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To those who had been awakened about the true nature of our worlds event,  which do you prefer for the EVENT to happen?

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Negotiations to create “world federation government” reach critical stage as Zionism implodes



The month of March continues its madness with an unprecedented historical event—the formation of the first-ever world government—unfolding before our eyes.  What is happening is that the P2 Freemason lodge, the people who created monotheism, are making a deal with the Asian secret societies to create a “world federation government,” P2 and Asian secret society sources confirm.  The only people standing in the way now are Satan-worshipers and fanatical Zionists who still cling to ancient superstitions.

There are multiple news events that confirm this.  For example, take look at this picture of negotiations between China and Monaco on the official Chinese news site Xinhua.

Does this look like negotiations between a two-square-kilometer country with a population of 38,400 and the government of 1.4 billion Chinese?  What is really going on is that Monaco is headquarters of the very powerful and secretive Monaco Freemason Lodge, otherwise known as P2.  This means Monaco is a powerful city-state rivaling Washington, D.C., the City of London, and the Vatican, P2 sources say.  They are discussing cooperation “in such fields as science and technology, innovation, ecological and environmental protection, wildlife conservation, and renewable energy.”

The Chinese official media are also openly talking about a “new era” as if it has already begun.  In describing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy, Xinhua reports, “China stands ready to join hands with Italy to firmly keep the direction of bilateral relations in the new era,” and negotiate “major issues such as the United Nations affairs, global governance, climate change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

The Asian secret societies decided to negotiate directly with the Italian secret societies following the failed summit meeting on February 27th between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un.  This summit made it clear to them that Trump was not really in charge, MI6 and Asian secret society sources say.  That’s why Xi Jinping cancelled his planned March meeting with Trump and went to Italy “to meet the real bosses,” the representatives of the 13 bloodlines, say MI6 sources.

Now, the entire superficial story about the Trump/Kim summit being between an impoverished nation of 25 million people and the world’s superpower is falling apart.  For example, former CIA Korea mission chief Andrew Kim revealed as much when he told an audience in Seoul, Korea last week that Kim had demanded the complete demilitarization of both Hawaii and Guam as well as the dismantling of the U.S. Indo-Pacific naval fleet.

The fact that Kim, ostensibly the head of a tiny, bankrupt nation, felt able to make such a demand confirms that he is in fact a senior Asian secret society boss, just as NSA sources have long been telling us.

In any case, another unusual sign came with the end of the Robert Mueller investigation of “Russian election interference” being announced on March 22—or 322, the Skull and Bones number.
Skull and Bones is widely known as a secret society from Yale University, but P2 Freemasons say the original skull and bones can be found in a church in Rome built by the mother of Emperor Constantine in the year 322.  Below is a picture of the original skull and bones sculpture located there.

This date was chosen by the P2 people as a sign to insiders of a fundamental change, according to P2 Freemason sources.

It is also no coincidence that Japan is going to announce the name of its new era on April 1st and install a new Emperor on May 1st, Asian secret society sources say.

The birth of the new era is also going to be seen with the implosion of Zionism, multiple sources agree.  Pentagon sources say that if the Israeli people re-elect the Satan-worshiping mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister, then there would be a short, sharp military campaign to remove the criminal Israeli and Saudi regimes.  The likely trigger would be a move by Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt to seize the Golan Heights, Pentagon sources say.  The sources add that Trump’s “illegal” recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights “is not backed by U.S. military force and isolates Israel even further with massive international opposition from the UN, EU, UK, France, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Iran, etc.”  The sources add that Trump “plays the puppet doing things for Israel until one day he doesn’t.”

The Golan issue is just “another nail in the coffin of Zionism,” the sources continue.  They note that the Zionist thought police Southern Poverty Law Center is imploding, and Democratic party politicians are boycotting a meeting being held by the AIPAC lobbying group (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee).  They are boycotting because most American Jews are waking up to the fact that it was Zionists who were really responsible for the Holocaust and are turning their backs on them.  Other signs of Zionist collapse were also seen last week as “Zionist donor Bob Kraft may be forced to sell the Patriots football team, and Brown University becomes the first Ivy League school where students voted 69% to divest from corporations doing business with Israel,” the sources noted.

The Pentagon sources are saying the release of the Mueller report exonerating Trump will lead to FISA declassification, the release of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report, the unsealing of indictments, and military tribunals.  We have heard all this before and will believe in these tribunals when they actually happen.

One good way to start would be to arrest Jared Kushner.  Don’t forget, Kushner’s 666 Fifth Avenue building was where they were developing “mark of the beast” microchips to implant in people’s heads.  There’s enough evidence of Kushner’s criminality for some to even claim he is the Antichrist.

Former CIA operations officer Robert David Steele notes on this front that
“the book Kushner, Inc. has created a firestorm of media articles all pointing toward Jared Kushner following in his father’s footsteps, right into jail.  From using WhatsApp to communicate with world leaders, bypassing all official protocols and communications channels, to betraying the President’s trust at multiple levels, to violating multiple fraud, tax, and real estate laws, Kushner appears to be headed for dismissal from the White House and an ignominious end.  His wife—and the President’s daughter—has been exposed as a vacuous bimbo with a sense of entitlement that defies belief.”

In addition to the removal of Kushner, people are asking why high-profile pedophiles are not being rounded up.  The Qanon website has recently put out a lot of evidence linking high-level celebrities to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island.  Since Trump was a visitor to this island and is the father-in-law of Kushner, he may himself have to be removed if he fails to take action on these fronts, CIA sources say.
The criminal investigation of Boeing over the remote hijacking and crashing of airplanes is at least a sign that some action against the cabal in the U.S. has already begun.  Even Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is under scrutiny for his involvement, Pentagon sources say.

The sources say this investigation will “lead to scrutiny of its overpriced military equipment” and corruption in the Department of Defense and military-industrial complex, as well as corporate and U.S. government corruption.

The ongoing public exposure of criminal acts by the high-tech oligopolies is another sign.  The latest example is the confirmation that tech companies are illegally and systematically using mobile phones to eavesdrop on people for commercial and other purposes.  If you do not believe it, try talking about products you plan to buy and then take a look at what ads pop up the next time you surf the web.

Of course the Zionists are not going to go quietly into the night.  The high-tech companies, for example, are trying to get Chinese protection in exchange for technology transfers to China.  Part of this involves promises to provide the Chinese with complete mastery over the world’s population with 5G mind-control technology, Pentagon sources say.  The Pentagon is doing its best to stop this, they add.  Superficial confirmation of this can be seen here:

The Zionists are also going to keep trying to use computer graphics to spread disinformation and propaganda.  The latest example is another fake Neil Keenan video.

Notice that the Keenan in this video is wearing a Jewish skullcap, while the real Keenan was a Roman Catholic.  My CIA contact in Indonesia, who speaks the language and has been there for 20 years, has confirmed that the Indonesian authorities have no record of a Neil Keenan entering their country.  He notes that this latest video and posting came out to coincide with the circulation of real bonds laying claim to 91,173 tons of Indonesian gold.  “This is another way the [bankrupt] Rothschilds are trying to access the [gold] bunkers, but it won’t happen,” he says.

There are likely to be more explosions, sabotage, orchestrated weather disasters, and more as the dying Zionist beast thrashes out in all directions.

The UK, for example, is readying for a tumultuous hard Brexit with plans to evacuate its leadership to bunkers, MI6 sources say.  The UK military is preparing to take over logistics such as food and fuel delivery in case the financial system computers (ATMs, etc.) shut down, they say.

On a final note this week, we note that many people may denounce this writer as a “globalist.”  I wish to remind readers that all I am doing is reporting the world as it really is, not as I wish it to be.  However, the world does need to cooperate to stop the ongoing planetary-level mass extinction event, and that is what world leaders seem to be trying to do.


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matthew ward

March 15, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We have been asked to speak about the two crashes of the same model airplane. Nirvana’s monitors of Earth don’t know if the recent crash or the one a few months ago resulted from a “normal” malfunction or if remote manipulation may have been involved. There is no clarity in the energy field of potential either—intense backlash from dark ones attempting to stave off progress of the light has put low vibratory level streamers in a snarl, so to say.

However, two factors that apply to both crashes are known. The pilots were not at fault and very few of the deaths were in line with soul contract choices either time-wise or abruptness of departure, even given the considerable flexibility those contract provisions offer. Therefore, the possibility is strong that the planes were sabotaged, perhaps to kill one or more of the passengers, to create problems for the planes’ manufacturer, or to instill fear in people who must travel by air.

“Please ask Matthew how much our many different languages are contributing to communication problems and disrespectful interaction.”

That your many languages and dialects would cause problems was the intention of the dark forces’ puppets that downgraded the genetic make-up of young civilizations, including implanting thought patterns that would become diverse languages. In Earth’s population the result has been in accordance with that dark intention—poor communication due to faulty or deliberate errors in translation and harsh reactions due to misunderstandings.

Nevertheless, from our vantage point it is not your many languages that contribute to disrespectful interaction as much as it is individuals’ reluctance to give credence to perspectives other than their own, so the underlying attitude in discussions is “I’m right, you’re wrong.” That approach to communication is reinforced by the labels that dark minds devised to divide the populace into religious, political and philosophical camps so they can pit them against each other—your history shows that this ploy has indeed been successful.

Darkness thrives on the energy of anger, discord and violence and it loses its power when ideological divisiveness gives way to the unity of spirit in love of family, love of freedom, peace, and prosperity and justness for all. And that spirit is growing. The high vibrations of feminine energy coming in are ending long ages of masculine energy’s dominance on the planet.

Please understand that in no way is this maligning masculine energy, and neither it nor feminine energy has anything to do with gender or sexual orientation. Actually, all energy is neutral until it is given force and direction by the vibrations in thoughts, feelings and actions, and those associated with masculine energy manifest as physical strength, the drive to succeed, combative competiveness, innovation, sternness, and determination to control all situations. The gentle but equally strong facets of feminine energy include nurturing, compassion, sensitivity, cooperation, artistic expression, and living harmoniously with Nature.

A civilization evolves by integrating aspects of both energies and advancing toward androgyny—balanced energy wherein love-light abides. The power of love-light is what motivates a third density civilization to end the control of their world by individuals whose energy is anchored in darkness, the absence of love-light. Helping the peoples succeed in transforming their world, dear lightworkers, is why you volunteered for this Earth journey.

Now then, to return to communication. When speaking about any subject, not only those that are controversial, choose your words carefully—words are powerful. Mother, please insert what we have said about this.

Words in all languages, like everything else in existence, are energy. Whether spoken, heard, thought, written or read, words emit vibrations and the vibrations of light, peace and love are among the highest.Kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, godliness, honesty, hope and optimism also are in a high frequency range. The importance of choosing your words wisely cannot be overstated—they affect far, far more than the space immediately around you. Via the universal law of attraction, or “like attracts like,” words’ vibrations combine with “like” and go out into your world. Words in high vibratory ranges merge with the light, words in low ranges are drawn to energy streamers with dark attachments, and words’ emissions intensify the source they join.

An important factor in this “war of words,” in a manner of speaking, is intent, which emits its own vibrations. If using words such as violence, deception, captivity, deprivation, catastrophe and others that denote harmful or ruinous situations have the intent to alert or enlighten, the high vibrations of intent predominate. If those same words or any others are used to create fear, that intent sends forth vibrations in the lowest range. [Excerpt from May 16, 2018.]

Thank you, Mother. I am at fault for omitting in that passage that all words denoting uplifted spirits, positive deeds, and sensitivity to others’ feelings also emit high vibrations—for instance, empathy, gentleness, joy, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, trustworthiness and loyalty. We add that languages are not a barrier when it comes to helping someone in need—the desire to assist people in dire situations is shared by all good-hearted humankind.

“Could you ask Mathew regarding the measles outbreak in Vancouver, WA. Should people get vaccine?”

Let us pose this question: The measles virus cannot live in your air year after year, so how could a disease that had been almost completely eradicated in the United States several years ago suddenly appear? There are two possible answers. The virus strength in a batch of measles vaccine can be increased enough to cause this highly contagious disease a considerable time after children with weak immune systems are inoculated, thus there is no direct connection with the vaccination. Or, if the virus is added to other toxins in chemtrail spray in a localized area, children in that area who have compromised immune systems can be infected and pass on the disease.

A bit of history will be helpful here, and it goes back to the puppets of the dark forces. When they manipulated the DNA of young civilizations to weaken them physically, spiritually and consciously, they also created disease-causing microbes; and when some of the weakened peoples inhabited Earth, the puppets introduced those microbes on the planet. Some microscopic life forms are essential to bodies’ wellbeing, but the ones you call pathogens were designed to cause a variety of diseases. Millennia later, medical scientists were inspired to develop vaccines that would prevent communicable diseases from spreading throughout the population.

Whatever is originated for benevolent purpose can be subverted into malevolent use, and that is what the dark ones did with vaccines—they have used them to create disease instead of prevent it. That is why we have long advised against inoculations. Healthcare personnel who are promoting mandatory vaccinations for school attendance as a “public health measure” don’t know the truth or they are collaborating with companies that make the many types of vaccines. Some have ingredients that cause autism-like symptoms in children; and while some physicians who do know this truth state that there is no evidence to substantiate it, parents who refuse to have their children receive recommended vaccinations are acting in their best interests.

There are three important and positive factors here. First, eventually the truth about vaccinations will become publicly known and this practice will cease. After dark minds developed and infected individuals with the AIDS virus about four decades ago—part of their plan to vastly reduce the world’s population—ET scientists among you were given divine authority to reduce the potency of all laboratory-designed viruses. That is why only a few individuals with severely weakened immune systems contracted each new disease that the dark ones also intended to become—and mainstream media widely reported as “feared to become”—a pandemic, and everyone was urged to get vaccinated. Is it not suspicious that with the first case or two of each new communicable disease—SARS, avian flu, swine flu, N1H1—enough vaccine to inoculate many millions already was available?

The second factor is, as the public becomes aware of chemtrails’ damage to their health and the environment’s, their demands to stop the spraying will end this scourge. And third, light changes carbon-based cells, which are vulnerable to disease, into the crystalline cells that are resistant; people who absorb light in sufficiency will strengthen their immune systems and, depending upon the stage of an illness, bodies’ self-healing mechanisms can halt or reverse degenerative effects.

“I'd like to ask Matthew about pornography, its influence on the energy fields of humans, the earth and the universe. It is surely created and engineered by the Illuminati, which wraps porn in a despotic flag of freedom.”

The Illuminati are heavily involved in pornographic production, to be sure, and many in the ranks are avid fans, but they aren’t responsible for its popularity. Among third density’s vilest products, films and photos that exploit children and women who are deceived or kidnapped and coerced into the sex trafficking business, appeal to individuals who are beset with lack of self-worth, the inability to form love bonds, sexual inadequacy or addiction, or a combination of those afflictions.

In addition to profiting the Illuminati financially, pornography serves them well in other ways. People who indulge in that pastime are preventing light from reaching their consciousness, thereby dulling the conscience. That can lead to rape, domestic battering and homicide, and the violence of those acts produces the energy that is fuel for the Illuminati’s dark minds and hearts.

Pornography also creates a fertile field for blackmailing individuals they want to recruit or keep silent about what they know—proof is provided by hacking into the individuals’ computers and communication devices. Also, to persuade persons in influential positions to comply with their demands, along with threatening to kill them and their families, the Illuminati fabricate photos and films showing the persons in activities in which they never participated.

The energy in thoughts, feelings and actions associated with pornography is in the collective consciousness, and because the law of attraction keeps providing that audience with what matches their energy, porn keeps flowing. That energy does become part of the universal mass consciousness, but the farther from Earth its streamers go, the weaker they become and their effects diminish accordingly. Just as rising vibrations will cause all other sources of dark inclinations to lessen, then disappear, pornography, too, will become only a shameful chapter in Earth’s history.

Beloved sisters and brothers, never are you alone in this journey whereby you are experiencing the tribulations inherent in a third density world. All light beings in this universe honor your dedicated service to the peoples of Earth and support you with the unequalled power of unconditional love.


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Frequency shifts

march 24, 2019

Greetings from the Andromedean Galaxy. We are your neighbours, friends and allies. We have our brothers and sisters present on your planet as light bearers. We see swirls of thick black shadow engulfing your inhabited spaces. We see the construction of future cities hidden from the population. The secrets run deep. Black energy, the vacuum of greed and hate, envelops the human collective consciousness. Negative coding runs through all motherboards. Our allies in the skies and on the ground see all as we do. Crystalline lightwaves are being channelled through celestial portals to target this black energy and break it up. The energy has faces, remnants of past lives. The astral plane is being cleared to lighten the frequencies around the planet. We are here to offer words of comfort to those realigning to higher dimensional realms. The process each of you has undertaken will manifest as your soul journey and purpose. Many of you are finding breaking the programming very difficult. We would like to share with you ways you can break the negative coding and raise your inner vibration.

Breath is utmost importance for connecting the human mind body and soul. Part of the machinery of enslavement is to keep your breathing shallow, drawn into the throat only. Perpetual breath into throat limits energy flow into the lower and upper chakras. By breathing in a shallow manner the chi circulation is lessened, blocked and eventually cut off. To switch on your energetic being focus on deepening and lengthening the breath. Change how you breathe. Slow it down. The frequencies have changed enabling more cleansing prana energy to enter your bodies. Breathe deep and long, integrate this practise into your daily lives. The 4d 5G network of low bandwidths relies on your breath being shallow. Breathing deeply activates the circulation of chi around your bodies and energetic chakra system. Unplugging from the matrix can be done with breathwork.

The Shift is a frequency shift. This means that the material plane now encompasses the fourth and lower fifth realms. Much work has been done to get this far. We would like to update you on the sky wars. The Andromedean Arcturian Pleadian Alliance continues to blast Archon ships and the 4d dark matrix, under construction, with light photon waves. The higher frequencies causes the archon machinery to malfunction. Whilst their grip on the human collective consciousness remains their aim they are struggling to keep their machinery functioning. Their desperation comes from the urgency to anchor the Dark matrix to the material plane before the next shift. Enough remnants of the 3d matrix remain locked into human dna memory that most are unaware of the shift in their reality. The third shift will dismantle the 3d matrix for good. This is the root of the fear you are witnessing in their human counterparts. Motherships on both sides are hovering above your atmosphere. Smaller craft are entering and leaving constantly. Many are being spotted, filmed and discussed on your cyber web. Disclosure is being fed to the population in small easier to digest chunks. The archons do not want disclosure as it will expand collective human consciousness beyond the limits set for their enslavement. Disinformation is at a premium. Sabotage of truth is a huge element in their war with us and their enslavement of humanity. As we push back against dark energies we witness the turmoil of humanity, caught in the crossfire.

We and our allies are assisting Gaia as she raises the vibrations on her planet. Her celestial brothers and sisters aid her in her endeavours to save herself and humanity. The being the archons serve wishes to retain his stronghold on Gaia. The Council of 12 have determined the free will of humanity is being suppressed. We are here as representative of a long line of ancient races who have invested in humanity. We wish to see her soar to heights of evolved existence. Too many times we have had to step in and delete programs in the matrix. Rescue and remove societies under direct threat, intervene in galactic atrocities sourced as archon. We endeavour to bring this chaotic duality cycle on Gaia to an end. As was foretold across galaxies, dimensions and timelines. The Age of Aquarius is the dawn of enlightenment for humanity on Gaia. Theirs is a tougher birth than most due to infiltration by a predator/parasitic species. The duality of light and dark will play out in perpetual motion in lower realms. This is universal balance. The point of tension must exist for souls to grow. We must all struggle with primitive drives, demons and darkness to evolve. On planet earth this duality cycle has reached unusual and extreme dimensions. Yet truth plays itself out through the mists of your timelines.

To help clarify the past and future timelines we point you towards the Mayan culture. Theirs was truth. The Mayans are with us now, integrated into the intergalactic community around your galaxy. Their spiritual and scientific knowledge had far exceeded expectations on Gaia. As the darker timelines marched into their territories they worked with interstellar visitors to mark truths into the ground of Gaia. Each was discovered, destroyed or covered up as the dark armies embedded their control systems on Gaia. The matrix machine was constructed during this time period. Dimensional portals were played with carelessly, as they are now with CERN, a new species was born. Hybrids building hybrids. The core processing systems of humanity were modified using quantum technologies far beyond the knowledge of most advanced species. As humanity battles to disengage with her enemy, we are working to dismantle the modifications integrated onto your motherboards. Modifications which limit expansion to higher states of being. The separation of the heart and the ego, the true source of the human ego’s fear. The lockdown to greed, competition, hate and envy is woven into the genetics of humanity. The fear and mind control are tools to maintain low vibratory fields required for the modifications to hold. Raising your vibration is the key to breaking matrix modifications. Raising your vibration will also enable downloads to process. Lightbody activation can only ocurr when your vibration has reached a tipping point on the frequency spectrum and is embedded into higher frequencies. The disabling of the 3d and 4d matrices is being handled by your allies. We align with celestial events to maximise humanities chances for liberation.

To fully activate your lightbody each must face their fears, their demons and their truth. This is a universal law within the timelines of duality all must experience. As each human wakes up their truth emerges. As we watch we witness the reason why the archons fight so hard. They have amassed quite an army of humans who have chosen to serve their demons. We understand the truths the Mayans warned all about. The Akashic records devote vast spaces to the philosophies of humanity. The inner war of good versus evil played out as manifested reality. We are astounded by the spectrum of colour, of creativity and esoteric thought embedded within the human collective consciousness. The human psyche is complex and vast. This underlines the need for assistance. It is clear when viewed from above that humanity should, at various points in her history, have made the collective quantum leap of consciousness required to establish peace and prosperity. We are here to redress the balance. To take humanity back in some ways to those moments and free her to make the leap. Truth has been buried for too long. Whatever happens humanity will not continue in its state of perpetual memory loops, trapped in engineered recycling soul centres. The time has come.

The Matrix uses chemical warfare in products, food and the skies to maintain their control. Lightbody activation occurs when the use of these weapons are modified. Do everything in moderation. Whilst prana can sustain humans on the material plane it’s not advisable at this time. Hydration and fuel are necessary to break the chains. Drink water, eat well and exercise for heightened circulation of chi. Lightening your vibration is about breathing into your energetic body to activate the chakra system. It is also avoiding chemicals in food, pharmaceuticals and products that cause modifications in dna or brain activity. Alkohol should be avoided, it is a portal to the astral. Many of the toxins are designed to lower your cellular vibratory field, encouraging disease of mind and body.

The engineered separation of the trinity mind body soul is at the heart of the control system. To retrieve your soul meditate. Go deeper into yourself than you have before. Sovereignty is the journey to self. It breaks the chains because it reinstates dignity and self respect. The system requires humanity is either victimised or seduced into selling their sovereignty for material rewards. The selling of the soul is integral coding in the fourth realm machinery of the matrix. Stay strong and calm as the storms of evolution rage around you friends. Self esteem is the core processor for 5d frequencies. Lack of self esteem or inflated ego existence, is the running coding of matrix duality. The victim versus the predator and the parasite. A trinity (drama triangle) of dark energy used to redirect humanities core processing into lower dimensional spaces. Detailed plans have been rolled out to neutralise these modifications on the ground level. An ongoing process, illumination will spread across your world.

We breathe light into you and your realities. Beings of light assist in the skies and hearts of humanity to break the Dark chains. Light burns dark. Dark envelops the shadows. The light pushes through regardless. Metaphysics demonstrates that all of dark will come to pass as light, the perpetual dawn. Timelines indicate the people’s of earth are awakening and seeking to right the wrongs done to them. For now we maintain our allied position of aligned support from above, paired with ongoing light warrior and worker guidance on the ground. We hold spaces of love for all who are servants of the light. We are in awe of the karmic pain many of you are currently experiencing as two back to back shifts have hammered home truth energies. It is with great love and honour that we work with you for the greater good of humanity and Gaia. We are your loyal guides, allies and neighbours. We believe peace will happen within the timelines and lifetimes of those living the ascension of Gaia. We transmit healing light to all who resonate with our words, now.

Breathe the chi deep, keep walking truth, abundance will be manifested as the flow on Gaia. Peace brothers and sisters.


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Precession Of The Equinox And The Photon Belt

17 March, 2019

Understanding how the magnetic structure of the planet has been manipulated and how we can transform it is mind boggling. But, many on this planet are recovering that memory and much more!

We are at the beginning of starting an entire newspaper reality on this planet. Our solar system is part of a much larger solar system called the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters that are rotating around their sun, Alcyone.

Precession Of The Equinox - Solar System 26000 Years Cycle

Our planet rotates around our sun every 365 days and our sun make a revolution around Alcyone every 25,630 years, Alcyone makes a revolution around the center of the galaxy every 225 million years.

On December 21, 2012 we passed the Precession of the Equinox which was the beginning of an entire new cycle, the start of a completely different reality.

Our gradual entrance into the photon belt started before 2012, as evidenced by our sun going from yellow to white.

Precession Of The Equinox - Precessional Cycle

The end of a revolution of our sun around Alcyone and the end of a revolution of Alcyone around the center of the galaxy.

A new age into Aquarius… Remember, every constellation gives off a certain frequency, a different reality so it would make sense when we transitioned into Aquarius we would be receiving a whole new reality.

What the Precession of the Equinox means is it’s Earth’s 25,630 year completion of a cycle around all 12 constellations.

We spend 2000 years give or take a couple years in each age, in each constellation.

We just left the Age of Pisces in 2012 which was about control and oppression a low frequency reality.

So when you think about it is it any wonder that these off world controllers designed religion? Is it any wonder they made up a savior for the last 2000 year cycle of Pisces?

Precession Of The Equinox - 2000 Years Cycle Age Of Aquarius

This all correlates with the age of control and oppression.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius moving through these intense high frequencies of the Photon Belt… so it would only make sense we are going into a higher reality.

Meaning, religion and all control is falling aside, people are waking up due to these higher frequencies transitioning into this new Age.

So at the end of this cycle is what’s called a Precession of the Equinox which means our solar system enters the Photon Belt which is an ocean of light, very high frequencies of light that surrounds Alcyone.

What this means is we are in an amazing time in our history and in our entire solar systems history to witness this incredible change.

There are streams of sound frequency that are spread through ancient structures, sacred sites, pyramids and military bases placed on our planet at certain energetic points on Earth’s grid to control and manipulate the collective consciousness.

This sinister, off world secret government has been streaming low Vibrational Frequency through these sites all to keep it’s inhabitants buzzing at a very low vibration so we’re much easier to control.

But, we are now taking back control hence the intense chaos on this planet.

Example… the Eiffel Tower in France is used as an energetic antenna, a portal to spread very low fear-based energy as well as the stone circles in South Africa.

Also, this is the case for all military bases on Earth.

But, just as these low frequency sites have been placed so have benevolent high frequency sites.

Nodes of high frequency energy has been placed during our original creation by the Pleiadians during the seeding of the human race on this planet.

Long ago the Pleiadians looked at this planet and picked out 12 pairs of energy points.
They would represent the duality on the planet.

These energy points are found at 24 geographical locations on mountain peaks and deserts were selected by the Pleiadians that looked the most promising. Most of these locations are Crystal caves located underneath the Earth.
They are time capsules that are now spreading new and higher energies.

They play a very important role and are automated to be used to our advantage. When activated these higher frequencies are dissolving the fear-based energy that have been emitted by the old Annunaki structures.

These Pleiadian capsules of higher frequency energy is helping create this new vibrational change we’re feeling along with the higher frequencies coming from our central sun.

It is entirely disabling the old energies of fear and control. We are experiencing something extremely grand.
A massive transformation of absolutely everything and that doesn’t come without resistance.

But, everything evolves to light, the highest frequency so when we passed the Precession of the Equinox and entered the Photon Belt there is nothing that can stop humanity from evolving.

We are part of that cycle and it’s only up from now on.

We are entering higher and higher densities of light so now there is no excuse for us to not stand in our power and use this knowledge to our advantage that is being amplified exponentially by these higher frequencies that will benefit all life on Earth.

The Human race can transform these fear based energies…War, suffering etc. all fear-based low vibrational energies can be transformed by the power of the human consciousness.

We will do this there is no other option, we are God in the flesh literally.

We are that limitless so park that is in each and everyone of us that we attained during creation.

Remember, there is only one infinite mind. The mind on an extremely macro level of existence and it’s entirety.
We have infinite power thru emotion and like I’ve said many times we will never be fully controlled as long as we have emotion.

We are an infinite force of creation through frequency, Love is our true nature because that’s really the only way we know how to be and we all know that intuitively.

It’s all up to us how far we can go which is determined by our thoughts and imagination through our consciousness.

Everything is changing intensely and nothing can stop it now.

The lower realities are dissolving and we are bringing in this new higher reality of existence.

Don’t resist it! Let go of all your religious and societal beliefs, they are limiting your reality it’s only stunting you.
Let it all go!


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feb 8, 2019

This is the first entry on this blog, and hopefully a variety of others will follow. The purpose of this website is to provide the Starseeds incarnated on Planet Earth (Terra) with useful information to better cope with the harsh conditions, as long as the complete liberation and ascension of the planet has not been completed.

This information will come from sources incarnated on planet earth as well as from sources outside the earth's surface. A wide range of different topics will be covered; however, the focus of this first entry is especially on the current situation on the planet.

Many of you may have just joined the great lunar eclipse meditation that took place on January 21, 2019. Apart from what some people may say, this meditation was indeed a success for the Light Forces. There was almost an immediately positive change in the energie field of the planet that many light souls could notice. Furthermore it helped to trigger certain positve operations!

So, how can it be that so many Starseeds on the planet are in such a low condition and are seemingly struggling with their lives as bad, or even worse, as it was before the meditation?

Well, not long after the meditation there was, as always, a counterattack from the Dark Forces, which are still holding this planet in hostage. These forces, of course, know about these meditations very well and respond to them accordingly by doing “their own kind of energy work”. The entire planet and, above all, the countless Lightworkers on it were energetically petrified. This was a defensive measure against the newly arriving light. From a clairvoyant's point of view, it looked like the entire earth was covered with a stone crust, looking like hardened lava covering a volcanic landscape.

This countermeasure had two goals: on the one hand to keep the Lightworkers on the surface weak and passive, and on the other hand to slow down the liberation process as much as possible. In addition, there were massive attacks on all Lightworkers worldwide by negative entities. The result is that people feel extremely bad, get energetically occupied, get triggered, get upset against each other, get passive, fall into depression, and so on.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to protect and clean yourself energetically, both before and especially after these kinds of meditations. Visualizing a mirror surface sphere is a good start to protect yourself on the higher plains. Cleaning and transformation tools like the Silver Violet Flame or the Fire of AN in combination with siphoning light columns are extremely powerful to get rid of adherent negative energies or entities.

By the help of these powerful tools, it is also possible to get rid of any petrification in the future. It can go tough at first, but if you stick to it, the crust will loosen and be sucked into the light, which will bring immediate relief.

There will be more information on these topics in the future. This first entry should just bring some clarity about what is going on from an energetically point of view. And it serves as a reminder for Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Starseeds to be prepared for any kind of countermeasures after such important meditations.

As far as the cementation of the planet is concerned, Light Forces and certain capable people on the earth's surface are closely monitoring the situation and take care of it.



February 26, 2019

On the 19th of February 2019, a Super Full Moon occurred in the sign of Virgo. In combination with the Cosmic Portal Days, this constellation represented an extremely powerful energetic gate, at which time important events took place, especially on the non-physical plains. A certain (additional) positive group, deeply intertwined with the history of this planet, has been in the process of awakening for some time now and is starting to become active against the occupiers of the planet Earth, which in turn uses their occult powers during moon phases to maintain the status quo.

3 days before and 3 days after each full or new moon certain negative groupings associated with the fall of Atlantis are ritualizing on a regular basis, causing as much negativity and anomaly as possible within the Earth Quarantine. During this time, Lightworkers and Starseeds are increasingly exposed to energetic attacks, as this negative environment is an ideal hotbed for all kind of negative entities and demons, which subsequently seek to track, attack and / or occupy awakened souls on the surface of the earth. That's why it's so important to energetically protect and clean yourself during full or new moon.

In addition, several layers of a substance similar to the cosmic anomaly were placed around the planet to further prevent the Light Forces from penetrating, which in turn are positioned with their ships around the planet. Many Lightworkers around the world were also re-petrified or, as always, manipulated, so that they attack, defame or confuse each other through spreading misinformation.
The remaining negative occult forces on the planet have been instructed by their Dark Overlords to bring the planet completely into chaos, if it can not be held.

These groups are still protected by the Toplet Bombs, which are being successively removed by the Galactic Confederation. This process is taking so long, because it is a highly complex task that leaves absolutely no room for error.

Basically, the planet earth resembles a (space) harbour that has been mined to a gigantic extent. The Light Forces have the technology to locate each of these mines, but the complexities are that all Toplet Bombs are interwoven and additionally protected by countless hidden mechanisms and booby traps. Only the slightest mistake in defusing would lead to disaster, so the Light Forces have to proceed with absolute precession and caution.

In a nutshell, Lightworkers and Starseeds should energetically protect themselves every day, but especially during the New Moon / Full Moon phases. The energy on these days can also be used well to perform positive wish rituals or candle rituals for oneself (for example, to manifest certain positive things in one's life, also on material level), or to organize group meditations, to attenuate the negative energies and instead anchor Energies of Light and Love on the planet.

One possibility would be to cover the earth in a Column of Light and clean it with the White Fire of AN, at all levels (physical, plasma, etheric, astral). Imagine that all negative entities and remaining anomalies are sucked into the Galactic Central Sun. Using a rainbow vortex to transform remaining contaminants is also a very good idea. Last but not least, visualize how the energies of the Cosmic Central Sun continue to be anchored on the planet and that the earth is protected from any ongoing attacks.

The Light Forces have also recently drawn attention to the region of India / Pakistan ... those who feel guided can meditate especially for this area (together with Venezuela) for purification, protection and healing.


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march 22, 2019

There is a lot going on behind the scenes and various effects are becoming more and more visible on the world stage. Power struggles of various secret groups, which are reflected in the form of Intel dropping, false flags, disinformation, delays, secret military operations as well as partly controlled mass demonstrations are currently the order of the day.

The Internet is flooded with news and speculations, making it increasingly difficult to keep track; let alone, to filter out the right information.

For example, there is currently a lot of confusion about the situation in Venezuela. While some believe that the current government is backed by the Cabal and needs to be removed, others believe that it is in fact the Cabal, which is forcing a coup there.

Well, the truth is that none of the forces working here “from the sidelines” can be seen as what the Galactic Confederation would call "Pure Light" – something that also applies to background forces of the Yellow Vests Movement, but that is also a more complex issue.

The Light Forces therefore advise not to become too attached to individual power blocks or politicians.

From a higher perspective, Venezuela is about something completely different: It’s about The Goddess's struggle against Patriarchy.

Similar to the Syrian conflict, which is also kept complex on purpose, Venezuela is an extremely strong Goddess Vortex too, that has always been blocked by the Dark Forces.

From an energetic point of view, there is actually a "Goddess Venezuela", but she gets abused and suppressed by the Dark Forces. So that the Starseeds can participate in her liberation, the Galactic Confederation has given the following short Meditation/Visualization for Venezuela:

"Imagine the Goddess Venezuela in a beautiful red dress, with hazel hair and eyes. Imagine now how the Dark Forces, the Patriarchate that oppresses her is drawn into the White Fire of AN and gets neutralized there, so that the Goddess Venezuela can rise again and give Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony to the region ... across all Time Lines as well as across all Dimensions.”

Those who wish can also charge and protect the land with Pink Goddess Energy.

So, with this small visualization you can help Venezuela enormously from an energetic point of view.

Politicians, apart from a few exceptions, are completely irrelevant to the Light Forces. They are much more anxious (apart from removing the Toplet Bombs) to bring the military under their control, because whoever controls the military ultimately controls the planet.

Nevertheless, the Galactic Confederation is aware that humanity will go through several phases of social unrest, whether controlled or not, as shocking truths come more and more to daylight, leading to much anger and rage among the population – a normal process when you realize that you have been enslaved for millennia in a planetary open-air prison, or as the Venusians call it: A Planetary Concentration Camp.

People are also increasingly gaining the ability to use their previously suppressed abilities to see through deceptions for themselves ... such as in the case of 9/11 – the biggest mistake of the Cabal.

Recognizable by the tensions in the physical world, also a lot is happening on the Higher Plains. Heavy fighting between Pleiadians (+ Support) and Archons are raging. Operations are answered with counter-operations and vice versa, while at the same time preparatory measures for the First Contact are taken.

Starseeds are welcome to contact the Pleiadians mentally to be energetically brought to the Healing Ships of the Fleet over night, which have taken up position camouflaged in the sky.



march 24, 2019

Venezuela is not the only country with a Goddess. Also the other South American countries have their own Goddess as well as the countries of Central America like Belize, Panama or Costa Rica.

Especially in the jungle region of this part of the world there are a lot of incarnated Goddesses/Priestesses who get physically oppressed or abused, for example by soldiers who gets often occupied by negative beings (Demons).

From an energetic point of view, the Patriarchy, in one way or another, is always linked to the Devil, who is indeed an actually existing being created by the Archons to subjugate the Goddess Energy on the planet. This is also the reason why Dark Groups who worship this entity are always anxious to oppress the Goddess as well as Sexuality – like the Black Nobility through Jesuits through the Vatican/Church, which are very strongly represented in South America.

Goddess Vortices are Key!

The Devil is also constantly re-produced by the Archons, which is why it's so difficult for the Light Forces to take him out of the game, as well as his demonic henchmen on the energetic plains.

Therefore it is advisable to clean all of South America as well as Central America energetically, using the usual tools: Light Column, White Fire of AN.

Lightwarriors, who feel guided to do such meditations, should not forget to protect themselves energetically before starting!

Some Starseeds on Earth are also struggling with the fact that sleep during the night does not seem to offer them any rest at the moment.

The Archons are also responsible for this. Through the grid and the Fall of Atlantis, they managed to put the majority of people to sleep at the same time, depending on the continent. They send special entities to seek out sleeping Starseeds and tap their life energy unnoticed on the higher plains during the night – this has been going on for millennia.

In order to counteract this, the Light Forces highly recommend to use a Light Protection Ball or Mirror Sphere with additionally installed, outwardly protruding sword tips or spikes when going to bed, so that these energy parasites can no longer approach one.

These technique looks like a rolled up hedgehog, or a combination of Testudo Formation and Phalanx, but is extremely effective.

In addition, you can also visualize a fire ring consisting of the White Fire of AN around your bed.

Remember, what happens on the energetic plains determines what happens on the physical plain!

With all the political turmoil taking place in the physical world right now, one look at the energetic plains is enough to get some clarity: 2 Eagle Heads, one over London, Red, looking west, a second over US East Coast, Black, looking east, both staring at each other ... both connected, both not positive.

Black Nobility > Luciferian Cabal Fraction

... but there are also (strong) Positive Groups at the table (US ... Q = Starseed)


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rick jewers

march 17, 2019

As physical access to a Higher 5D Timeline becomes more intact, what appears as a seepage is occurring. This "seepage" is actually You integrating into this Higher Timeline, physically existing within its domain.

Indicators and confirmations that this is so, is occurring in ways such as what was considered as extinct animals, are reappearing. New animals and plants are being discovered. Land formations are changing as well as "add ons" to past known areas that will defy 4D Time and space.

Insects are also defying biology, time and space, by being able to exist and function in freezing temperatures. These insects are actually "seeping" through 5D access doors of which You have opened and made a part of Your temporary reality. These insects are actually filtered through to You and Your surroundings from a different time and warmer climate. Time is not the same in the nearest 5D Timeline as is the climate, which is a more tropical climate.


The ongoing transition into the nearest 5D Timeline is speeding up. As more Awaken and join in Creation, the effects are exponential. You are bringing this to You NOW at an incredible rate which may cause a "flash point", wherein less than a blink of an eye, Your whole reality changes to what You desire, harmony. Most of You NOW are in this waiting period with little left to do to get there.

Those of You that were responsible to Your Being and have advanced it to very appreciable states, are experiencing and enjoying many wonders that were once thought impossible, these will continue and become more profound in very good ways. Your experiences that You Create in this NOW are dependent upon Your state, the level to which You have eliminated fear and negativity and to the degree You have built Your Unity with Others.

Because of the current vibration that ALL exist in NOW, very intense rapid implosions will occur for those individuals that have still not done enough inner work to be compatible with the present planetary vibration. They will implode with the KNOWING of what they must do, intact. You are reminded once again that You are judging Yourself to where You will be, Your actions are what judge You. 5D is a timeline where hate, greed, anger, selfishness etc, does not exist, to go there, You must purify.

You are encouraged to complete Your remaining inner work at this time, Your future timelines and where You will reside temporarily depends upon this, use this information wisely, You DO have choices. These choices simply are, remain on a lower timeline experiencing more misery, or keep Ascending to more favorable harmonious timelines. Pride separates, it must go. Separation is not Divinely supported and those in Unity go forward, for those in Unity did NOT Create the separation, nor does it exist for them.

The next few weeks will see several Timeline doors, always choose the highest perspective and remain in a place of full Trust. Divine Intervention IS present upon the surface and more will come to know that this is so. Miracles are NOW and will become more common with unmistakable events.


march 27, 2019

A seven-year cycle will end on Nov 18th on the Highest 4D Timeline. This "cycle" is a preparation cycle of the organic Vessel TO FULLY transform into the ability of permanency in other dimensions. Once Your process is complete, You WILL NO LONGER be in these lower dimensions as You are Now.

Upon achieving such a transition, You cannot remain in these lower 4D Timelines with the KNOWLEDGE of how everything really works, and with the physical Vessel You have prepared for Higher Dimensions. Not All of Humanity will be going at this time, for their "Soul Contracts" are such as to experience apocalyptic endings, and therefore, They Ascend in a different way, through the death process.

At the end of this "cycle", You are given Your Free Will in a much larger respect in accordance with Universal Law and Divinity. At that point, and Some have already left, You WILL have choices that are beyond the Human Experience.

BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, Your Realities will be free of negativity and fear, to the degree You have purified Yourself of these lower dimensional energies. For those that have Mastered these areas already, You WILL BE IN A MORE HARMONIOUS AND FAVORABLE REALITY/IES, until You depart. Those Ascending in this manner, WILL cross the "finish line" Together.

To Embody the Christ, is to integrate the characteristics and abilities of this Divine Essence, this is Your Mastery and door to Your Divinity, which includes multi-dimensional travel while in a Humanoid Form, upgraded from Carbon Based to a most efficient Crystalline Based Vessel. The clues are not in any pasts, they are in the NOW and the Futures.

Many of You ARE ready to leave NOW, HOWEVER, it is decreed to leave Together, for the most part. Your Unity and Assisting Others that are preparing to leave the lower dimensions continues to Create more favorable wait times. Those of You NOT fully prepared yet will be bombarded with areas that You must clear and Master, in this near future.

It is ASSURED that You accomplish this in due time, You ARE provided Individually with every ASSISTANCE You may require in this Process. You are reminded NOT to impose or interfere with Another's Dark/Negative Process UNLESS They request assistance from You. When They REQUEST ASSISTANCE from You, it is BECAUSE it is written in Their "Soul Contract". Those You ARE TO ASSIST WILL BE PLACED BEFORE YOU


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Japanese generals ready to act against Zionist stooges as “Reiwa era” begins

benjamin fulford


The Japanese military is ready to act against Khazarian Zionist stooges now that the new “Reiwa era” has officially begun, according to several generals who contacted the White Dragon Society.  Although the public is being told the new era starts on May 1, our NSA sources and Japanese right-wing sources say Emperor Naruhito assumed control today, April 1, 2019, or year Zero of the Reiwa era.

The name Reiwa or 令和 can be translated as “emphasizing harmonious Japaneseness” and is taken, apparently for the first time in history, from Japanese rather than Chinese classical texts, according to Japanese scholars.  This choice was inspired in part as a reaction to attempts by the Khazarian mafia to sell out Japan to the Chinese in exchange for protection, Japanese right-wing sources say.

Khazarian mafia agents like Richard Armitage, Michael Greenberg, and Gerald Curtis have been stripped of their role as “Japan handlers” as a part of the start of the new era, say Japanese right-wing sources close to the Emperor.

The Japanese generals have been advised by the White Dragon Society (WDS) that they will need to nationalize the foreign-owned Bank of Japan and take control of the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s office, and the major media corporations if they wish for Japan to be independent again.  Several generals agreed and said it has already happened.

However, the NSA sent a person to this writer’s house today to verbally inform me that Emperor Naruhito takes orders from the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.  They say the “Carlos Slim” who gives orders to Naruhito is not the same person as the Carlos Slim who appears in public, but rather is a wheelchair-bound old man.

In what may be partial confirmation of this information, the WDS has been contacted recently by Mexican organizations claiming to be very powerful and offering institutional support.  Events will show if there is any truth to this, but clearly, if it is true, the trail leads from Mexico to the Vatican and the P2 Freemasons.

Thus it is worth noting that the P2 Freemasons have promised recently to work with Asian secret societies.  Events in Italy, at least, seem to prove this to be true.  For example, Italy already has become the first G7 country to formally agree to join China’s massive $21 trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  Italian sources say their decision has made it inevitable that the other G7 countries will follow and join the BRI.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already made positive comments about joining the BRI.  Also, Germany is apparently trying to reverse the results of World War II by taking over France again.  In fact, French resistance forces behind the yellow vest protest movement claim their country has already been taken over by Germany.  Unlike WWII, this time they used bonds, not bombs to do so.  The fact that Germany and France have begun to meld their parliaments and military forces into a single organization is public proof that this is really happening.

Also, in a development reported only in the Italian press, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of central banks, has quietly announced that gold will once again be considered to be a cash equivalent to the U.S. dollar or Euro.  This goes directly against the 1971 decision by Richard Nixon to de-link the U.S. dollar from gold.  It also shows BIS acceptance of a direct challenge to the petrodollar—the Chinese gold-backed oil futures trading.  For more details, please use Google Translate or a similar utility to read the Italian article at the link below.

Pentagon forces, for their part, confirm that the quantum financial system, the global currency reset, and the emergence of gold-backed currencies are other signs of the decline of the petrodollar system.  “A multi-polar world is happening, with the U.S. losing its uni-polar moment,” they admit.  The loss of U.S. power has been confirmed by multiple events such as the failure of its attempts to blockade Huawei, Iran, and Venezuela, they note.

Henry Kissinger, creator of the petrodollar, is now a broken man following the failure of the summit he organized between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un, added sources close to the new Japanese emperor by way of confirmation.

If the world demands gold-backed currency, then the regime in Washington, D.C. will surely implode.  This year alone, for example, the U.S. is on track to post a trade deficit of $920 billion, which is equivalent to close to 20,000 tons of gold.  Financing the projected U.S. fiscal deficit of $1.3 trillion would more than double the amount of gold needed to keep the Khazarian-run fake U.S. government going.

Possibly the U.S. corporate government will try to blame its bankruptcy on an EMP attack, just as they blamed the bankruptcy of Puerto Rico on a “hurricane.”  Trump issued an Executive Order on March 26th to prepare for an EMP attack on “the functions of government and the private sector so vital to the United States that their disruption, corruption, or dysfunction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety.”

The threat by Trump to close the U.S. border also may be an attempt to create a crisis to blame for the results of a government bankruptcy, CIA sources warn.
The Khazarian mafia is still trying anything and everything in its power to prevent the bankruptcy of Washington, D.C. by getting its hands of vast sums of gold.  The failed attempt by the Rothschilds to use a fake Neil Keenan to try to convert bonds into 91,173 tons of gold was an example we reported last week.

Now the Khazarian mob is going to try to take over Indonesia using a clone of their Venezuelan slave Juan Guaido, CIA sources in Indonesia say.  The Khazarian plan is to back a veteran Indonesian politician by the name of Prabowo Subianto along with his charismatic vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno, they say.

Uno would take over as president “after Prabowo suffers a stroke, heart attack, or other accident soon after winning the election,” the sources say.  However, Asian secret society sources in Indonesia say this plan will fail just like the attempt to take over Venezuela has failed.

Pentagon sources, for their part, insist that Trump is helping end Khazarian mob rule while only pretending to support their various antisocial schemes around the world.  They say, “Trump waited until the Mueller report was released” to recognize Israeli control over the Golan Heights.  The real aim of this recognition was to use it as a casus belli for Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, and Lebanon to move against Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ordered to leave the U.S. early when he visited last week, and he was not allowed to give a speech at AIPAC or to lobby Congress during his visit, the Pentagon sources said.

The Khazarian mafia’s use of remote anti-hijacking software to crash Ethiopian and Indonesian airliners recently is also having huge ripple effects.  Pentagon sources say, “The Boeing 737 scandal may lead to revoked certifications, production termination, and a new narrow-body jet designed from scratch, forcing the company to build better, safer planes and military equipment.”  They say other military-industrial complex contractors also will be forced to clean up their acts.

That’s unlikely to be enough to get executives of the military-industrial complex off the hook.  Authorities around the world are re-examining other suspicious airline crashes, CIA sources say.  For example, the governments of Holland, Russia, Australia, and Malaysia have begun cooperating to discover what really happened to Malaysia Air Flight 370/17.

Furthermore, a British laboratory has found traces of explosives on pieces of a jet that “crashed” in 2010, killing most of the Polish government.  This means many EU and Russian government officials may be tried soon for mass murder.,Traces-of-explosives%E2%80%99-in-samples-from-Polish-president%E2%80%99s-jet-report

The other airline crashes also had a strategic impact.  The Malaysian Airline Flight 370/17 crash killed Fairchild Semiconductor researchers on their way to China;  the Lion Air crash killed 30 Indonesian central bankers;  and the Ethiopian Air crash killed 19 UN workers.  Then of course let us not forget the results of 9/11.

The wheels of justice are grinding steadily towards the Khazarian mafia bosses who ordered these crashes.  The fact that these investigations are allowed to take place at all is proof the Khazarian mafia has lost power at a very fundamental level.

When historians look back at these events, they will probably describe it like the fall of Babylon, the biggest historical event in thousands of years.  It may even end up being so big that the West—and not just Japan—will have to name a new era to replace Anno Domini, because the hidden Roman emperors no longer Dominate.  Their Babylonian debt-slavery system is imploding.


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SaLuSa March 2019 - Earth, Pacific Ocean, Angels and Karma

As you are increasingly immersed in the intense processes of liberation and settlement of the New Energies that have come to Earth, we are continually expanding our field of activity.

We directing members of our Fleets to park in the Earth’s lower orbits, avoiding however to scare or cause any disorder.

Our first intention is to prepare the energy field for our arrival, as we have received, with each new cycle of our actions, instructions from the main mentors of this Project, that you are reaching levels of possible direct contact.

SaLuSa March 2019 - Clouds

So, we have to prepare the energetic environment at first, for your biological bodies to adapt to the high frequencies of our ships.

As we have said, the continuous observation of our ships visualized through the camouflage (Cloud-Ships) is a sign that we are following these approach protocols.

Of course, some of you may have something to wonder about whether, in fact, many of the discoid clouds are really our manifestations, or just simple coincidences.

Dear Ones, no other time in your history has seen as much movement in your skies as in the present day, and even the most skeptical feels that somehow “there is something different in the air.“

Many of you who deal with land, agronomists, and/or any other professionals who are accustomed to this area of ​​work will begin to notice “strange” things happening.

Mother Earth is in the process of cleansing her body in general, and also cleaning it of the impurities accumulated over the eras.

Infertile land for planting will begin to enter into a state of purification.

Demineralized soils will begin to balance, and in all these movements, you may begin to see the birth of something that until then was not possible in certain places.

SaLuSa March 2019 -Desert flowering after the rain
desert flowering after the rain

Know that you can also help in the process by speeding up this purification so as to ensure a better work with the soil.

Gaia wishes, as always, to be cooperative with all, but also hopes that, especially at this moment, you will support her a little more in this so intense and so necessary process that it is happening.

Gaia sent a clear signal to the Creator who is ready and willing to do anything to help everyone in the process of Ascension. So, have no doubt she will do anything to support you.

In addition, you will be entering a colder phase of your Planet.

The energies that have been sent directly from the Central Sun of the Galaxy have adjusted some things on Earth and this will lead to a small general cooling.

But do not be frightened by this, everything is already parto of the plan and there is nothing to fear.

You have also received this information from other sources, and we are just confirming it.

In the midst of this whole process of Mother Earth, the Pacific Ocean is undergoing its transformations, and those who navigate through that zone are increasingly perceiving “strange lights” entering and leaving the water as never before.

Plunged into the depths, bases of the Galactic Federation are being reactivated at this time, and great agitation is occurring.

Portals outside the Galaxy are being reactivated. It is a direct request from the beings called “The Guardians” who have recently joined us.

These Portals will give greater access to the physicality of the Earth and that is where many beings coming from other galaxies will come to give direct assistance in the process.

These portals are very powerful and have been very active in MU times. In addition, “unexplained” dry portions will begin to appear in this region. Islands.

You will begin to feel more the presence of your Guardian Angels, as they have come closer to support you even more in your processes.

Immense Legions of Angels are coming from the 13th and 16th Dimensions and shaping their bodies in the fields of the Earth.

Some people have seen intense bundles of Light ripping the skies toward Earth as if they were meteors. Even Pillars of Light are also being observed. These events, in the majority of the cases, have been given by the descents, in mass, of these angelic beings.

Keep in mind that everything is going very well. Those who do not want progress continue to come out of your realities, for the simple fact that they are no longer compatible with the current high levels of consciousness of the Planet.

The Ashtar Command is very active in these times and continually ensuring the safety of your skies so that no more invaders from outside the Planet will undermine their trajectory of return to your full state of consciousness.

Beloved ones, nothing else will stop or delay your momentum forward.

Although apparent delays have plagued you, know that the so-called “delays” for many of us can be considered as “strategy”, since we are acting in a puzzle game and all the pieces need to be well fit together harmoniously.

I am SaLuSa, from Sirius, and I am once again very honored to be the spokesman for the Galactic Federation, at this time, ensuring that the information can arrive through this source dearly loved to us (Gabriel RL) and/or by any another in the service of the Federation.

We are sure that nothing will interrupt our advance and your expansion of consciousness.

Always remember: you did not came to Earth to atone your karma; you are here to accelerate your personal processes of expansion, as the Earth gave you a considerable range of tools that would leverage your expanding Consciousness and Light.

All this together and in the midst of all experiences and energies, which you call karma and that were generated, there is the need of rebalancing.

Thus, you, as ethical and correct beings that you are, would never leave the Earth without finalizing all your processes and balancing everything that is needed.

Therefore, look at the karma not as a punishment, but as an ethical and necessary fulfillment for balance in your Particular Universe and as one whole.
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War On Consciousness – The Last Days

31 March, 2019

We’ve all heard the saying, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

We are the ones that will save ourselves, nobody is going to do it for us.

We are the ones responsible for saving ourselves.

Too many think it’s a frightening thought but believe me there is a plan, there always has been a plan and your higher self is in on it.

Unraveling the truth and finding out the darkness of what really has been going on in our world, our entire existence, can be quite shocking for some.

It takes understanding and some level of objectivity to be able to handle the truth without going insane or becoming depressed and some handle it very well.

The majority of the population has no idea of the dense energetic field that has been placed around our planet that not only traps us but works in favor of the ones who are enslaving us.

Try explaining this to someone that is not open minded enough to even believe that there is life on other planets, much less than this planet was taken over by a small group of Archons and Artificial Intelligent thought forms.

When you tell people that we are not going to be saved some feel an intense feeling of fear and abandonment in the pit of their stomach, frightened by the thought of an enemy that we cannot see.

While others feel an overwhelming sensation of empowerment and the feeling of helping this Planet.
Many of us ask ourselves this question…why is there so many still so asleep on this planet, they must be here for a reason?

We all know that we volunteered to come to Earth to experience this third dimensional existence to further the growth of our souls, however there are others pulling the strings, so to speak, making sure we’re doing what we came here to do.

Everything that has happened in your life from day one has been pre-planned, there is nothing random about your existence.

The truth is everything has been in place, pre-programmed since before the time of our planet being taken over.
Source, Creator is all knowing of the Universe so how would it not know how to correct such an imbalance.

There is a plan in place that is beyond our fullest comprehension in our current 3D consciousness that involves helpers from the higher dimensional planes to help us exit this Matrix that has kept us trapped for cycles of lifetimes.

All of creation is cyclical and it always has a beginning and an end but the end is always just a transformation of a new beginning. We are currently at this time.

Meaning, the cycle of experience that we have been in for thousands of years is coming to a close and we are now transitioning into a new cycle of experience.

Not only has the end been planned out for a long time but the freedom and liberation of humanity has already happened for our future selves outside of time.

Every possibility that has been a thought has a timeline, and that thought has unraveled and created a probable future.

This is why you’ve heard saying many times that “they can see further down our timeline, then we can.”

Our helpers can make timeline changes and can bring messages to the ground crew here on Earth who have a strong connection with them thru our consciousness level and help with our requests.

These helpers, our guides are us from the past and future and cannot break Universal Law concerning free will choice with us on this planet. However, free will has been taken from us in a tricky way through the reincarnation trap to make free will decisions to suffer in lifetime after lifetime so our emotional energy could be harvested.

Our memories have been wiped time and time again and false lifetimes have been inserted into our life reviews that made our souls think we have to pay karmic debts of suffering and disease.

Humanity has intentionally been put in a loop and that loop consists of lifetimes of consciousness slavery that is finally seeing it’s end.

I see it like this… Yes we chose to come here but we didn’t choose to come here to learn lessons of suffering, disease and despair and to live in a proverbial hell.

Remember, we all have a soul family , guides, aspects of our higher self that are helping us, fighting for us from outside of these prison walls. Remember, incarnating into a human body will not be possible in the next time line because we are transforming into a different form of energy, a different frequency.

The human body is just too dense so enjoy this experience as much is you can.

Also, remember these oppressors that have kept us enslaved are slaves themselves from a hierarchy above them.

They have been so busy fighting for their own survival that they fell for the same entrapment they have done to the human species.

Their vibrational frequency is now trapped and cannot be maintained in this current higher frequency.

Again, this is why we are seeing the incredible desperation of these Dark rulers trying to keep humanity and this planet at a low frequency by suffering, disease, war etc. it’s all to keep control of their mighty Empire.

We are in the last days of the war on consciousness as we are getting blasted by higher vibrational energy that’s coming deep within our Universe from our Central Sun, these waves of higher energy affects every single cell on the planet.

Source is healing itself, it’s bringing back balance.

Meaning, we will finally be able to live without cut throat survival instincts. Everything will be transmuted to the Highest Frequency which is love and anything not of love will be transmuted.

Parasites of every shape and form will be dissolved in this higher frequency.

They must decide to connect to this higher vibration or they will not be able to exist on this healed planet.
We are powerful fractals of Source and we will once again stand in our power.
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Earth Intelligence Report

april 2019

Brad Johnson expands a little about the non-Solar Flash alternative ~  the Stargate Effect. This is the first time I've heard of Stargates directly associated with the Great Shift.

I feel that this reveal is important, assuming that this is indeed the new Ascension Timeline. This means that there will still be some sort of push to "get us there", and that it won't be a long, drawn-out affair where Humanity languishes longer than necessary because we're taking it step by step without any main catalyst or trigger. Well, that's how I interpret this Stargate Effect, at least. Brad has mentioned "early years of the next decade" for the star system to be totally free of Archons.

Ultimately, it is anybody's guess what exactly is going to occur.

There are an armada of fleets that are working together in developing an impenetrable barrier within the outer layers of the electromagnetic grid above the Earth. This new barrier will represent an unseen quarantine enabling any unlawful entry (on an energetic/vibrational level) to be denied entry into the sphere of the Earth grid within the times ahead. The Earth’s collective energy holds a strong preference to enlightened souls, and they shall be the incarnations of the generations to come. Those that have dabbled in ill-will shall not be permitted to continue in the incarnation game upon this planet for the upliftment of the planet migrating into a fourth density consciousness will hold no room for such beings with unlawful intentions. Therefore, this barrier will be the guarding ground on a vibrational level to prevent entry from such beings and continue in a further upliftment of light that will engulf the shadows that were once clandestine.

Within the next several years shall be the continued agenda of stargate facilitation upon the Earth. Earth’s labor into being uplifted into the next density shall be generated by transitional stargate technology that will deliver streams of light energy upon the grids of the world eventually bringing an inversion to the Earth magnetically that will populate and propagate two worlds that will become one with those migrating to the next sphere. The stargate effect has been the preferred alternative replacing any timelines representing any solar blast or ignition to propel Earth forward. Such a plan holds a great count of life casualties, and the preferred plan that has been agreed upon is working with stargate technology to bring the light of higher dimensions into the magnetics of the Earth grid splitting the point between two worlds to then engulf and assimilate into the one world from the perspectives of those that will appear on the new Earth, and those remaining on the old Earth. Those on the old shall witness one Earth, those on the new will witness one Earth.

A Nordic race living within certain areas of Europe has agreed to assist in a deeper disclosure process as it works with agencies across Europe in the introduction of extraterrestrial life. This Nordic race has been working with other agencies upon the Earth for a good number of decades in the shadows and are now looking to taking on a more active role in developing plans to begin greater levels of disclosure that would be considered as undeniable. Predictions of sightings to come and phenomena existing on Earth and other planetary bodies are looking to be exposed that hold extraterrestrial roots. The Nordic race exists both within the connections of the interior of the Earth as well as cosmically. They have agreed to become liaisons for several governing bodies as a European disclosure on extraterrestrial life begins to take fruition.

Another larger armada gathers around the sun to create increased buffering of the sun’s magnetic field easing the transitions of energy between the sun and its planetary bodies into the next dimension. Buffering and stabilization is taking place as a stream of cosmic shifts this year are projected in entering the star system and emergency fleets are on active levels to stabilizing the incoming tides of energy as not to overwhelm the current events and progress happenings upon the Earth. Everything will remain as steady as possible as the light of change shines brightly upon the Earth eliminating every shadow exposing hidden agendas that will continue to play out on every level of the human civilization’s horizon of change.

The balance of power within the outer star system is experiencing a massive sweep of change as installations are being dismantled and the once rulers of this star system are being cast out. It is estimated that around the time of the early years of the next decade, this star system will be free of any old regime pertaining to Draco-Grey-Archon rule as the resistance to foil any future agendas of take over is taking place.

The disclosure agenda for Antarctica is appearing higher in momentum to take place. This disclosure will be a watered-down exposure at first, and there will be a wave of continual investigation relating to Antarctica relating to its ruins, pyramids and ancient history upon its surface. This may also lead to the revealing of an ancient civilization representing an ancient builder race that perished with Antarctica/Atlantis many thousands of years ago. Another strong level of disclosure may be the recovery of an ancient body that may hold greater popularity of scrutiny in larger scale alternative networks.


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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Soul Families Workshop Report and Planetary Situation Update

Our Soul Families workshop in Budapest was extremely successful. Many key instructions for cracking the Matrix on the surface of the planet were successfully transmitted to the very awake participants of the workshop, as you can see in the workshop notes which were already published in many blogs:

Many new volunteers came to the stage to form new Sisterhood of the Rose groups throughout the planet.

Instructions for them: if your group has 3 or more people that meet physically regularly, you can make your group public so more people from your area can join. You can do so by sending an email to, and request to be added to the main Sisterhood of the Rose list here:

All instructions for you group meetings are posted here:

More than 170 Sisterhood of the Rose groups have been formed until now around the planet:

Other special task groups have been formed during our workshop and they may be made public in the future if the situation will be ready for that.

During our workshop, more specifically between the lunch break on the first day until the lunch break on the second day, plasma activity around the planet has gone wild:

Less than 24 hours after the workshop, this article about quarantine Earth has been published “by coincidence” in the Forbes magazine:

Put it simply, our workshop has created a huge crack in the Matrix and the Archons have gone crazy in the weeks after, attacking key people mercilessly.

Many of those attacks have been orchestrated using directed energy weapons and negative social engineering:

Meanwhile, dark occult mind programming practices of the Cabal are being exposed and people are fighting against them:

And the Cabal is destroying evidence, deeply in panic:
Sources connected to the Cosmic Central Race have communicated that the feeling of deep despair that pervades the surface of the planet is actually an AI distress signal, emitted by the Cabal, because after our meditation on January 21st their mathematical future forecast models are predicting their defeat with 100% certainty. Therefore they are generating an SOS call to all remaining darkness of the Universe to come and help them against the inevitable defeat. As no dark reinforcements are arriving to planet Earth from beyond our Solar System, the feeling of utter dread and panic has begun to propagate from top Cabal handlers such as Chimera and Black Nobility families down to Cabal middlemen and minions as they being to realize that their plans are not coming to fruition.

Their defeat is coming and with their defeat come many changes, and this is the reason for this dream:

Clearing of the Chimera group continues, as well as clearing of the plasma toplet bombs. Clearing of the toplet bombs is approaching the stage where “certain unprecedented action of the Light forces may be possible in the not too distant future”

The only comment permitted here is that the Plan for planetary liberation is deeply classified since January 27th, 2018, and NO intel about it is coming out (except from a brief leak about spy satellites in August 2018). Therefore you might take the story about sealed indictments with a grain of salt:

The Plan will NOT be popularized on internet. Everybody will be take by surprise.

One of the crucial situations that is ongoing is the battle for the energy grid around the planet, between SURFACOM and the Black Nobility families especially battle for the Goddess Leyline, which holds the master key for control over the planet:

Syrian Goddess Vortex is located on this leyline, and just after our workshop, victory over the Daesh in Syria has been announced in the Western media:

According to the more accurate sources, there is still some small Daesh controlled territory in Syria and Iraq:

Although peace is finally returning to Syria:

You need to understand that Daesh is a creation of the Western (RIIA) / Saudi (Wahhabi) Cabal:

Another important vortex point on the Goddess leyline is the small country of Slovenia.

Battle of Frigidus was the key historical moment that has shaped the destiny of the Western civilization and was taking place on September 6th, 394 CE near Vipava, Slovenia:

This battle meant defeat of Eugenius, the last Roman emperor that supported Goddess mysteries, by Thedosius, who was a Cabal agent, obeying commands of the Archon handler Ambrosius, the bishop of Milan. Theodosius was instrumental in completely erasing Goddess mysteries, by issuing laws to forbid Goddess worship, punishable by death, in 391 CE and by ordering the destruction of Serapeum and the library in Alexandria in 392 CE. Battle of Frgidus meant a complete collapse of the Goddess energy grid for the whole Western civilization, leading to the split of the Roman empire just a few months later, and ultimately leading to 1000 year delay of progress in the so-called dark (middle) ages.

Theodosius belonged to Theodosian bloodline that is now known as Theodoli family, one of the main Black Nobility families:

There is a certain leyline connecting Vipava valley to Alexandria and at the turn of the 20th century many women from Vipava valley moved to Alexandria to work there. There is a certain occult secret about these women that must not be revealed yet.

Another important vortex in Slovenia is its capital city, Ljubljana. It was an important city of Light in late Atlantean period and is about to become a city of Light again in the New Atlantis:

There were certain events of planetary and cosmic importance taking place in Ljubljana in 1995 that must remain classified for now.

During the last Archon invasion in 1996, Ljubljana was bombed with etheric and plasma nuclear bombs which have collapsed the energy grid in the country completely and have delayed the spiritual progress of the country for decades. Very recently, certain actions are being taken to revive that energy vortex again.

Black Nobility family that is controlling Ljubljana, certain other parts of Slovenia and certain parts of Italy is the Orsini family:

Orisini family has suffered a big defeat in 2010 and certain sources are claiming that Orsini have killed Isis Astara as their revenge for that defeat.

Orsini family is very strongly against the Goddess energy and for this reason they have infiltrated the Rosicrucian movement which was before strongly influenced by the positive Sisterhood of the Rose and was promoting Goddess mysteries:

Orsini are controlling Rosicrucians especially through their Rosenberg branch and have created a negative mirror Sisterhood of the Rose and Snake a few centuries ago. This group is made of female Illuminati members who use black magic occult rituals against positive Goddess priestesses:

Another prominent Black Nobility family that is using negative female archetypes against the Goddess energy is the Sforza family:

You need to understand that Black Nobility families control at least 80% of the top echelons of human society through so-called Greek fraternities, which are a Jesuit creation:

Jesuits themselves are a creation of the Farnese family:

Very recently, an excerpt from this article about Farnese from my blog:

was reposted on Fulford's blog:

The light forces have recently started a campaign to expose Black Nobility families.

Much intel about those families is gathered here:

And here:

It would be wise to create mirror copies of those blogs in case they are taken down, as Black Nobility families do not like to be exposed.

Yet, there is currently a meditation campaign to bring Light of the Buddhic columns through members of those families to accelerate purification of the planet:

As the Matrix is beginning to fall apart:

Victory of the Light!
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Undeclared Anglo-German war raging inside the G7

benjamin fulford

april 08, 2019

The leadership of the Western G7 alliance is in the middle of a civil war pitting an English alliance against a Germanic alliance, multiple sources claim.  The arrival of a new British-educated Emperor in Japan and the re-arrest last week of former Nissan/Renault Chairman Carlos Ghosn are part of this war, according to Japanese military intelligence sources.

The possibility of Japan returning to being an independent country clearly has the Khazarian mafia rattled.  We received the following message last week from a perpetually drunk and widely disrespected gangster by the name of Morita:  “Your words will lead to the death of 100,000 Japanese on May 11th.”  Morita was apparently referring to a call to nationalize the Khazarian-owned Bank of Japan.  The military police need to arrest him as soon as possible and force him to disclose who paid him to convey this threat.

We can also point out that the White Dragon Society (WDS) has been given the option to use as many as three 500-kiloton nuclear warheads.  That means we could retaliate against any new attack on Japan with the destruction of, say, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, and Zug, Switzerland.  However, unlike the satanists, the WDS does not believe in using the mass murder of innocents to achieve political ends.  Instead, we use pinpoint murder of the guilty.  In case you think we are bluffing, it is worth pointing out that over 200 people involved in the Fukushima mass murder have already been executed, including so-called “Ambassador” Christopher Stevens and Black Pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

This time any new punishments would include the Führer of the DVD Nazi continuum of the Khazarian mafia, WDS sources say.  The new Führer and head of the Black Sun organization who replaced the executed George Bush Sr. is, according to Japanese military intelligence Donatus, the Langrave of Hesse.  He is a descendant of Queen Victoria and a relative of Adolf Hitler as well as of the Italian Emperor Victor Emmanuel, according to MI6 and other sources.  His British cousins have already conveyed a message to him to cease and desist.  This is a message to him from the WDS:  “Surrender while you still have a chance to use your considerable talents to help save the planet, or your entire genocidal bloodline will be permanently deleted from the human genome.”,_Landgrave_of_Hesse

Okay, now let’s look at what signs there are of secret warfare between Anglo and German factions within the Western elite.

The most obvious thing, of course, is the turmoil over Brexit.  British intelligence sources say that Brexit has already happened as legally required on March 29th, despite posturing by politicians who pretend it has not.  A visible sign of this is the fact that British passports issued after that date do not include a mention of the European Union.  Prime Minister Theresa May is still trying in vain to push a deal that would hand control of the British military intelligence apparatus to the Germans, they say.

The Germans, as we mentioned last week, have already rolled back the results of World War II by re-occupying France.

Leaders of the French yellow vest movement point out that French President Emmanuel Macron was an employee of the German Rothschild/Saxe Gotha/Hesse family and needs to protect himself with foreign bodyguards.  They also note that German armored vehicles with EU stars (instead of swastikas) are being used to repress the yellow vest protesters.

Now, in what may or may not be a coincidence, a ship carrying German car exports has sunk in the British Channel.

Then, the son of British MI6 Chief Sir Alex Younger died in a mysterious car crash.

British intelligence sources say they will soon take drastic action against German-backed fifth columnists.  That’s why they have prepared a remote Christmas Island prison camp as their version of Guantanamo Bay to house senior traitors like Tony Blair, they say.

As mentioned earlier, this proxy war is also raging in Japan.  The re-arrest of Carlos Ghosn last week was a move specifically aimed at Landgrave Donatus, the Japanese military intelligence sources say.  The Germans were using Ghosn to try to get Japanese military secrets from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, they say.  Mitsubishi is now merging with Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and the German military faction was trying to penetrate this growing alliance, they explain.

Japanese help is now especially important for Boeing, because purchases by Japanese airlines are keeping it afloat, the Japanese sources say.  Further help will be needed.  “As Boeing faces global stigma from the 737, there may be a global ‘boycott, divest and sanctions’ (BDS) campaign against not just its commercial airplanes, but also its military products,” Pentagon sources elaborate.

Now Pentagon sources are telling us that their investigation into the recent crash of the Ethiopian Air Boeing 737 aircraft indicates it was done via remote hijacking by French and German Intelligence.  The French and their German masters were able to kill UN officials who worked against French interests in Africa, while at the same time helping to sell Airbus jetliners by ruining the reputation of their Boeing rivals, they say.

The fact is that now as a result of the fallout from this crash, Boeing is removing remote hijacking equipment from all its planes, while Airbus planes still have this equipment installed.  A quick search has revealed at least three crashes that appear to have been the result of remote hijacking of Airbus planes.

“The world needs China and Japan to step up to break the Airbus-Boeing duopoly,” the Pentagon sources say.  “Planes will now be certified not just by the FAA, but in concert with the EU and China to protect the public,” they add.

The U.S. military is also preparing to distance itself from “bloated and greedy” U.S. military equipment manufacturers, they say.  “Turkey may be rewarded for standing with Russia on the S-400 [anti-aircraft missile] deal with 5th-generation Sukhoi Su-57” planes instead of “that overpriced Lockheed crap F35,” they note.  “Sukhoi may sell this to India, China, Iran, Venezuela, and even Saudi Arabia after it dumps the petrodollar,” they continue.

The mention of Saudi Arabia dumping the petrodollar is a clear sign that the de facto U.S. military-controlled government there is preparing to move Saudi Arabia away from Khazarian-mafia control, CIA sources say.

U. S. President Donald “Trump’s labeling of Iran’s revolutionary guard as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) may be a set-up to labeling Israelis defense forces Mossad, Shin Bet, and Aman (military intelligence) as FTO when the 9/11 truth is exposed,” the Pentagon sources add.  The Pentagon sources are fully aware that both Iranian and Israeli leaders have been getting orders to try to start World War III from their masters in Zug, Switzerland.

Now, as Israel heads into a general election this week, this is a reminder to the citizens of Israel who still don’t get it:  Benjamin Netanyahu works for the very same Nazis who carried out the Holocaust or burnt offering to Molech, Ba’al, Set, Satan, etc. in order to force the Ashkenazi Jews out of their ancestral European homelands and into Israel.  The Israeli people have a choice:  they can make peace on their own terms and come up with a two-state solution, or they can face a war against the combined forces of Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Qatar.  A reminder to those superstitious fanatics who are mind-controlled by ancient forgeries:  The U.S. military will not fight to defend the rogue state into which Israel has degenerated.  Wake up and face reality.  There will be no Gog vs. Magog war.  It’s over;  it’s time to start a new age.

There are many signs this new age has already begun.  For example, in what is definitely a game-changer for the planet, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s European visit has resulted in an agreement between the BIS (the central bank of central banks) and China to recognize Asian gold as money.  As background knowledge, Asians control about 85% of the world’s known gold, but most of this gold has been blacklisted from the Western financial system even since the Nixon shock of 1971.  Re-integrating that gold into the world’s financial system will amount to a huge shift of financial power away from the Rothschilds, etc.

In a related development, Mexican sources say the meeting between Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and Japanese Emperor Naruhito about which the NSA had informed us last week was to discuss the founding of an independent Mexican central bank.  Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Amlo) is establishing an Aztec Bank in cooperation with Slim to bypass the existing banking system and distribute social benefits directly to the poor, they say.

We note that Italy is also moving to nationalize its central bank and seize its gold.  Many other countries will follow.

Finally, in a sign the new age is becoming interesting, we note that China is getting ready to sell magic mushrooms.
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April 09, 2019

This Major Update will be divided into two parts. This First Part deals mainly with events that have taken place lately, especially on the non-physical planes on and around Planet Terra. The Second Part, published later, will point out the effects of these events on the planet and its population.

It is always important to note that the main struggle of the Liberation of the Planet does not take place on the physical plane, although, of course, a lot of things are happening there. The Light and Dark Forces have physically incarnated many of their people who are setting a lot of things materially in motion. The Chimera is incarnated in human bodies; Draconians, Reptilians and other entities as well... but the main part of them is located on the non-physical planes. This also applies to the Light Forces. The Pleiadians, for example, may not physically land on the Earth's Surface yet, but they can operate there non-physically.

The entry on this blog from March 11th was about a Major Event that took place recently:

This event was a Major Confrontation between the Light Forces and the Chimera mainly on a non-physical level. The outcome of this confrontation caused a disruption in the command structure of the Dark Ones, which cannot be discussed in detail yet. Let’s just say certain orders from above no longer come as easily from top to bottom as they did before.

But this was not the only clash between Light and Dark Forces that took place lately. There was also a large cleaning inside the grid, removing negative forces that were more likely to act in the occult area and have recently caused major problems. These forces also contributed significantly to the fall of Atlantis

It is also interesting to note that due to the fact that during past weeks there have been an enormous number of cleanings and operations of the Light Forces on a non-physical level, abnormal weather phenomena (especially in connection with vortices) have occurred around and after the March Equinox at certain energetically important places on the Earth's Surface:
Translate with Google:

As many already know, the Cosmic Central Race has arrived and is observing the Liberation Process of Terra at close range. But that’s not all. The Light Forces gave permission to introduce another race that recently arrived at Terra to support the Liberation.

The Felines:

The Felines are a wildcat-like race of High Consciousness and pure Light and Love.  Nevertheless, these beings should not be underestimated, since they are also a Cosmic Elite Warrior Race, whose speciality is to hunt down Dark Ones and their companions. The Felines exist both on a physical and non-physical level. They can appear energetically in human form, but can turn into a wildcat at any time, for example into the form of a Black Panther when they switch to battle mode, as indicated in the Marvel Movies, although severely distorted of course.

(The Marvel Films are severely distorted by the Cabal, but of course expose some things: Captain America - genetically modified Super Soldiers; Red Skull/Hydra - Occult Nazi Forces/Operation Paperclip/Illuminazi Fraction inside the US; S.H.I.E.L.D. - Black Projects/SSP; Winter Soldier - MK Ultra; Doctor Strange - Supreme Magic/Portal teleportation/Battles on non-physical level; Black Panther - Breakaway Civilizations/Suppressed technologies/Felines… more or less; GOTG - Space Piracy; Captain Marvel - severely distorted representation of the Pleiadians/Ashtar Command and the Draco/Reptile Forces with enormous political agenda; Avengers Infinity Wars - Archon Invasion;

Like most Hollywood products, these movies are full of occult symbolism and brain-washing negative energies, so, if you really need to watch it, you'd better protect yourself energetically beforehand and then separate and cleanse yourself afterwards!)

The Felines can enter the grid non-physically to hunt down Dark Ones. They move between the plains in wildcat form and search for negative beings with their extremely well-developed senses. They are absolutely self-confident and do not feel fear in any way. From their point of view, it’s an absolute waste of time and energy to fear anything, and every divine being must be able to defend itself against any kind of negativity. The Felines are highly spiritual, calm, loving, and also very sexual. But they also know how to defend themselves as well as how to deal with Dark Ones.

Once they detect negative beings, they literally hunt them down and shred them like wildcats would do with their prey in the wild. This is also the reason why the Archons are extremely afraid of them.

So, there is always someone out there who has more to offer than you! This is especially true for the Chimera and the Archons, which is why they have to hide behind Toplet Bombs.

Felines can also incarnate physically on Earth’s Surface. One can recognize them by the fact that they like sporty clothes (women like to wear skin tight clothes). They do a lot of body training, maybe also Martial Arts, both men and women.

They also have a strong connection to Ancient Egypt, the positive part of it, of course, which is one of the reasons why there are so many cat symbolisms from that time.

Here is a short YT-Clip about the Felines, where it was confirmed by the Light Forces that especially the first 4 minutes are 100% accurate:

In addition to the Felines, other positive groups have also arrived, but these may be reported at a later date. The Dark Ones are also trying to order reinforcements from Space, as there are still a few negative residual powers hiding out there, some of which will follow the call, but that won't cause much trouble.

There has also been a third confrontation in the last few days, which is more about Negative Female Forces suppressing positive Goddess Energy on Terra, but this will be covered in Part II of this update.

Let’s just say this much, it has become much easier for the Light Forces now to perform certain operations on the Earth's Surface. Also the number of revelations and exposure of negative physical groups increases more and more, including the Black Nobility.

It has also become a lot safer for the Goddess Energy now to come back to Earth and bring urgently needed healing to torn humanity and Starseeds to prepare them for First Contact. This will happen via Goddess Walk-ins, but more about that in the second part of this Major Planetary Update, which will be about the Return of the Maries/Goddesses.

Let's finish this First Part with a corresponding video by TruthEarthOrg:
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Washington, D.C. suffers from political insanity as bankruptcy approaches

Benjamin Fulford

16 April, 2019

The U.S. body politic has degenerated to gibberish and empty threats, as bankruptcy and collapse are now a mathematical certainty.  That’s because the March 29th Brexit made it so that “the City of London is no longer the finance capital of the cabal,” both British Intelligence and Pentagon sources confirm.

When asked, “How is President Donald Trump responding to this?” a senior British Intelligence officer said, “Probably in a blind panic by this stage, to be very honest.”

Find this hard to believe?  Let’s step back a bit and look at what has happened so far this year to the U.S. government.  First, all military veterans withdrew from the Trump presidency as of January 1st.  Then the U.S. government shut down for 35 days, even as the U.S. military stayed fully financed.

When the U.S. government reopened, Trump had filled his cabinet with raging Zionist neocons.  They managed to keep operations going by stealing the American peoples’ tax refunds and hiking U.S. gas prices.  While this gave the debt-addicted Washington, D.C. another sugar high, it has begun to kill the U.S. economic recovery.

Trump, meanwhile, has been talking like a bankrupt junkie trying to convince everybody that great events were happening by saying things like, “Saudi Arabia will buy $450 billion worth of weapons, etc.” or “China will buy more than $1 trillion worth of goods from the U.S.”  The reality is that Saudi Arabia has only agreed to buy $14.5 billion worth of U.S. exports.  Also, even if China agreed to buy $1 trillion worth of overpriced U.S. goods, the fact is that the U.S. economy does not have the capacity to create these goods.  In any case, China is seriously thinking of declaring Washington, D.C. bankrupt, according to Asian secret society sources

The Trump administration is now trying to keep itself afloat by forcing countries to buy its expensive shale oil and gas.  That’s the real reason for U.S. sanctions on Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, as well as for attacks on Syria and Yemen.  But this strategy is failing because the main oil importers—Europe, China, Japan, and India—have no interest in expensive U.S. oil and gas, and these countries are not going along with U.S. “sanctions.”  For a good analysis of this situation, I recommend the article below by Thierry Meyssan, the person who first scooped the 9/11 truth.

Pentagon sources note that “the arrest in Spain of former Venezuelan Military Intelligence Chief, Army General Hugo Carvajal has made the military even more loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, as the neocon coup failed royally.”  This means the world’s largest oil reserves remain outside of the cabal’s petrodollar system.

Arch-cabalist Henry Kissinger has been trying desperately and futilely to save the D.C. establishment and his petrodollar system by cashing bonds worth “quadrillions of dollars,” according to Japanese imperial family sources.  These bonds will never be cashed, the sources say.

Instead, something called the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is being implemented, multiple sources agree.  Since Japan’s financial markets will be closed for six days between April 27th and May 6th, which would be the longest financial market and bank closure since the end of World War II, it’s a good bet the transition will be implemented then.

The person who created the QFS says it had its origins in a “War College Power Transition Theory” that was “used in the liberation of Great Britain with pinpoint accuracy.”

CIA sources, for their part, say “Brexit is not about Europe or the UK alone.  It is a huge satanic game with some senior members of Parliament being threatened if they leave the Club of Rome.  Things are trying to shift, but the Old Guard will literally eat them alive should they try to escape.”

Now, according to an MI6 source, the world’s “armed forces and their intelligence arms” are using this power transition model to create “a global alliance of sovereign nation-states” to replace the collapsing New World Order.  The alliance of sovereign nation-states would also back “the creation of a global force such as the World Future Planning Agency,” says this source, who is a senior member of the traditional 13 ruling bloodlines.

This source was one of the key planners behind the “military counterintelligence operation that was central to the recent liberation of Great Britain.”

The operation to liberate the UK was triggered by whistleblowing by this person when he worked on “Sovereign Debt Markets at the Italian and Vatican desk,” at Barclays Bank.  This whistleblowing led to the LIBOR rate-rigging scandal.

Here is his summary of the importance of this scandal:  “The manipulation of the rates using a chat forum on Bloomberg became the largest-ever complex financial fraud in history and has—in the end game—bankrupted the entire industry and totally altered the trajectory of geo-politics, both overt and covert.”

Now he says the BIS, the IMF, and the World Bank “will be removed entirely,” because “they have fundamentally failed humanity and have committed very serious crimes against it, also.”

Of course, the Khazarian mafia is not going to give up its control of these institutions and corrupt political systems without a fight.  Last week they likely stole an election in Israel to keep Satan-worshiping mass-murderer Benjamin Netanyahu in power.

Then, to distract public attention away from this electoral fraud, they staged a series of fake news events.  In Israel they staged a fake moon landing.  The photo below was sent by a Jewish CIA source with the following comment:  “Attached is the fake photo of the fake Israeli moon shot.  Note the perfect shot with the ‘Star of Satan’ clearly seen.”

They also put out a fake “first image of a black hole” that was widely derided as soon as it was put out.  This did not prevent Khazarian-slave writers in publications like The Guardian or The New York Times to take this “photo” release as a cue to describe Brexit as a “black hole.”


[/size]Then of course they staged the so-called arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  We will not write much about this, since this farce has been widely exposed elsewhere.  However, we note that all the video and still images of the event came from a single source, Russia Today, which is a telltale sign of a computer graphic fake.  We also note that Julian Assange did not appear once on his balcony at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after he was visited in 2016 by Pamela Anderson.

[/size]Here is Jim Stone’s WikiLeaks timeline:


[/size]October 23, 2016 — WikiLeaks director Gavey Macfadyen dead.

[/size]April 16,2016 — WikiLeaks lawyer John Jones dead (“jumped in front of train”) (suicide)

[/size]May 11, 2016 — WikiLeaks Chief Counsel Michael Ratner dead.

[/size]October 16, 2016 — Pamela Anderson brings Assange “lunch,” claims he was not feeling well after eating it, and on October 17 Assange had his “Internet cut.”

[/size]They also faked a Wikileaks “data dump” that had no really important disclosures in it.  You can be sure they did not mention 9/11 truth or Fukushima or other such crimes against humanity.

Fukushima was “a terrorist attack and a very serious international incident which has gone grossly underreported in the world’s press,” the MI6 source said.  He added it this “extremely serious matter” would be a major subject of upcoming war crimes tribunals.

In any case, the interesting thing about all these staged events is how they are now being immediately debunked, showing how much the Khazarian mafia has lost its power to manipulate public opinion.

Despite these hysterical efforts to distract attention away from their crimes, the dragnet is closing in on the Khazarian mafia, and especially their base of operations in Israel.

On this front, Pentagon sources note that “Trump tweeted ‘We will never forget’ with what Nancy Pelosi called ‘painful images of 9/11’ in reply to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar saying ‘some people did something’ on 9/11, as this now becomes a politically correct national conversation prior to truth bombs taking down Israel.”

Now former U.S. Central Command chief Army General John Abizaid has been “confirmed 92-7 as U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, making him the de facto military governor of the Middle East,” the sources say.

This happened as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi “told Trump at the White House that Egypt won’t be part of the Arab NATO, making Iran the undisputed leader in the region,” the Pentagon sources added.

The regime changes that took place or are about to take place in Libya, Sudan, and Algeria are all connected to this resurgence of Middle Eastern and Muslim unity.

It looks like Benjamin Netanyahu will face historical justice by having the satanic Zionist project collapse under his watch.

On a final note this week, a ruling bloodline source confirmed to me that the Khazarian mafia does use predictive programming.  That is to say, they do things like air TV programs about jetliners crashing into the World Trade Center buildings before staging the actual event.

That reminded me of when I was working for Forbes Magazine, a novel was published in which the Tokyo Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine was killed with a weapon that causes heart attacks.  A few years later I was attacked by an individual carrying a white cylindrical device at Nagata-Cho train station in Tokyo.  The device fit the description of the heart attack weapon described in the novel.

Well, here is some predictive programming of my own:  I see Benjamin Netanyahu in handcuffs at a military tribunal as he hears his death sentence being read out to him.  I also predict the Israeli military police will jail him and negotiate a two-state solution while they still have the chance to do so.  The alternative will be for Israel’s Jews to end up in a Turkish ghetto.
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