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hi sir mam. i just want to ask kung how much ang rental para kumita ang isang foodcart. medyo antaas po kasi ng nakita kong rental. 7k. 3months security deposit and 2 months advance pa. 2 year contract sya. ok na ba sya. gsto ko iistart sana. pero hirap ako makahanap ng perfect location. magandang location sana. katabi nya dalawang private school and church. need ko pa ibackground yung place kung talagang tauhin sya.


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You don't need to be the full-time OM, you can just be the major stakeholder. :)


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Nice thread! Sayang naman that they are selling the business already.  They "went thru the ropes"... know what works already...  so sort of knows "the system" how to repeat it and if they wish they can duplicate this passive income possibly more than their active income.

Anyway everything boils down to personal choice...  in the end kung saan tayo mas masaya dun tayo... ;)


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i'm just curious..

Magkano po kaya ang salary ng employee sa food kiosk/cart?!

i'm planning to have my own, pero i have no idea sa magiging salary ng employees ko.

replies will be greatly appreciated. :)


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Hi freeman depende sa ifafranchise mo pero usually range from 250-400...depende yan sa pwesto ng food cart eh...


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Hi guys thanks for the replies.

@rodolfo, personally I wouldn't take a deal that will tie me in for 2 years. Too risky. Take 2-3 days staying at your location and really getting to know your market. Know the peak hours, know the foot traffic and know whether they stop and buy things in that area.

@pinoynetworker, yes I know sayang nga :( but in the end of the day, we can give up our jobs and rely on the earnings of the cart, even if its making a profit already. We find that owning a cart requires constant attention, and care. Which without both, will ultimately lead the cart to fail.

Cart's last day is Jan 2, there were no buyers so we have to just remove the parts we think are worth keeping and break down the cart. In 6months we were able to achieve full ROI, with a measly profit, so we're content :)


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wow, great business.. keep it up.
did a back-read to thread and seems good start and adjusting to schemes.


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@George88 Thanks for the info pero teka parang ang mahal naman!  :D Meron kasi akong mga kakilala (friend ng kasambahay etc) na payag kahit 150 pesos lang per day ang sahod nya pag nilagay sya sa kiosk like hotdog stand etc. Yun nga lang, you have to train the person to handle your foodcart business and with that amount I'm not sure about the loyalty pa. Pero sabi nga nila, hindi naman calculus ang gagawin nun employee para hindi nya matutunan agad so basic training lang talaga (subukan ng pasensya na rin kung medyo hindi si Albert Einstein ang na-hire natin for that amount of salary)   :hihi:


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how much is your rental space? location and floor size?
how much is your other operating expenses?

is this the easiest business? fastest to setup/start-up?


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Wow nice read!  :applause: Very informative!

Question lang po to all.  I am planning to put up a food cart business din.  Dahil wala akong background sa food cart business and since meron naman akong konting ipon, I think I'll go with a franchised food cart instead of ako yung magdedevelop from scratch.  Tingin ko mas maliit yung risk.  :D <sana. cross fingers>

Any advice?  :thankyou: May imemeet ako this month na franchisor this month but I still don't know what to ask from him/her. 

And to gegepanalo, paano mo in-identify yung location?



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Who thinks gegepanalo should make a blog and post his next business ventures? Definitely a good read :)


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wow! gegepanalo, thanks for sharing!

nkaka inspire heheh

Sayang naman na close na.


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 :watchuthink: @badong0813 You should know the terms and conditions of the franchisor, baka in the end lugi ka dyan kasi ang mga yan purely marketing sila, after that yung after frainchise support, royalty etc. for me lang ha I should attend first a seminar on how to manage/ run a foddcart business. Know the in and out first. After that you can start your own foodcart business.It should be an integrated management option technique. Good Luck...


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Hi to all,

Suggest ko lang po..If gusto ninyo na mag business lyk food cart (Which will require your presence) consider your time, capability and finances para at least mataas yung chance ng success  :D, Pero sabi nga nila experience is the best teacher..pero mas maganda if may baon kana.. If limited lang yung time ninyo then consider UITF and MF.

Just a thought.. :rakenrol:


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