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The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

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To those who had been awakened about the true nature of our worlds event,  which do you prefer for the EVENT to happen?

EVENT ASAP, although this poses a remote but potentially grave risk to life/safety.
1 (100%)
EVENT when it is the safest even if it will take a much longer time to be liberated.
0 (0%)

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FM 144

November 30, 2019


In the days leading up to the global Silver Trigger Meditation, some Starseeds received images of the silver coins they were supposed to buy on that day. These images were transmitted during dreams by the Light Forces.

This Event was energetically something very special, as many participants could already feel during the purchase of the coins.

The Dark Ones, on the other hand, were completely furious. For them a red line was crossed on that day. For them it was an absolute no-go that the Light Forces dared to tackle the financial system.

Therefore they ritualized to the extreme the following night, everything only to counteract the energies built up on that day. Some Starseeds might have been able to feel this as well, because the sublime energies dropped towards evening.

Nevertheless, the meditation was definitely a positive light operation to trigger the beginning of the end of the slavery financial system and to sow the seed of abundance for mankind.

The Archons, in turn, have been running amok since then. Once again, they started a massive wave of attacks in cooperation with the Chimera.

This is what is happening right now:

One and a half months ago the Pleiadians announced that this was the End Time … and they were absolutely right.

Heavy attacks of Chimera, Archons and Black Magicians on Starseeds stationed on the surface are currently taking place.

Especially the Light Women are under heavy fire (because they are as important for Liberation of Earth as the Queen in a Game of Chess; if the Queen falls, winning becomes much more difficult).

This is how they attack:

Starseeds get energetically poisoned by the Chimera/Black Magicians, or are abducted and tortured by them on the Soul Level.

Objects, such as energetic daggers, are also rammed into the ethereal body, so that after a short time extremely severe physical pain can occur and the affected person must be taken to hospital. There they cannot help, because it’s an ethereal attack, the physical body translates it immediately and it is difficult/nearly impossible to heal something like this with just physical methods.

Friends/Partners get infiltrated by demons to trigger disputes.

Finances are extremely attacked, so that the money seems to flow off in all directions.

Plasma Spiders appear and project suicidal thoughts into the heads of Starseeds. Many of them are experiencing the Downfall of Atlantis again, but at the same time they get contacted by the Pleiadians, who tell them that "soon" the time has come.

Meanwhile, that's what you can do against the attacks:

If you know healers or clairvoyants near you (whom you can trust), contact them as soon as possible to stop the energetic attacks and close the wounds, otherwise no recovery can occur. If they remove the energetic weapons as well as toxins, the pain should ease after a short period of time.

So, for people who know that they are Starseeds, it is now extremely important that they have one or two good healers who can be contacted immediately. It would be advisable to find such people right now because the doctors in the hospital will not be able to help.

It does not necessarily have to be people who work as healers or seers, it can also be Starseeds in your community, of whom you know that they have such abilities, or they are currently developing them very fast, but in everyday life they maybe do something completely different in their profession.

Especially the hearts of incarnated Goddesses are attacked, and further tragic losses of “Queens” on the surface, as in the case of Isis Astara, would be devastating in this phase of Liberation.

If you don't have anyone at all, you can ask the Light Forces on the ethereal realms for help, for example Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, but also positive Light Magicians, who are now increasingly taking care of the situation on Earth.

It would be ideal if Starseeds could team up and protect, clean and heal each other. Joint meditations are also very welcome, both physically and energetically. Hold together, protect each other! This is especially a call to all positive healers, magicians and seers, only they can see and remove such energetic attacks.

With healings, the pain may initially get worse, but good healers are able to solve it and one can see that it works when the pain eases after some time.

Again, it is important to know that there is still a war raging between the Chimera and the Pleiadians. The Dark Ones are using Black Magicians, who know the Starseeds incarnated on the surface, for these attacks.

Therefore, it is important to protect yourself as a team, as it is very difficult to free yourself alone during an attack. It is even helpful to chant "Victory for the Light" inwardly in order to somehow stand up during these hard times.

The Pleiadians have announced that it is also important for the Starseeds to pass on their knowledge to the rest of mankind so that as many people as possible awaken until the Solar Flash arrives.

The Black Magicians are using chaos magic (on finances, on technology) and are sending negative beings into the homes of Starseeds to infiltrate (quarrel with partner, family) or injure the energy body.

That's exactly how they did it in Atlantis.

Therefore, it is important to be alert and aware, and if necessary, to notify someone who can help you erase black magic from your houses/apartments. If you don't have anyone, be sure to call the Light Forces.

Your current houses and apartments also serve as your energetic shelters. Many Starseeds may have noticed that the energies "outside" are currently very threatening and therefore they are increasingly withdrawing into their own 4 walls, which is currently also recommended by the Light Forces.

If finances get attacked, ethereal work has to be done too. It’s best to ask the Light Forces to purify the ethereal levels of prosperity and create new lush golden planes and protect them permanently. You can also ask the Goddess Abundancia to pour out her "Cornucopia" non-stop over you and your wealth plane. This process is important and should be done on a daily basis. The Black Magicians attack on the ethereal realms and so you have to undo the created chaos exactly there too.

If you are more interested in magic, I recommend the books of Franz Bardon, in whose avatar once a positive Grand Master/High Magician of the LFs was incarnated and who fought against the Black Magicians and negative occult lodges here on the surface:

When Plasma Spiders attack, one usually gets extreme anxiety and panic, but also strong suicidal thoughts, body aches, itching, sometimes allergies, which do not seem to go away anymore.

The Chimera look like red-eyed robotic spider creatures, like in the Matrix movie. In some not so serious low budget trash movies, they (as well as the Dark Fleet) are actually exposed too, to some degree more or less:

They have bases in orbit as well as in physically existing underground military bases with spider creatures incarnated in human avatars, where they permanently observe and irradiate mankind via countless screens.

They can trigger various body aches in individual Starseeds in order to keep them in constant agony. However, these facilities are gradually removed by the Light Forces.

The Chimera have also installed a kind of energetic barbed wire around most Atlantean Starseeds, some of which extends over several kilometres and has the purpose of keeping them down and in chaos. These installations must also be removed. It's the End Times and Starseeds must free themselves.

Protection, teamwork and knowledge are required; all this is the preparation for the pick-up. Many Starseeds have already left the planet form a higher spiritual point of view and that is also the reason why the Dark Ones are going mad now.

We have to be strong; we're going through the Atlantis Time again. On top of that, we have the days around Black Friday, which the Dark Ones always use to suck energy and to ritualize. This is the reason why some Starseeds may feel even more tired these days too.

Another symptom of Starseeds is that they don't want to be here any longer and can't cope with life any more ... these are all signs for the departure, the ascent.

There is still no date for the Event given out by the Light Forces, and I'm also not sure if any will ever be released, but I have been confirmed that about 2 weeks ago an energetic Flash of Light seems to have struck Earth, and that this could have been the Solar Flash which has already taken place at the higher levels ... so, now it's all about the lower planes following … this is now inevitable, it will happen!

All the current chaos in the world that will continue to increase (politics, finance, riots, false flags, weather chaos) is a visible sign of imminent upheaval.

It'll be like opening a coffin, lifting a stone, while the vermin panics. For the first time after far too long the True Sun will shine again on the planet. Don't give up; we are extremely close to actually experiencing the final Breakthrough of the Light!


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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Blue Dawn / Ascension Conference Report

Our Taiwan Ascension Conference was a huge success, many people said it was the best conference ever.

We had an extremely strong and dedicated group, and we were not alone, our star brothers and sisters were with us. This unidentified aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared above the conference venue during the lunch break:

According to sources, it was an unmanned positive Andromedan ship which was beaming supporting and healing energies to the conference attendants. This ships belongs to the Andromedan fleet that will be involved in the financial Reset operations.

During the conference, intel of planetary importance was released to the surface population, as the Light Forces were beta testing the response of the awakened surface humans. The reception was very positive, and an expanded version of this intel will be released on this blog next week together with an important update.

At this point, I can only say that the Blue Dawn is coming:

As we come closer to the final countdown described here:


And here:

Quoting Fulford:

Please be aware that all of the above is raw intel and things may turn out a little differently.

At the same time, infiltration of surface Lightworker and Lightwarrior communities is a serious problem. Light Forces are estimating that about one third of people in Lightworker groups (physical and online) are either entity possessed, MK-Ultra programmed double agents or some of them even infiltrated agents of Jesuits, Illuminati and intelligence agencies:

As I have asked the official Cobra facebook group to be closed last week, one of the admins has kicked all other admins out of the group, hijacked the group, renamed it and is now using it for purposes that neither I or the Resistance Movement can support.

A new official Cobra facebook group will be created with full alignment with Resistance Movement protocols, and all new admins will go through strict three phase screening protocol. If you wish to become an admin of the group, you can send an encrypted email with your detailed CV (300 words minimum) to  If you pass the first phase of the screening, you will receive a reply to your email with further instructions.

Also, many people claim to have contact with the Resistance and are posting "intel" of dubious quality. Some of them are only overenthusiastic Lightwarriors, whereas others are part of infiltration in this information war between Light and darkness.

As more Light comes to the surface of the planet, all will be made clear and discernment will come, and people will awaken from this strange dream.

Victory of the Light is near!


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The Great Awakening, Duplicity, Chaos and Polarity

By: James Gilliland


We have spoken often of the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. We have spoken about the vibrational lifting, our solar system moving into a highly energized place in space never before experienced in recorded history. These waves of energy are increasing exponentially yet what is the end result? The end result is ascension, the end of draconian law the reign of the archons replaced by Unity Consciousness and Universal Law.

Knowing the end and knowing Creator/God/Great Spirit will always have its way brings solace to those on the path, those who can see underneath the chaos and why some chaos is necessary. It is part of the process. The wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences both individual and collective are surfacing to be healed. Those who resist the awakening and healing are having the hardest time getting through these times.

Those that want to hold on to the old paradigm, the separation game some of which is based on the lust for power and wealth, unbridled greed at the expense of Humanity and the Earth will have the hardest time making this shift. There is a balance between service to self and service to others. You have to take care of yourself or you won’t be able to take care of others. When you become enlightened you realize there are no others.

This brings us to social programming, our values, and just who we have allowed to lead us in the past. One would have to be totally ignorant, in denial, blind lacking all critical thinking not to admit our past political leadership has been a total fail since Kennedy was president.

Those who were behind the coup and assassination have been running the show after the assassination and are still running the show. A big part of that show is social engineering through controlling the corporate owned lame stream media.

The controllers are referred to as the Deep State yet who holds the purse strings financing the Deep State? Could it be a global elite? The net question we need to ask is could there be unseen forces manipulating the global elite as well as their deep state puppets.

Could it be possible there is so much inhumanity on Earth because of non-human interference? Most are not ready to go down that rabbit hole yet the enlightened see with different eyes, feel with a different heart. Let’s look at the religious institutions, have they brought peace, do they focus on taking care of the sick those less fortunate? [size=78%]

[/size]Do they empower people to make their own personal God connection? Do they promote fear, guilt and unworthiness attitudes and emotions that take people further away from the source? What was the third prophecy of Fatima? Was it a stern warning to the Catholic church to change its ways? [size=78%]

Do business institutions provide a service, are they beneficial to Humanity and the Earth or are they focused primarily on profit at any expense? Is health care a business designed for profit? Does the Hippocratic Oath still apply? With vaccines full of mercury, nagalase which shuts down your ability to assimilate vitamin D destroying your immune system, and now cancer genes found within the vaccines how can that promote health? It is a surefire method to keep the cancer and other industries going. A slow kill designed to empty your wallet on the way out.

Exposed! Cancer Industry Profits ‘Locked In’ by Nagalase Molecule Injected Via Vaccine

The New York Times just released an article stating live polio virus is in the vaccines, the polio cases doubled after the vaccines. In India they had 12 to 24 cases of polio after the vaccines they had 45,000 and counting in which India’s government have some serious questions for the Gates Foundation.

Polio has had a surge in Africa, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and globally. Some say directly tied to the vaccinations, yet if you question this they say how dare you interfere, analyze our vaccines taking no personal responsibility for the damage they have done.

Contaminated Polio Vaccine Given To Children In UP, Probe Ordered

It like giving smallpox infested blankets to the Indians and saying at least they are warm. The AMA released their statistics and found people have a 400% better chance of living longer even remission without chemotherapy.

How can you walk through a children’s cancer ward, see the suffering knowing there are suppressed natural and energy non-invasive painless cures? So why do we support and continue with any of this?

Because of social engineering, lies and deceptions promoted mostly by corporate owned main stream media backed by a global elite that obviously does not have your health and wellbeing first and foremost, they have another agenda. Profit and population control. There is no other answer judging by the action and end result. Is this conspiracy? No this is base logic.

Yet the herd follows willingly right into the kill pen. Allopathic medicine (science base modern medicine) has failed miserably on the whole in providing health and longevity. More are killed or injured by allopathic medicine than any war. Sound harsh? Brutal honesty usually does sound harsh especially when it dictates changes people do not want to make.

Taking personal responsibility for one’s support and actions within a corrupt sometimes deadly system is not a path those dependent on that system will take. The problem is personal responsibility whether taken or not does not relieve one of their karmic liability. That karmic liability is a debt that cannot be ignored or avoided. The awakening and healing or vibrational lifting is accelerating karma. The time between action and reaction is accelerating.

It is written all the iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops and no rock will be left unturned. Those rocks we have buried our past deeds out of alignment with Universal Law are being rolled away for all to see by an unimaginable consciousness and energy or force few can fathom. It is observable, measurable, and increasing exponentially. Your ancestors knew about these cycles. The Mayans call it the 9th wave, the Aquarian age and we are well into it.

I can deliver a never fail prophecy that change is in your future. Social, Economic, and Physical. Consider- ing the influx of energy coming into the planet and how it affects the bioelectric fields of Humanity, the Earth and all life it is a given. Responsibility is the ability to respond not to social consciousness but to the soul.

The soul is awakening, the spell of social engineering is lifting. Those who have suppressed and en- slaved Humanity are being seen for who they are and what they have done. The world of opposites we have been living in is coming to a close. The masks are coming down, the veils are being lifted. When all is said and done many icons and idols will fall.

Telepathy and direct knowing will take down the dis-in- formers, enslavers and those with selfish and ill intent. The unknown will be made known. I am directly addressing this to the pathological liars, agenda driven talking heads called main stream news anchors. To those who are in integrity you have our full support. If it is not your coat don’t wear it.

Yes, we do have free will and that is to choose the downward spiral into social, economic and environmental collapse, or to rise to the occasion and flow with the ascension process choosing Unity Consciousness and Universal Law.

Resistance is futile. There is only one cure for unconscious or conscious actions detrimental to others or the Earth, “karma”. It is forgiveness and a life dedicated in service to others. Can you forgive yourself, others for participating in co-creation, take personal responsibility, remove yourself from the disempowering victim role? Do you know what living a life of impeccable integrity is? Can you release the past and move forward aligned with Unity Consciousness, Universal Law, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love/ Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All? It is mandatory if you are going to be frequency specific to the Earth’s ascension. [/size]
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No photo description available.
(please read with discernment as to the date given regarding the solar flash event)


Pars Kutay

November 27, 2019

So happy to be able to channel another Great News!

An Elder to whom I work directly, told me to convey this message to Earthlings:
Inside the Ship New Jerusalem, with a stunning view of a large glass, that gave direct vision of the Earth's Planetarium Blue.

In my Astral projection, I could realize, that really the Earth is spherical and very blue!

Beautiful image of the Ocean!

An Ancient E.T. right in front of me, he talked to me.
He would wear a suit like royalty mixed with that of mages or magicians!

The outfit was royal blue with some clearer details.

He was blue and had a big head.

Really huge.

I asked the Archangel Michael the confirmation and he gave me, and if I merged the image and thought of another BEing that also entered the visual message Telepathic!

It was the image of Ashtar Sheran. Very similar to the image circulating of the blonde man on the internet.

Let's go back to the message, and it's as follows;

The Solar Flash will arrive at Earth in early January.

Conscience will Awaken with extreme charm!

It will be for many, as if they were in LOVE, only 1000 times more powerful!

For others a strong and emotional squeeze in the Heart, much will become reactive and will ignore.

We've been waiting for this moment!

And that moment was never seen in the Universe.

An Energy and a totally NEW moment for everyone.

The Elder said; to prepare until the month of January!

To study and seek information and Spirituality.

Printed strong in my mind, that not of strength to any religion.
For religions will be eliminated in the New Land.

Religions limit the step of evolution and moral progression of BEings!

There are no more spaces for fields, wrangling and laziness of man! It's to soak and seek your own power.

BEings have asked for your full freedom, and it will be granted!

But with all the responsibility of the New BEings that open, for this NEW era of Golden Unconditional Love.

Let's party, because the season is NOW.

Be LOVE and participate in this exclusive party created by you beloved.

We don't forget anyone, and we are always working together.

This is my message to the people of the Earth.

Let's together return our origins!

May God SOURCE Creator Bless All Creation!

And so it is.

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Mike Quinsey

nov 29, 2019

By now you should be becoming aware of the changing pattern of the New Age energies, they are pushing ahead more quickly than any previous time. No matter how much people hang on to their old ways the onward movement for change is becoming well established. People are aware that their freedom has been controlled and curtailed to such a degree that they are unable to fullly follow their own desires. Perhaps the most important aspect will be considered as freedom of speech that is essential for a growing movement that desires to freely express its opinions. Rest assured that we on our side of the veil are giving you every encouragement to press for the changes that will help propel you along your chosen path. The time for real change has arrived and they cannot be turned back and that particularly applies to Mother Earth whose actions are already felt.

Your future is one that has always been envisaged and is why you are preparing for Ascension. There is an opportunity for every soul to progress, and none shall be able to say that they missed out as you all have freewill. On our side we ensure that everyone is given every opportunity to evolve, but by the same token we do not pressurise people to do so. Every conceivable bit of information that you may seek will be found somewhere on your computer, even if it takes a number of links to find it. Progress individually obviously depends on how much you take on with each incarnation and know that it is never allowed to be more than you are capable of handling. There is no reason to take on more than you can manage as no one is set target dates to evolve by.

We know it is difficult to follow events when there is so much going on around you, but focus on what is important to you as your future is at stake. By now you should have some idea of what you need to do to make progress and stick to it without being put off your selected path. Think big because in reality you are as you are quite capable of reaching whatever goal you set yourselves, but obviously be realistic and your chances of success will then be greatly improved. At the other end of your journey many reunions await you from those souls who know you and have had incarnations with you. Strong friendships remain in spite of the passing of time and many are family ties with whom you may have spent many lives together.

The important thing to remember is that as soon as you return to the higher realms most of your own memories will be restored. At present many have little or no memory of their earlier incarnations, yet they still have a bearing on your present life. You may carry forward traits of character and skills from one life to another where it serves your need for certain experiences, and helps you fulfill your life plan. Understand that no experiences are forced upon you, even including those that are for karmic reasons. There are times when you accept that certain experiences are necessary for your evolution, you may not otherwise wish to experience. Understanding yourself helps you accept that other souls are also like you and also have a life plan that was accepted before incarnation. Such experiences are to lift you up and often to atone for previous mistakes. We must however emphasise that they are in no way a form of punishment.

There is no shame in making mistakes that are simply best called errors of judgement. After all life on Earth is somewhat like being at school again where once you have learnt your lessons you should never need to have the same experiences again. There is a lot more to you than you imagine but with your memory deliberately dimmed you are largely unaware of it, but when appropriate you may have a recall. You come into life with a genetic plan that is passed on from your parents who in the first instance are normally chosen by you. You have almost certainly at one time or another come across whole families that follow similar life patterns. It means that their children will be inclined to follow in their footsteps. From this you should realise that great care is taken to select your potential parents, so treat them with love and caring as they in turn have accepted you.

Your Earth is moving in a spiral motion through Space and as it does is moving through an area where the vibrations are increasingly higher. It means that it no longer supports the lower vibrations and is causing much consternation amongst the beings at that level. Slowly but surely the dark Ones are increasingly losing their power and ability to greatly affect your future. The Light is growing increasingly more powerful and is bringing forwards a peaceful period upon Earth. It will take some years before you fully experience them or are aware of such changes, but its influence is already being felt. Your real home is not on Earth and the Human Race represents many different types of beings who upon Ascension will return to their own home.

You have a saying that “crime does not pay” and when you understand that each soul’s life is reviewed as soon as they return to the higher dimensions. The truth cannot be covered up and it may be difficult to accept, but you cannot lie when you are asked questions about your motives for actions taken. In other words there is no getting away with any that are negative in nature, or harm another soul in whatever way. So you can see that a true assessment of your life takes place and some harmful actions will have to be accounted for and seen for what they were really intended. It is the intent behind any actions that is determined so that karma if necessary can be appropriate to those taken. The system is absolutely fair and helps you evolve by identifying what further experiences you need. Realise also that incidents are fully accounted for and if need be there is what you may call “an action replay”.

Enjoy life and do not let matters around you bring you down as the most important thing is to keep your vibrations as high as possible. Negative feelings can bring them down and rage and bad tempers are an absolute disaster and soul destroying if allowed to go unchecked. We realise that on Earth it is normal for souls to show and express their feelings, but a more controlled response is necessary, but it will take you time to avoid the usual outcome. The bonus of being in full control of your feelings is that you will always be at peace with yourself instead of becoming involved in arguments. Also, if people around you are creating a problem, bear in mind that you can surround them with the peaceful Violet Flame of St. Germain. Your presence will normally have a calming affect anyway, but sometimes more is needed. There is also the Green Ray that is recognised as having a calming effect and in your “mind’s eye” you should visualise each soul with an aura of that colour.


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China winning as West remains paralyzed by bloodline vs. Illuminati battle

December 9, 2019

Benjamin Fulford
The Western world remains paralyzed by an elite civil war while China keeps getting stronger and stronger and is heading towards absolute dominance.  Unless this civil war is ended, the Western G6 alliance (G7 minus Japan) will lose the ability to control the United Nations and the direction humanity chooses for its future.
The civil war was on full display at last week as U.S. President Donald Trump “didn’t fare too well at the NATO meetings in London and left abruptly after the Canadian premier was overheard being disrespectful to him,” according to European royal family sources.  The “school playground type of tricks” masked the fact that the real topic of the summit was “the funding of the U.S. corporate government.”  The source also said, “Trump has been a disappointment, I think.  His job was to wind down and reboot.”

Trump has been recently given a couple of reminders that he is dealing with bigger issues than keeping a U.S. stock market bubble inflated long enough for him to be re-elected in 2020.  One was a shutdown of Washington, D.C. air defenses that left him totally vulnerable to a missile or air attack.  The other was when he was hit with a psychotronic weapon on November 21st.

The Gnostic Illuminati military and intelligence types behind Trump, for their part, have been lashing out strongly against the British royals, especially after the failed NATO summit.  Pentagon sources say, “The royal family saga is far from over, as Trump denies knowing and even Canada’s military struggles with Prince Andrew’s three Colonels-in-Chief titles.”

Then there was the undeniable satanic hand sign made by Prince Harry when he met Melania Trump on December 6th.

Sources close to Harry say the sign meant …
… he supported Lucifer, as defined by the Gnostic Illuminati.  In their world view, the current “God” is the evil cause of all the suffering in this world and needed be replaced by Lucifer, a symbol of light and good.  It also was a jab at the “divine right of rule” that places Prince Charles and Harry’s older brother William ahead of him in the line of royal succession, the sources say.

Harry is also angered by evidence showing Charles was behind the murder of his mother, Princess Diana.  See the link below for details.

Pentagon sources add, “the Zionists are in for a rude awakening, as the EU is now headed by former German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen fronting for Bundeswehr, who are no fans of UK royals, Saudi Arabia, or Israel.”
The unprecedented strikes that are shutting down France are also a sign that the Illuminati are targeting Rothschild-slave president Emmanuel Macron.  As you will see further below, the Swiss branch of the Rothschild family is also under severe attack.

Inside the U.S., more and more Democratic Party politicians are being replaced by computer graphics as arrests and renditions to Guantanamo Bay continue, Pentagon sources say.  “With over 140,000 sealed indictments, the Department of Justice Inspector General is releasing its long-awaited report to crush the impeachment circus,” the sources say.
While we have heard the “140,000 indictments” story many times and have yet to see any mass arrests, the Justice Department did indict 8 individuals, including a convicted pedophile, for illegally funneling money into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Attempts to discredit Trump by releasing evidence of his being financed by Deutsche Bank are also being stopped.  The British press are reporting that a Deutsche Bank banker who handled Trump’s accounts was found hanged.

Meanwhile, U.S. corporate media report that “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg temporarily blocked a lower court ruling ordering two banks to release President Donald Trump’s financial records to House Democrats.”  Since we are pretty sure Ginsburg is no longer with us, we can only assume that intelligence agency sources are using a computer-generated image of her to protect Trump.

All of this infighting is taking place while the U.S. corporate government has yet to find a way to finance its operations past January 31, 2020, European royal family sources say.

However, there are negotiations now taking place between representatives of the 2.4 billion member British Commonwealth and the 1.5 billion member Catholic Church to decide what to replace the U.S. corporate government with, according to P2 Freemasons and European royals involved in the negotiations.

The negotiations are being stalled by some medieval-minded people at the P2 Lodge who still think in terms of a battle against Islam.  As far as we can tell, the only really significant difference between Islam and Christianity is the issue of polygamy.  Anthropological data shows that almost every known society historically has practiced polygamy. 

Also, the amount of homosexual men tends to be equal to the amount of men who cannot find wives because of polygamy.  This is evidenced from the actual creation and thus the Creator.  Furthermore, Western Christian countries that ban polygamy all have shrinking populations, while societies that practice polygamy all have growing populations.
In any case, while issues of this sort are delaying a final agreement, a broad consensus has already been reached to set up a meritocratically staffed world planning agency with an annual budget of at least $1 trillion, the sources say.  There is also agreement that the agency will finance human expansion into the universe, they add.

To this end, Pentagon sources confirm that “With Boeing against the ropes, the U.S. Air Force is preparing to declassify the secret space program to shake up the military-industrial complex and generate support for a space force.”  That means that finally, at the very least, Area 51 will reveal some of its secrets.

Our CIA source in Southeast Asia meanwhile is reporting that the legendary gold treasures buried there are finally being moved as part of a reboot of the world financial system.  The evidence comes from an “explosion” at the Monas Monument in Indonesia, believed to be atop one of the largest gold hoards, the source says.
Here is his report:

“A senior Indonesian military source tells me, ‘The smoke bomb that was detonated by members of the Indonesian Army at the Monas Monument on Tuesday morning at 07:00 hrs was done as a diversion.  The tunnel is now operational.’  It looks like they are about to move the gold.

“The incident below shows what the group does when they want to make one of their own a scapegoat.  Take note of who is in the photo.  More diversion away from the real perpetrators, who are puppets for the Zionist cabal.

“I asked my contact, who is a member of Parliament in Jakarta, about this incident.  His reply was, ‘This type of importation into Indonesia is done on a daily basis.  The CEO of Garuda had bad luck and bad timing on his side.  Unbeknownst to him, he was chosen to be an example of how efficient the ministers are at tackling corruption. 

They held a big press conference for the people, to show off, smile for the cameras, and get their names in the media.’
“I know for a fact that certain ministers in Jakarta have imported Ferrari and Lamborghini luxury sports cars into Indonesia without paying the import duty of up to 200%.  They are assisted by high-ranking customs officials who receive a nice commission for looking the other way.

“The Glencore investigation is about someone going for the jugular vein of the Zionist cabal.  It looks like the 13 families are fighting each other.  As you know, Glencore was founded by Marc Rich.  This is at the top of the financial pyramid for the Khazarian Zionist cabal.
“And from the above article, guess who is back in the limelight from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:  one of the cabal puppets.

“In response to the DoJ investigation, with which the company also says it’s cooperating, Glencore set up a board committee to respond to a U.S. probe that included chairman and former BP Plc Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward.”
As a reminder, Glencore is the Rothschild corporation based in Zug, Switzerland.  For decades it was paying off both Iranian and Israeli government officials as they manipulated the world’s oil markets with their scam that “Iran must be bombed because they are going to get a nuclear weapon within a few months.”

If Glencore is taken out, you can be sure the BIS won’t be far behind.
The cornered Zionists, for their part, are now spreading rumors of some sort of nuclear incident on December 21st, the day of the winter solstice.  They have been warned that the Gnostic Illuminati still have three 500-megaton nuclear bombs at their disposal and will retaliate against any further Zionist mass murder attack.

To conclude this week’s report, we can report that a secret meeting is scheduled for Friday the 13th of December.  Its aim is to figure out the best way to end the Western civil war and start world peace.


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The Event: QHHT Session ~ Laura Whitworth ~

4 December 2019

A quick caution: this QHHT session includes the Evacuation component ~ I'm mentioning it so that those who feel strongly against this can ignore this video.

This is another perspective from a QHHT client about The Event, from the Bifurcation perspective. We've had several already, and so far they have pretty much shared similar themes ~ this one is no different. Dolores Cannon also brought in some information towards the end. As always, go with what resonates.

What made me confused when I was listening to this was the description of the "Sorting Station" that Derek Mendelsohn describes ~ I could have sworn I heard something like that before some time back. Really strong deja vu occurring throughout the video.

Derek also talks about a "new" Universe, where New Earth will be, and the descent of the "old" Universe into darkness. If I look at it as the On/Nebadon Universes scenario and that we are going through a total Cosmic Reset, then it's possible that the Universe Nebadon will be on an entirely different trajectory and evolution, culminating in its own Cosmic Reset or maybe ultimate demise. As Derek describes it, "....turning it (the dark Universe) inside-out....".

The session comes from the perspective of another part of Dereks consciousness that is in a time and place where the splitting of the worlds has just happened after the wave or flash. Derek describes it as a flash from a star. The two worlds split and a new Universe is created.

Derek's consciousness in the lifetime he is living in, is helping to move the beings who did not make the shift to the new earth to different planets. He is moving them in ships to a space station where they will be relocated to other planets. We get to experience this, and then after this has been completed, Derek then goes to New Earth.

On New Earth - Derek's consciousness meets Dolores Cannon and we get some INCREDIBLE advice from her with regards to what is going to happen. There is advice in this session for all QHHT Practitioners directly from Dolores Cannon. It is getting really exciting now guys!!!

Summary of the QHHT session:

A.) The shift/solar flash will finally be happening in 2020

B.)There will be an immediate shift in consciousness once the flash is triggered.

             b.1) those who passed will immediately be transported to the new 5d earth on a new universe

             b.2) those who didn't but are not totally dark will be transported
                    thru ships where they will be assessed by light
                    commitees/boards who can read Book Of Life/Akashic
                    Records on where they will be sent to other planet to live out
                    the rest of their 3D life.

             b.3) the really unrepentant and incorrigible dark ones will be
                     stuck on the collapsing vibration of 3D earth in the old
                     universe where it will be turned inside out.

C.) It is not only the earth but also the entire universe that will shift in the flash.

D.) The new earth will be very beautiful with beautiful music, tranquil/peaceful surroundings, we can travel anywhere, do anything we love w/o having to worry about our previous life of slogging around uninspiring jobs, lots of festivities because the ones who make it had the priviledge to stay in this incredible 5D earth.

E.) The client met Dolores Cannon (the creator of qhht modality) in an a tall obelisk structure in another universe where its purpose is to take you anywhere around any universe. Dolores has a

e.1) she said that the shift/solar flash will occur in 6
month.....8 months maximum (june 2020 to aug
2020)as things will be start to be very hectic as
the split will be occurring.

e.2) She want all practitioners of QHHT to start
visualizing a bright golden triangle/pyramid on top
of the clients head whether the hypnotic session is
successful or not as that triangle is a DNA coding
that will help their clients for the ascension.

e.3) some people who have already activated 20 out
of their 24 strands will have their last 4 strands be
activated only during the shift/event.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration on January 11th/12th to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius.

Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the Age of Aquarius closer to us:

This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to finally trigger the process that will start the long awaited Age of Aquarius. Number of people doing that activation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

There will be many massive astrological configurations from January 10th to 12th. This is surely the most powerful astrological time since the Grand Cross eclipse on August 11th, 1999.

First, there will be a penumbral Lunar eclipse on January 10th, creating a very tense and rigid energy pattern:

Then, on January 11th both Uranus and Eris will turn direct. This will release a lot of previously suppressed planetary kundalini energy. January 11th is a very powerful timeline day, and in the last few decades there were four powerful events that took place on January 11th that changed the destiny of this planet. Two of those I can mention, and they are the opening of the doorway of the 11:11 on January 11th 1992 and the Archon Invasion on January 11th 1996.

Then on January 12th we have an extremely powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will crack the global financial system open:

It will not be just an ordinary Saturn/Pluto conjunction, it will be a tour-de-force Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, with Saturn and Pluto also on their south nodes, which will amplify the conjunction even more.

This configuration will be the pin that will burst the bubble of the current debt-based financial system. I will speak more about what is happening behind the scenes of the financial system in the first update of the Age of Aquarius activation, about a week from now.

After the Age of Aquarius activation, there will be many astrological configurations throughout the year that will lead our society through transformation that will officially begin the Age of Aquarius at the moment of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on the day of winter solstice on December 21st, 2020:

Year 2020 will be a year of triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction which happens around every 700 years and happened the last time when Templars created their banking network:

That year will be also marked by beginning of 13 new synodic cycles, whereas average is only one such cycle per year:

Each of those numerous aspects will send a new flash of Light to the surface of the planet:

We will be doing our Age of Aquarius meditation at the best possible moment that will have the maximum positive effect on humanity. It will be at 10:11 pm PST on January 11th in Los Angeles. This equals 11:11 pm MST in Denver on January 11th, and then we cross into January 12th for other time zones: 00:11 am CST in Chicago, 1:11 am EST in Newy York, 6:11 am GMT in London, 7:11 am CET in Paris, 08:11 am EET in Cairo, 2:11 pm CST in Taipei and Beijing, 3.11 pm JST in Tokyo and 5:11 pm AEDT in Sydney.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Converted Time
Manila, Philippines
2:11 pmPHT
Sunday, January 12, 2020


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will start the Age of Aquarius

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.


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Antarctica is under lockdown as secret space program unveiling begins

December 17, 2019

Benjamin Fulford

An unusual flurry of events and press announcements makes it clear the U.S. government is unveiling its secret space program, multiple sources agree.  We are also hearing of a Chinese secret space program, a Nazi secret space program, and a Russian secret space program. 

All of these revelations are being accompanied by unusual movements of gold and other financial anomalies.  The recent trade agreement between the U.S. and China is also linked to these secret space programs, Chinese and Pentagon sources agree.  These are all signs that some sort of mind-boggling planetary event may be coming.

Typically this writer does not tread lightly into the UFO world and believes extra-ordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  However, such proof is now undeniable.

The biggest evidence is a series of public announcements by multiple government officials, including U.S. President Donald Trump.  The official launching of a U.S. Space Force by Trump is just the start of a gradual process of disclosure, Pentagon officials say.

The media is now being filled with stories about UFOs and secret U.S. military technology as part of this process.  As we have previously reported, the U.S. Navy has released patents for anti-gravity flying saucers and compact nuclear fusion.  Now we have a recently retired air force general talking about already existing technology that can take us “from one part of the planet to any other part within an hour.”

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala. and Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett both called publicly this month for the declassification of “a large amount of information about America’s military space programs.”

The $21 trillion missing from the U.S. government budget since 1998, as documented by Catherine Austin Fitts and others, was spent on the secret space program, Pentagon officials confirm.  Much of this technology is now being released to the general public, they say.

We are also getting far more UFO sightings around the world that are being recording on high-quality video.  If you get into the habit of looking at the sky as I have, it won’t be long before you can see for yourself with your own naked eyes.

Now that the Antarctic summer has begun, we are again getting multiple reports of strange goings-on there, too.  On December 10th, a Chilean military plane carrying 38 people vanished in good weather on its way to Antarctica.

A senior CIA officer, and relative of Admiral Richard Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame, told us:

“The Chilean military were ordered by their controllers not to go near Antarctica.  They thought they were smarter and knew more than their masters.  The C-130 has been removed.  It wasn’t who was on the plane, it was what they were carrying that resulted in ‘the disappearance.’  At this stage, there are no entries and exits taking place on Antarctica.  The Southernmost continent is on lockdown until further notice (not due to this incident).”

A member of the “Cobra resistance” who has recently returned from Antarctica provided us with the photograph below.


They claim it is a photograph of a cloud ship or a large alien vessel using cloud-type camouflage.  However, what interests us more is the faint picture of what looks like large buildings on the distant coastline.  Whatever is going on there, it is clearly more than just a few scientists studying penguins.

“Many Russian and American scientists have been killed in Antarctica,” says a senior P2 Freemason source, citing Russian FSB and CIA reports.  “I know for sure there are ancient alien bases,” he adds.  This is why Antarctica is closed off, he says.

This is the person who told us in advance that the P2 were going to fire Pope Benedict XVI.  He was also found once by the CIA near the BIS with a gun and a sophisticated lock-picking device.

This source also says the earthquake recorded last week at Mindanao in the Philippines was caused by an attack on a hostile underground military base.

Now, to segue back to the here/now geopolitics that this newsletter usually focuses on, let us see how the secret space program ties into the recent U.S./China partial trade deal.  Asian secret society leaders have long told us they have wanted the U.S. to reveal its secret space program to them. 

This was agreed to at the recent U.S./China trade talks, they say.  That’s why the details of the agreement have not yet been made public, they add.  What has been made public indicates that China has offered to buy an extra $200 billion worth of goods from the U.S. every year.  Economists have been scratching their heads over this, because the official U.S. economy does not have the capacity to export that much.  However, if secret space technology is included in the picture, then everything makes sense.

The U.S. is also now going to wind down its germ warfare against Chinese agriculture as a part of the deal, CIA sources say.  The story at the link below, trying to blame Chinese gangsters for drones caught dropping swine fever into pig farms, is almost certainly a CIA attempt to divert the blame for these attacks.

The other thing that has been going on this week is the continued strange movements in the financial markets.  A CIA source in Southeast Asia tells us Indonesia has suddenly announced a $40 billion infrastructure project that he says is a payoff to the government for giving the Rothschilds access to some of their gold. 

Goldman Sachs provides partial confirmation of this by reporting that 1,200 tons or $57 billion of “unexplained gold flows” have been spotted recently.

Also, according to Zero Hedge, “A Fed economist, Ruth Judson, wrote in 2017 that about 60% of all U.S. currency, and about 75% of $100 bills, had left the country by the end of 2016—for a total of about $900 billion in U.S. dollars kept overseas.”  That number is now over $1 trillion, as the world’s rich hoard cash in a fight against negative interest rates, CIA sources say.

This all ties into a growing market consensus that it will be impossible to keep the current U.S. stock market bubble going on much longer.  When mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal start saying corporations are cooking their books to make profits look bigger than they are, you know the end is near.

The FRB’s announcement they were going to pump $500 billion into financial markets in the coming days is another sign it is not business as usual in the financial markets.

 P2 Freemason sources say the money is being pumped into the repo market in response to a proxy war that is pitting the Germans, i.e. J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank, against the Rothschilds, i.e. Goldman Sachs and Trump.

Speaking about the FRB, we are sad to note the passing of former Fed Chief Paul Volcker.  I met him several times and he convinced me that the central bankers were only charged with trying to keep money in line with the real economy, something he excelled at.  What Volcker did not tell me was that it was his Rockefeller bosses who decided—in secret—how the money central bankers created was distributed.

We also note the subject of a jubilee, or debt forgiveness for the average Joe, is now part of a mainstream discussion.  This is another hint of some sort of financial event, one that could be linked to space disclosure.

Also, now that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won an overwhelming mandate to leave the German EU, it’s time for a new deal for Europe, agree P2 Freemason and British Intelligence sources.  They say a fundamental agreement has been reached to have Europe run by a triumvirate of Germany, Russia, and the UK.

British Intelligence are also saying the constant impeachment and “Russian meddling” attacks against Trump were waged by a certain UK faction.  This campaign is now being wound down, they say.  This means the attacks on Russia and on Trump are going to be stopped, they add.

Our Pentagon source close to Trump had the following to report this week:  “Trump may have to invade Mexico not just to fight CIA drug cartels, but to keep lithium and other resources out of Chinese hands.”

Also, “Backlash against Boeing continues as China finally questions the safety of the 737 MAX, paving the way for a global ban of the flying coffins, while the Department of Defense blocked Boeing from the $85 billion ICBM replacement contract.”

The source further noted, “The 90% Christian majority is flexing its conservative muscles against accursed J with the Hallmark Channel banning lesbian ads and Brazil outrage over a Netflix portrait of a gay Jesus in “the first temptation of Christ.”

On a final note, we can confirm that a meeting is being arranged, possibly for mid-January, between the British Commonwealth, the P2 Freemasons, the Pentagon, and Asian secret societies to discuss the establishment of a World Planning Agency with an annual budget of $1 trillion. 

The establishment of this agency, a jubilee, disclosure of the secret space program, and a financial reset are going to be discussed at this meeting, which P2, British, and Asian sources all agree.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Financial System Update

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in the financial system. There is a split inside Black Nobility about how to proceed with their plans.

One Black Nobility faction wants to crash the current system through repo market as soon as possible and replace it with IMF centralized crypto financial system where people would pay with their smartphones and their behavior would be monitored and evaluated with a social score credit system.

JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are both major players in the coming financial crisis and are both backed by this Black Nobility faction. This faction is also backing IMF and the policy of ECB, and Christine Lagarde is one of their main players:

On September 16th, Deutsche Bank has joined a global blockchain network, led by JP Morgan:

At that moment this faction felt it is ready for the next move and on the very same day, they triggered a huge anomaly in the repo market that was further expanded by JP Morgan withholding liquidity from other banks:

From September to December, this faction was proceeding with their plans:

Beta testing of their system was about to start this month in China:

Their plan was to crash the current financial system through repo market and then implement the new system by this New Year:

Their plans started to collapse last week, when the other Black Nobility faction sprung into action.

This other faction supports the current central banking debt slavery system, does not want the system to crash and is backing the Fed.

This other faction has released the following article:

That article has brought the situation in the repo market into the public awareness and the Fed realized the system could crash for the New Year if they would not intervene. Their response was massive and quick, they are planning to pump 500 billion dollars of liquidity into the system in the next few weeks:

This has calmed the situation and the first Black Nobility faction which wants to hard crash the system is now losing power.

Beta testing of the blockchain system in China is fizzling out:

There will be no global financial crash for the New Year, but without the intervention of the Fed we were closer to the total crash than at any point in history.

The Light Forces do NOT want a hard crash of the system, they want a gradual and balanced meltdown of the system combined with the increased awareness which would lead into the positive financial Reset.

For this reason they are asking as many people as possible to join the following meditation:

We will be doing this mediation until the actual Age of Aquarius activation itself.

The trading week between January 13th and January 17th is the time of greatest probability that the situation in the financial markets will burst into a full crisis which will lead towards the meltdown of the current financial system.

The astrological chart of the opening of the New York stock exchange on Monday January 13th at 9:30 am EST shows a powerful exact quadruple Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction with all those planets congested just within 8 minutes of arc, whereas Saturn will actually be behind the Solar disc as seen from Earth!

Some people are expecting the collapse of Deutsche Bank around January 15th:

Financial analyst Martin Armstrong is studying market cycles and his conclusion is that economic confidence cycle will reach its lowest point around January 18th/19th

Two independent sources have communicated that European institutions will not allow Deutsche Bank to collapse, and they will save it at the last moment, similar to this:

Anyway, the current debt based financial system can not be sustained for much longer, and European central banks are already preparing for collapse:

How the coming crisis that will lead into financial Reset will play out is not known, but here are possible scenarios:

In a few days, I will post an update abut our Age of Aquarius activation, hoping that we reach the critical mass this time.

Victory of the Light!


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What exactly is "The Event" and "how will it unfold" and "how can we prepare for it"?

dec 13, 2019

There is a common understanding that some time in our near future, perhaps as early as Spring 2020, a 'Grand Solar Flash" will take place that will affect every living being on our planet. A massive bolt of light will enter and anchor on Earth that will cause RAPID AWAKENING as well as a SPLITTING OF TIMELINES.

It is anticipated that this phenomenon will be accompanied with 1-3 days of complete darkness where the magnetic field around Earth will collapse. The magnetic field is like a shield that protects us from the intensity of the Sun's rays. The collapse of the magnetic field will cause humans to be in direct contact to the sun’s rays which will send intense codes to every being on the planet, thereby helping them to evolve and awaken to a higher consciousness *AT A RAPID PACE* never experienced before! This is because Earth is evolving to a higher consciousness and humanity MUST follow

A big misconception amongst the Starseed and Lightworkers is the mis-information that the *WHEN* and the *HOW* of the “EVENT/ GREAT SOLAR FLASH" have been finalized. This is far from the truth.

It is the Collective Consciousness of the 8 Billion Souls on Earth that determine the unfolding of this piece of HISTORY. It’s like 8 Billion Pulses being sent out to the Galaxy and this ever-changing pulsing energetic field determines the final unfolding of what’s to come.

Maintaining our frequency higher than ever before and bringing our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies into balance and harmony is of utmost importance. It is also vital to start visualizing the NEW EARTH that we wish to Create. Whatever *YOU* wish to *CREATE* is what is going to unfold for you.

 It is NOT TOO LATE to raise your frequency to even higher states of joy, love, bliss, compassion, forgiveness, self respect, self love, harmony with nature etc

It is NOT TOO LATE to drop any and all sense of Victimhood, irrespective of the circumstances!You are GOD, and God ain't no victim! The frequency of victimhood is a very low vibration

 It is NOT TOO LATE to shift from the upper 3D/ lower 4D gameplay of Ego, Drama, Resistance, Judgements, Drugging yourself to keep your senses numb, Not taking Action, Waiting for someone else to come “save” you, Living in Fear, feeling a sense of the need to Compete, Envy, Spiritual Ego, Living in Fear/Guilt/Shame, and the list goes on.

You have the capacity to shift from these lower vibrations to higher ones of Love, Passion, Excitement, Joy, Bliss, Supporting one another, following your guidance, healing any and all traces of fear, guilt etc that are still vibrating in your Chakras.

The SPLITTING OF TIMELINES that is expected to occur looks more or less like what’s described below. Each and everyone of us is a free willed human being and Source loves each one of us unconditionally. Therefore, If we choose to believe in our limitations and lack and choose to play from that belief system, then Source will affirm that reality for us and create a new playground for us to explore of the ideas of lack and learn from the challenges that come with it to evolve into the timeline of abundance, bliss, joy, love and creator-brings

*** 𝗩𝗜𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗠 𝗖𝗢𝗡𝗦𝗖𝗜𝗢𝗨𝗦𝗡𝗘𝗦𝗦/ 𝗦𝗘𝗥𝗩𝗜𝗖𝗘 𝗧𝗢 𝗦𝗘𝗟𝗙 - the “COME SAVE ME/ poor me/look at what happened to me” as well as the “I don’t care if he/she suffers as long as I can live comfortably” mindset. And also the “My only goal is to grow in power, and I will completely let my EGO take control to get me there” mindset.

These individuals will see more suffering, more pain, and will have to re-live many of their lessons in much harsher circumstances until they have HAD ENOUGH and decide to EVOLVE into a higher consciousness. This energy is simply NOT SUPPORTED in New Earth. We cannot advance into a Golden Age with such frequencies still vibrating amongst the Consciousness.

So any and all LESSONS for soul growth will be slap you in the face, and great chaos will occur as a result. These souls may view this as "The Day of Judgement" or "DOOMSDAY". They may wait for someone to come save them, and the lessons will get harder and harder until they wake up to the realization that only THEY can save THEMSELVES!

*** There will be another timeline for those who are working on themselves and also tuning into Service to Others, whether it be guiding others through their Spiritual Path or serving humanity through Charitable causes etc. A lot of Lightworkers are currently 'stuck' in this timeline.

They are unable to look past the fact that there is a much higher dimension waiting for them. They still vibrate LACK at some level. They still project ENVY at some level. They lack SELF WORTH deep in their core, and feel UNWORTHY at times and often are in the dilemma of either 'what gives me the right to charge for my services?' or 'why cant I make more money" (Both of these mindsets usually work hand-in-hand and stem from the same root limiting belief of lack). 

Some keep themselves SMALL so that they’re not targeted. Others mask their lack of self worth with a Spiritual Ego to feel better about themselves. There may be wounded healers who constantly rush to save others and take on others’ problems while their own personal traumas have not been fully resolved.

Their limited vision restricts them from growing to the next level, which can only happen when they face ALL their shadows and look inwards. Surprisingly, a lot of healers and psychics and energy workers and channellers still fall into this category and yes they will see amplification of their gifts in the times to come, but not nearly quite as magical as the ones in the dimension I am about to describe next

*** 𝗨𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗬 𝗖𝗢𝗡𝗦𝗖𝗜𝗢𝗨𝗦𝗡𝗘𝗦𝗦: There will be one other timeline, OH YEAH BABY, for those who are standing in their DIVINITY and radiating their God-hood. This is the dimension of Unity Consciousness. These individuals have worked on most or all of their lessons. Their EGO’s are fully balanced and they have been through the advanced stages of their EGO lessons. They observe themselves with great detail and take FULL OWNERSHIP of any of life’s circumstances.

They have mastered the principles of manifestation and CREATION, and can attract anything they need into their lives. They have no lack-mentality and believe that everyone can have their cake and eat it too. They are not living in stress of how to pay bills each month, because they can manifest AT WILL!

They have mastered money, and give freely.Their entire life is dedicated to service, while living their highest joy. Nothing is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE for God, and that's how they live their lives. These individuals radiate Ascended Master Energy and have activated their HEAVEN ON EARTH timelines which will only amplify immensely upon the Splitting of Timelines. These individuals will experience miraculous super powers, abundance, joy and bliss to set the stage for the next batch of initiates, in the middle timeline explained above, so to speak.
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Calabrian mafia arrests,International Criminal Court actions against Zionist leaders signal doom for Khazarian mafia

December 23, 2019

 Benjamin Fulford

The arrest of 334 gangsters from the Calabria-based Ndrangheta mob, and International Criminal Court (ICC) proceedings against Israel mean the net is closing tighter on the Khazarian mafia.

“The wheels of justice grind slowly.  The ICC prosecuting Israeli war crimes in Palestine after 5 years may lead to arrest warrants and other war crimes in Syraq [sic], since Israel supports ISIS [Daesh] and steals Syrian and Iraqi oil,” Pentagon sources say.  U.S. Special Forces will soon be hunting down Zionist war criminals wherever they may try to hide on this planet, the sources promise.

The arrests in Italy, meanwhile, are a direct blow to the Italian/Swiss faction that carried out the Fukushima mass-murder attacks against Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence sources.  This means the fraudulently elected criminal regime of Crime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan is going to finally face justice, the sources say.
We will have more details on both of these developments below, but first let’s look at other big moves taking place around the world.

The biggest story, as usual, remains the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the U.S. corporate government.  “The corporate American government exists from hand to mouth, week by week, month by month.  This is not sustainable and at some point must be reset,” British intelligence sources say.

That’s why U.S. President Donald Trump will be attending the annual gathering of the world elite at Davos on January 21st to try to negotiate funding to keep his regime going past its January 31st payments deadline, European royal family sources say.  Remember, early this year Trump skipped Davos before caving in and hiring neocon Zionists after a 35-day partial government shutdown.  Let’s see what the Davos elite try to force Trump to do in exchange for more debt this time.

Related to this are the bankruptcy negotiations of the United Nations, say European royal family sources.  “The UN is a private corporation incorporated in California and owned by the Rothschild family via the Lucis Trust,” the sources say.
The Rothschilds are doing everything in their power to keep their entire rickety UN/U.S./IMF/World Bank/BIS structure going with a giant circle jerk.

 “The Rothschild-owned private central banking monopoly’s ‘quantitative easing’ is another word for ‘buyback,’ artificially sustaining a collapsed market,” the European royals explain.  A sign this is unsustainable is the fact that the banks are charging individuals ever-higher interest rates even as the FRB gives the banks ever-cheaper money.

However, despite Zionist propaganda media cheerleading, the real economy is getting worse, so more of those expensive loans to real people are going bad.  Maybe that’s why the Rothchild’s World Bank subsidiary warned on December 19th of “the worst debt crisis in 50 years.”

Meanwhile, their U.S. corporation has been caught lying about gold reserves, while their flagship Glencore Commodities Corporation is facing multiple criminal investigations and lawsuits.

Related to all this was a shoot-out at FSB (former KGB) headquarters last week that left two FSB agents dead.  The official Russian news claims the attack was carried out by a lone individual.  However, our Russian sources say the real target was Vladimir Putin, and the attack was carried out by “nine …
… militants from the Right Sector of Ukraine.  Three of them were killed, three were taken to prison, and three managed to escape.”  The attack took place while Putin was nearby for an FSB Day celebration.  “This is a war inside the FSB,” the source added.  In other words, the Zionist Rothschild faction tried and failed to kill Putin.

The question now is whether Trump will join Putin in rebelling against his Rothschild masters.  Our Pentagon sources seem to think this is exactly what he is doing.  Here is their description of what Trump is really up to:
“After wishing the federal workforce and military a Merry Christmas, Trump may have given the ICC the green light as a Hanukkah present to Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu], with [U.S. Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo pretending to defend Israel while U.S. Special Forces working with Russia may arrest Israeli war criminals wherever they may be, to add gravitas to Nuremberg 2.0.

“It appears that the UN, EU, Russia, China, India, Brazil, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Iran, Turkey, and the international community support the ICC and the Hezbollah-backed prime minister in Lebanon, as Israel is implicated in Epstein pedo entrapment, 9/11, 3/11, MH370/MH17, and other anti-goy crimes against humanity.  Former Pakistani military ruler Musharraf being sentenced to death for treason is a stern warning to Saudi, Israel, royals, Zionists, and the deep state about the severity of military tribunals.”

The arrests of 334 mafiosi in Calabria were definitely a part of this crackdown.  “Those arrested are bad persons, so the people hated them,” a P2 Freemason source said.  “I know them and they are stupid, fierce people,” he said.  “This was only a clean-up against one group—the worst Ndrangheta group.  Other Calabrian gangs are in power now,” he continued.

The arrests included a police chief, a former member of Parliament close to former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, as well as lawyers and accountants in Switzerland and Northern Italy involved in the 2009 theft of $134 billion worth of Japanese bonds, P2 Freemason sources add.

Also, a representative of the Calabrian faction had bragged about his mafia’s involvement in Fukushima immediately after that attack.

It was after Fukushima that Abe was put into power in Japan through election fraud.  Shortly after being put in power, Abe showed up at Davos and threated World War 3 against China.  This same Abe who once threatened China is now sucking up to them big time, as you can see from Japanese news reports about his upcoming summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

No doubt this is connected to the U.S. corporation expecting China to buy $200 billion dollars a year worth of extra “stuff” from them.  This would allow them to put off bankruptcy yet again.  However, as we mentioned last week, the public U.S. economy does not make enough actual real “stuff” to earn $200 billion a year extra—that is, unless some secret space program stuff is put on the block.

In any case, the Italian white nobility who cleaned up the Ndrangheta are saying they will not allow Trump to get any funding at Davos unless he fires his son-in-law Jared Kushner.  Kushner, of course, symbolizes the Chabad faction of the Zionists, the P2 say.  Kushner (Chabad) is the “bad face of Zionism;  for him we aren’t all brothers, but slaves,” they add.

We also note that the Zionist media are once again putting out “North Korea could soon make a missile that could hit the U.S.” BS.  They have been saying that for decades.  The fact is that the North Koreans have had this ability since the 1990’s when U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gave it to them.  Any attempt by the Zionists to use North Korea as a cover for another 9/11 or 3/11 type of attack is not going to fool anybody.  Retaliation for any such attack will go to Switzerland and Israel, not North Korea, Pentagon sources warn.

“What is really happening is that the international powers are putting the Zionists back in their box.  The ‘war on terror’—which was total rubbish—made the world a very unpleasant and uncomfortable place for many years.  The 9/11 incident still to this day sickens many.  There is a desire for the entire apparatus to be broken up and put back together properly,” was how an MI5 source summarized the situation.

Many powerful forces are fighting now to make sure 2020 will be the year the Zionist nightmare finally ends and peace will come to all the inhabitants of this planet, human or otherwise.  With that, we would like to wish our readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever name you use to celebrate the Northern Hemisphere’s solar new year.


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A call for transparancy by Sanat Kumara

dec 24, 2019

No individual being carries the secret, nor the truth.

You are on the threshold to a new world order of transparency where no more secrecy is tolerated by the law itself, which is the pure undistorted light. Secrecy creates division and segregation and are driven by a drive for power "over".
Transparancy on the other hand creates One-ness and is built on the pillars of love, trust and equality and is coherrent in frequency with the nature and law of creation, that all is connected and intertwined.

No more hierachies can exist in the new earth energies, as it creates separation, no more single leaders, but sovereign co-creators, that will function as instruments of divine will in sacred colloboration and honor of the law of One, which is the highest supreme I Am that I Am Source of ALL.

The new earth governments, will be replaced by interplanetary as well as intergalactic councils of light with no individual leaders. There will spokes persons, that speak the voice of the one in all and the all in the many on behalf of the council.

How will this be ensured? Thru the rise in frequency and the final blast of collective awakening the global external internet (which is an unsupervised entity with its own agenda) will become replaced by a global telepathic internet heart-to-heart network, that will ensure full transparency to avoid any mis-use of power or disclosing of information, as it happened during the Atlantean era to thIs day of liberation from the karmic debt and exit of the karmic wheel of suffering for good.

You have learnt and grown from the mistakes of the past and misuse of free will, it has finally elevated your consciousness of the universal laws sufficiently enough to return to the light octave, where you once were and this time begin a new circle in honor of the law of One.

You have all individually as well as collectively gathered many insights and the choice is now offered to each of you to make the wrong right, to choose love over power, transparancy over secrecy to create an

I-Am-that-I-Am-powered new world of love, prosperity and joy beyond fear of not belonging, not being worthy, not being good enough.

Secrecy and sectarism leads to fear, fear leads to war, inner war of mind and heart, inner battles between the masculine and feminine aspect and outer wars of me against them distortions. The goddess loves her children equally, she does not select nor divide... no lower no higher, no withholding of love or information...

but full transparancy as all else would be seclusion of any one of her children. The much anticipated full disclosure will not happen until you are willing to see these patterns iwithin self. Use these last days of this last era of the piscian rage of separation to examine your inner commitment to being fully transparant, is there any need to not place all your cards openly on the table and if so, why not. What are you fearing to loose.... what is your secret (unconscious) agenda...

No indidividual being is carrying the secret, nor the truth, only the One in All and the All in the One, which can only exist and vibrate in full transparency undistorted light, where all secrets evaporize.

Be naked, be authentic, be transparent that is what makes you a genuine undistorted expression and embodiment of truth´s 1st light.


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Humanity’s liberation from satanic Western ruling class possible in 2020

December 30, 2019

Benjamin Fulford

With a big push, humanity could be liberated in 2020. The key will be to force an implosion of the Khazarian mafia’s privately owned central bank system of debt slavery, according to Pentagon, P3 Freemason, and other sources. The increasing disconnect between the real-world economy and the financial market bubble is being deliberately engineered to cause a humanity-liberating systemic failure during 2020, say Asian secret society and P3 Freemason sources. (And no, P3 is not a typo; see below for details.)

This Ben Garrison cartoon illustrates the current situation:

You can support Mr. Garrison by clicking here:…/support-ben-garrison-cartoons

Needless to say, the real economy is continuing to plunge despite the record-high stock market and corporate media cheerleading. The latest sign is the Baltic Dry Index, which is plunging to lows not seen since the Lehman crisis. The BDI cannot be manipulated with fiat funny money like other indexes can, because it is the price of sending physically existing stuff in ships.…/baltic-dry-tumbles-most-2008-ta…

Durable goods orders, another reality-based indicator, are also plunging.…/us-durables-goods-orders-unexpe…

A hidden part of this financial/economic war that’s now raging involves an East/West tug-of-war over historical bonds.
The U.S. Treasury Department has started buying Chinese historical bonds in hopes of using them to get gold to meet a January 31, 2020 payments deadline, Japanese right-wing sources and P3 Freemason sources say.

Meanwhile, the Chinese have been buying old American Corporate bonds in a counterattack, they say. The “dark digital U.S. dollars” being created this way are being used to “make monetary inflation to f-ck the U.S. dollar,” they explain.
The bonds are either ending up with the U.S. Secret Service in Citibank or with the Chinese Secret Services in the Hong Kong Branch of HSBC Bank, they say.

“Historical bonds are a way of f—king the enemy,” they explain.

This secret war is also leading a huge surge in public gold-related activity and is part of the reason that talk of a financial reset has become a mainstream topic in the markets.…/signs-swirl-all-around-us-monet…

This gold activity is picking up, as the experiment of using negative interest rates to save the fiat financial system is failing. It is failing because more and more investors are moving their money into physical cash (which is immune to negative rates), gold, and other things that actually exist. The bottom line is that reality always wins in the end.…/steven-mnuchin-explains-why-15-…

The fact that the Rothschild-owned United Nations is now openly calling for the use of cryptocurrency to finance its operations is a sign they are running out of physical assets like gold and are looking for a digital escape hatch. The gold-holding Asians, for their part, would rather create a new UN in Asia.…/secretary-general-says-united-na…/…

The P2 Freemasons, Asian secret societies, the British Commonwealth, the Pentagon, and others have been trying to end this war by reaching a new agreement on how to run the planet.

Toward that end, the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge has now been superseded by the P3 Freemason Lodge, P3 sources say. There was even an announcement of this in the Italian press on December 30th.…/…/swipe/iltempo/20191230iltempo

A sign of a change in Italy is that Leo Zagami, who was involved in the Fukushima mass-murder attack on Japan, has had to flee to Palm Springs, California to avoid arrest in Italy on slander charges filed by the Calabrian Freemasons, P3 sources say.

The head of the P3 is a Mr. Gianmario Fioramonti, who says …
… “the Lodge is not covered or secret. It is fully transparent and open to all my friends all over the world of any race, color, or belief.” The P3 are releasing all sorts of information about Antarctica, aliens, Nazis, and other things that are so mind-boggling they will require strong proof. If you are interested, we suggest you contact them directly about this via the Catholic Church.

In any case, the financial and information war is also taking a powerful turn against the Jews, who will have to purge their ranks of satanists and radical Zionists, or else face inevitable collective punishment. Pentagon sources outline the moves against them as follows:

“Trump may have begun anti-Semitic attacks in New York and elsewhere on Hanukkah when he recently told the Israeli American Council, ‘You’re brutal killers. You’re not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me.’…/trump-israel-jewish-speech-……/rash-of-anti-semitic-attack…/

“The International Criminal Court case against Israel appears to have unprecedented global support as, despite heavy lobbying by Bibi [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu], not one single world leader dares to speak up in defense of isolated Israel or condemn the ICC, not even Trump, Putin, Xi, Bolsonaro, Modi, Sisi, King Abdullah, MBS, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, or Bojo.

“The Judenpress appears to be silent on the ICC, as the Court may even reverse its decision to not prosecute torture war crimes of the U.S. military and CIA in Afghanistan, but may even expand to include drone strikes.

“The ICC may have been given a spine transplant and raison d’être to help take down Zionists, the deep state, and pedo’s in concert with military tribunals.“The ICC investigation appears to target both Bibi and Benny Gantz as war criminals, as it touched a raw nerve, exposed racist, supremacist Talmudic anti-goy culture, and already stopped Israeli plans to annex the Jordan Valley.

“As indictments are unsealed, some deals may have been made as Democratic Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis got Stage 4 cancer.”

With all of this activity as a background, the recent broadcast of “Home Alone 2” in Canada with an appearance by Donald Trump edited out may have been some sort of insider message. That’s because Macauley Culkin, the child star of that movie, is among many who have said movie business executives are “satanic pedophiles” who “ritually abuse children in the industry.” Culkin says that during the filming of this movie he was called into a room where he was molested by an industry executive. In an interview with French radio, Culkin said:

“He told me to look at his shoes. He said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends had murdered. He asked me if I knew Heather O’Rourke.” The implication was the shoes were made from her skin.…/

This is what AP news had to say about her death in 1988:

“The death of 12-year-old ‘Poltergeist’ actress Heather O’Rourke was ‘distinctly unusual.’″

There has been a thorough attempt to expunge the Culkin story from the Internet and the original article in French is missing, but in a different interview, Culkin says his father was “an evil man who was both psychologically and physically abusive.”

The fact that self-described satanist and human fetus-eater Zagami chose to flee to California to avoid arrest in Italy is also very telling. California is now in a state of open revolt against Trump. This is seen in California-based Nancy Pelosi (or the controllers of her computer graphics or clone or whatever) trying to impeach Trump, among other things.

An invasion of California may also be needed to end the ongoing undeclared U.S. civil war and liberate the American people, Pentagon sources say. The fact that multiple explosions (earthquakes) are reported coming from California and Nevada U.S. military bases is a sign the invasion is already underway, they say.

An invasion of the tiny Asian nation of Brunei might also be in the works, Pentagon and CIA sources say. That is because Brunei is the main nexus of dark money in Asia, the sources say. The building in the photograph below, with a pyramid on its roof, is scheduled to be taken over in order to help end the financial war, they say.
Here is what a CIA source had to say about the place:

“The Finance Ministry has numerous non-official cover (NOC) CIA and MI6 operatives working there as consultants. They assist in the actual transfers of very large financial transactions made throughout the region, amounting to billions of dollars monthly. It is said that Brunei is the main financial hub for most off-ledger money transfers which are used for black ops and other nefarious funding.

This has been going on since the Iran-Contra Scandal back in the mid-80’s. Brunei was involved at the time with a missing $10 million that went into the wrong Swiss bank account. The money was actually intended for Oliver North. Before this incident, which hit all the major news outlets globally, most people in the West had never heard of Brunei.”
The satanists in Japan are also under increasing attack by the White Dragon Society and its allies. The Japanese military are finally realizing that the population is shrinking by more than 500,000 people per year because of incompetent satanic puppet rulers. A purge is in the works, Japanese right-wingers promise.

This war is also getting personal for your correspondent. When I tried to send money to the copyeditor of this blog on December 5th via the Japan Postal Bank, nothing happened. After I complained loudly, the bank sent us a letter on December 23rd with the statement: “Your application for international payment described above has been cancelled due to our comprehensive judgement.”

Also, a Christmas card sent to us was only released by the Post Office after intervention by MI6. It arrived torn (and thus probably opened), as can be seen below:

In a related move, the top three executives of Japan Post Holdings were forced to resign on December 27th. Japan Post Holdings was taken over by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers after Fukushima. The Japanese are now about to take it back.…

We are also banned from using Western Union, PayPal, or other electronic means to send money to our staff. This, together with many other crimes, is why bounties have been placed on the owners of these institutions. They will be hunted down and removed. This is war and we are winning, folks.

Finally, I would like to end the last report of 2019 with the good news that anti-gravity technology is now being made available to the general public. Existing anti-gravity craft are now being deliberately flown over heavily populated areas as a part of Disclosure, Pentagon sources say. The latest was spotted in daylight over New York and can be seen at the link below.…/huge-triangular-ufo-captured-…

Also, the video at the link below shows you how to actually build an anti-gravity device in your own garage.

2020 will be a year of biblical-scale events.


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At the beginning of this last entry of 2019, the call to all healers from the previous entry must be discussed again.

Many people have made lists of healers, and many people who work professionally as healers have come forward and offered their services, which, of course, is greatly appreciated.

Nevertheless, it must be also said that money does not necessarily have to be spent for this kind of healing. One should only turn to professional healers if you trust them and if these healers are familiar with the current situation on the planet, are energetically pure and definitely working for the Light. They should know about the Grid, Archons, Plasma Spider Beings, and they should be able to recognize and counteract Black Magic.

Unfortunately in case of professional healers it is also a fact that a large number of them do not understand what is really happening here on Earth, some of them do not have the necessary abilities to heal, some of them are energetically impure and occupied and only want the money of gullible clients, and some of them even work for the other side.

Therefore, only contact a professional healer if you really trust him or her. Actually, in many cases the Light Forces have made sure that Starseeds have been stationed on the surface in such a way that they are in contact with other Starseeds who have clairvoyant or healing abilities without using them professionally.

So it may be the case that many Starseeds have powerful Starseeds in their circle of friends, with whom it is possible to perform healings in joint meditations and help each other. They don't even have to live near you. Most of the time, it is currently the case that many Starseeds are in contact with other Starseeds without seeing them physically, as they often live far apart, sometimes even in other countries. This distance is due to the stationing by the Light Forces, as they have usually distributed the Starseeds individually and at a distance from each other, in order to ensure a certain “Net Coverage” of Light on the entire surface.

As a third variant one can still energetically call the Light Forces for help.

And of course, when it comes to Energetic Protection and Healing, one should come to self-reliance from the beginning in order to be able to heal and protect independently.

But the reality is that some Starseeds can handle attacks from the Dark Ones better than others. Some attacks can be so severe that even the strongest Starseeds will sometimes need help.

You can be the toughest warrior on the battlefield, but if you get shot in the back you'll need your comrades to pull you out, take you to the field hospital where you'll need to be patched up before rushing into the next battle.

That's why the Light Forces have called on to protect and heal each other, because Starseeds are much stronger as a team and other Starseeds can get you back on your feet more easily if you’re attacked through infiltrations or scalar weapons.

For some people the information on this blog is not easy to process, mostly for those who, thank God, have never experienced such attacks themselves.

This category usually includes those people who would often describe such information as “fear-mongering”.

First of all, the written words on this blog are completely neutral. What they trigger in someone depends on the reader itself. Many people have been experiencing such attacks long before this blog was launched, and are thankful to receive any helpful information they can get. So for those people, is it also "fear-mongering" to read these detailed reports? Probably not! It always depends on the reader itself and what situation he or she's in right now.

This blog is used by the Light Forces to report on things as they actually happen. It is not about entertaining, money or fame (although it is of course important to reach as many people as possible) ... it's about giving out trustworthy information to help Starseeds instantly.

The suspicion of "fear-mongering“ also concerns many other topics too, such as paedophilia, satanic rituals or the extraction of adrenochrome from children … the list could go on forever.

Some people cannot cope with this facts at all at first, some may have experienced such cruelties themselves in many past lives, have been traumatized by it and, for reasons of subconsciously self-protection, don’t want to be confronted with it.

Sometimes it is also a program of the Archons to drive people's attention away from it, for example by spreading the idea within the spiritual scene not to deal with these things at all, as this would give such things energy.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because for thousands of years almost all humankind hasn’t noticed any of these negative activities at all, so "theoretically" no energy was put in during all these years ... but exactly these years were the darkest on the planet, during which countless crimes were effortlessly committed both in secret and in public because simply nobody knew about them.

Only now, since these activities are really coming into people's daily consciousness, things suddenly come to light, such as the case of Epstein or the functionality of the slavery banking system, where again it is also said mistakenly (or deliberately), to not put energy into it through mass meditations, etc.

A large part of the spiritual scene lives in the so called "Light and Love" bubble, in which the basic idea dominates to just not deal with the cruelties that the Dark Ones carry out here on the planet.  Of course, it is completely understandable that these things are not easy to process when you first come into contact with them, but without looking at it, nothing will ever change, and because of this habit of looking away, many Starseeds drop out of the Liberation Process.

There were also some questions about escaping from the Matrix without being captured by the Archons.

This is a very complex issue. Just this much: unawakened Souls usually have no possibility at all and those awakened Souls that are trapped here since the Fall of Atlantis, it's just difficult for them, because parts of their Soul were separated and stolen by the Dark Ones, without which they can't leave. Some of the Key Lightworkers are also held hostage, meaning that if they would leave, exotic weapons could be detonated.

Some Souls have also decided to hold out until the job is done, even if the human self wants to leave under all circumstances.

Nevertheless it is true, that some Starseeds have left the surface from a higher spiritual point of view, which does not mean that they died.

The Soul is gigantic in its entirety and consists of different layers and personalities, also multidimensional and on different time lines. For example, a single Starseed could have a Warrior Self, but also an Angelic, Magician, Healer or Pleiadian Self as well.

Women can have a Venus Goddess Self, but also an Amazon or Fairy or Magician Self, etc.

The whole Soul can never completely incarnate in such a small physical body, instead it always has only small parts of itself active. These parts are now being pulled out from many Starseeds bit by bit in preparation for the Shift, so that currently only a tiny percentage of the current Soul is still active, which can only finally leave when the Great Liberation takes place, but these procedures are the preparations for it.

The Light Forces are also further preparing the surface for the first physical contact via dreams and visions:

Coverage in the mainstream media regarding the topic of UFOs also continues to increase:

While a part of the Cabal/Dark Ones has absolutely no clue what is going on, a certain part believes they can still escape the whole situation, while another part has already realized that the Solar Flash will arrive on the surface and wipe out all darkness once and for all.

The universe works like a clockwork, the Event will be perfectly timed.

It is important to hold the Light until the wave hits the surface, so that certain forces can't plunge the planet into chaos before the Event.

Therefore it is also recommended to participate in the big Mass Meditation on 11/12th January:

Converted Time
Manila, Philippines
2:11 pmPHT
Sunday, January 12, 2020

It would also be fantastic if the various Lightworker Communities could unite once again and work together as a huge team for the Liberation of the Planet in form of this mass meditation, this would give things a huge boost to stabilize situations.

Since the Dark Ones will know too when a mass meditation takes place, they will bombard it again with everything they have. Therefore it is again important to protect yourself during the meditation and also all of the participants as good as possible:

That's all for this year.

Thanks for the many requests and messages, even though I cannot answer all of them properly due to lack of time.

I wish all Starseeds a Happy New Year! Gather strength for the coming one; it will be very turbulent, certainly not easy, but still exciting. We are facing enormous upheavals ... and what awaits us at the end of the tunnel is priceless!

So, hang in there, all I can say at the moment is that the final countdown is definitely running:
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  • Cid_brent: sino po dyan pwede magbigay send ng paypal funds and I will pay you using gcash?
    Aug 25, 2019, 08:58 PM
  • Meghan91811: Sino po may alam about Rice Farming...
    Aug 25, 2019, 07:44 AM
  • roselove: hello po sa inyo... newbie here
    Aug 06, 2019, 03:31 PM
  • Niel Jhacoubs: Sino palaging active dito?
    Jul 30, 2019, 04:15 PM
  • dagocjasonrey: Anong update dito?
    Jul 22, 2019, 08:49 PM
  • mark_Lee: anong bago dito
    Jun 28, 2019, 01:03 AM
  • mark_Lee: balita
    Jun 28, 2019, 01:03 AM
  • Lovelyprincess72: hi everyone , I'm newbie here
    Jun 27, 2019, 02:36 PM
  • Niel Jhacoubs: Musta?
    Jun 26, 2019, 01:43 PM
  • Forexanalysis: Hello
    Jun 25, 2019, 06:33 PM
  • Niel Jhacoubs: Hello sa mga online jan! :)
    Jun 15, 2019, 02:58 PM
  • oragon: :applause:
    May 20, 2019, 03:53 PM
  • FutureGizmo: Thank you for reporting those spam posts, oragon! Spam posts now deleted.
    May 20, 2019, 01:59 PM
  • oragon: Admin kindly monitor some peps! posting and sharing inappropriate nude photos and website links
    May 20, 2019, 01:52 PM
  • @culinary10: Hello I am new here! Regarding sa bdo life insurance for 8 years, pwede pa kaya ma refund yung binayad ko na 50k last year? Gusto ko sana icancel kasi lack of financial na, last may 15 2018 po un nag start ako ng life insurance, pinili ko annually kaso etong may 15 2019 wala nako ma ipay so gusto ko sana icash out, may alam ba kayo kung pano marerefund?
    May 17, 2019, 07:56 PM
  • FutureGizmo: Hi Sonny, the posting issue is now resolved. Thanks for informing us! We're currently testing a new, mobile-ready theme so let us us know kung may problema pa sa Forum. :)
    Apr 04, 2019, 10:40 AM
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    Apr 03, 2019, 10:56 PM
  • leonine_zafiro: what product nun?
    Apr 01, 2019, 10:25 PM
  • dhondiex27: hi
    Mar 30, 2019, 10:55 PM
  • lusart: jayrob i agree 200%. hulog ng langit organico. legit na legit
    Mar 29, 2019, 09:08 AM
  • palemelch: Hi
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  • O.C.W._AK: Magandang Araw sa Lahat! Blessings! (",)
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