things do you like about the PMT Forum?

When I first registered here in PMT, I found it boring, sorry FG.  :oops:

I said to myself parang wala akong mapapala dito, wala naman nag iinquire kasi about MF or VUL, so balik PeX ako, dun kasi ako active talaga, pero once in a while I visit sa PMT, kaya my first post here was November 26  lang, nung may nagtanong about Sun Life MF.  Since then, naging active na rin ako, and I like the set up of the thread, nakikita mo kaagad kung anong topic yung may bagong post or comments.  I learned a lot from PMT and most especially, friendly mga members dito, and I gain a lot of friends, yung iba na meet ko na, yung iba sa chat lang, yung iba client ko na rin.

4. Tell us something interesting that we don't know about you.

Interesting?  Meron ba?  Secret lang ah.. I weigh 65 kilos. Hehe.  I am a shy person ( pag tulog), di ako masyadong  madaldal..

I am 16 years  happily married  to a loving and handsome guy,he’s a college prof. (ECE),  I have 4 children, 3 beautiful girls and a cute little boy  (all studying) need to work harder.

5. What are your hobbies or special interests?

I like to sing, I like reading love story books, and I want to travel and eat. I play Clash of Clans and D Day.

6. What is your ultimate goal in life?

My mission as a Financial Advisor is to give the best service to my clients, educating them the value of saving and investing, and help them achieve financial freedom (their most important financial goals). Help people define their financial goals and make it into a reality.  They will achieve their financial freedom and  I will achieve mine too.

My other mission is to share the good news that God loves us so much. I want to share how the Love of the Lord changed my life.

7. How do you make money? Share to us your sources of income so we can be inspired as well.

As of now, I am a full time  Financial Advisor  from the No. 1 insurance company in the Phils., i won't mention the name, but life is brighter under the Sun.  :watchuthink:

But before I joined Sun Life I was an employee of a government owned controlled corporation, pinahaba pa, NPC lang pala. Hehe.

8. Can you tell us tips or suggestions that guide you in order to succeed financially?

I was an employee  for  10 years,  every pay day I save in a bank, but when I needed money, I withdraw it, I save, I withdraw, save and withdraw, until no savings at all, at least may nakukuha kapag may kailangang bayaran or bilhin.

At age 23, I got my first “sapilitang plan” kasi landlady ko yung nag bebenta at sobrang kulit, kaya ayun napakuha ako,  di pwede magtago, hehe.. I paid it for 5 years and waited for another 5 years, then I got the maturity value, 100k lang naman, pero malaking pera pa rin yun.. then I realized that If I save that money only in the bank, I might withdraw it every time I need to buy something and I might ended no savings at all, I appreciate insurance companies by that time. So if there are agents who make kulit sa inyo na kumuha , do not think twice.. just make sure it’s a trusted company and starts with a letter S.

That’s my first forced savings, and when I join Sun Life, mas dumami pa, (MF, VUL) kasi that’s the time na lumawak pa ang knowledge ko about savings and investing and the value of having a life insurance.

I will share Five Steps To Meet Personal Goals

Step 1.  Know what you want ( dream house/car, vacation, retirement or college fund, maybe anything that money can buy, it is best to set your mind for that goal)

Step 2.  Know how much you need ( how much do you need for that goal)

Step 3.  Know where you are now and the options. (analyse your existing resources and assess it, how much money can you set aside now)

Step 4.  Prepare and implement a Plan.. NOW! ( you can start investing in MF or UITF or VUL)

Step 5. Evaluate your Plan. (Revisit your plan, how much is your fund now, are you on track with your desired goal?)
Start habit of saving and investing.  All it takes is a decision and a commitment to start and investing a portion of your earnings as early as possible. While SAVING will allow you to provide for emergencies, INVESTING will help you accumulate wealth for the future. It does not matter how small you start with, as long as you do it regularly. In time, you will be surprised at how much money you have grown.

Wait, there's more! Just for the heck of it...

a. Favorite movie? The Piano, Iron man

b. Favorite song or music genres? Who Am I , worship songs

c. Favorite actor/actress? Tony Stark

d. Cat or dog? Dog

e. McDonald's or Jollibee? Mc Donalds (Go AGI) :hihi:

f.  Kapuso, Kapamilya or Kapatid? ALL, palipat lipat ako ng channel eh

g. Money or fame? Money

h. Marry intelligent but ugly person or marry stupid but beautiful person? Marry intelligent but  NOT so ugly person (tumawad pa, hehe.)

i.  To love or be loved? To Love

j.  Your motto in life? “Do the best you can do in whatever you’re trying to do and never give up. Success is not by Chance it’s by Choice.”


Thanks and congrats again, kithe! :clap:

PMTers, now's your time to congratulate our August 2013 Member of the Month! :applause:

If you also want to ask kithe more questions, feel free to post them below. Let's see if our Member of the Month will indulge us when we put her in the hot seat!
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may meet up ba kay sir tony this august??hehe
oks lng nmn i-post on public ung inquiry db?hehe


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Kudos, Kithe (how do you pronounce your name...

Ki-te?  :rakenrol:


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Kithe,  i also play CoC.  GC  is andrety24.  Do you have a clan na? 


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congrats keeeeeee teeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh ang muse namin sa chatzy nyahaha! Yung video ngmeet up ha wag kalimutan congrats ulet!


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