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Author Topic: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?  (Read 18653 times)

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #30 on: Apr 14, 2011, 11:08 AM »
I have a question ulit......
Totoo ba na walang online account ang uitf ng unionbank, kasi sabi sakin wala raw, so hindi ko makikita yung performance ng investment ko, tapos hindi naman parating daily ang update ng prices nila sa website nila kaya baka hindi ko nalalaman nalulugi na pala ako, sabi kasi sa kin tingnan ko na lang raw sa website nila ang daily prices tapos i-multiply-multiply ko na lang para malaman ko ang gains or loses ko.

Ang alam ko lahat ng banko meron online accounts for savings account with uitf. Tapos ang na-open ko lang na account is "placement account/settlement account" hindi pala yung e-wallet (savings account) na may access sa online banking at ang sabi kahit mag-open ako ng "saving account" ang makikita ko lang raw ay ang savings account ko hindi yung performance ng uitf ko. Sabi nila iba talaga ang settlement account sa savings account kaya naman kahit mag-open ako ng savings eh hindi pwedeng ma-link yon or ma-affiliated yon so may maintaing balance pa rin na kailangan (10,000).

Nagtatanong ako kasi ang alam ko ay ang settlement account at savings account is treated as one tapos mali-link sya sa account ng uitf and then kahit wala ng laman ang suppose to be dual purpose na "savings/settlement account" ok lang kasi linked sila, parang wala ng maintaning balance(suspended muna)........kapag active parin ang uitf investment ko.

Please help me guys, maslalo na yung may uitf rin sa unionbank..........

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #31 on: Apr 14, 2011, 10:46 PM »
mahirap talaga online sa UITF. Yung BDO ko, updated naman. Kita mo agad yung gain or loss. =)

I have BDO UITF and it performs well as of the 1st quarter.

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #32 on: Apr 21, 2011, 10:43 PM »
Hi I have a question about Union Bank UITF. I opened an account large cap and they gave me a settlement account number and a UITF certificate, but no passbook or ATM. I was told that my signature is enough confirmation that I am the account holder. Is that correct? Sa mga may UITF sa Union bank, were you given an ATM or passbook for the settlement account?
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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #33 on: Apr 22, 2011, 07:48 AM »
@biginvestor123, please refrain from making multiple posts in separate threads. That is a violation of the forum rules. Your question has alreade been answered here: http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/forum/index.php?topic=35129.0
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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #34 on: May 20, 2011, 06:02 PM »
This may be a bit off topic.. but this was the closest I could find.

I inquired recently at a Unionbank branch regarding opening a UITF account. I was originally interested at the Large Cap and Peso Balanced Funds because both were (and still are, I think) performing seemingly well. They offered me a relatively new product (an UITF, I believe) which is very aggressive..it was some Growth Fund (or something like that) and it ws linked with some insurance company. I remember it was almost half invested in equities, and the other half in something similar..er... direct equities or something like that..but all the stocks chosen were mainly blue chip Philippine stocks..e.g. Meralco, Megaworld, Semirara, Aboitiz, etc. For a UITF started just last Feb., they were saying that they have confidence it will earn around 60+% by the end of the year (or some such thing).. and their minimum is 1M to open an account...

Has anybody heard of this? I can't even find it on their website. Is this supposed to be some exclusive UITF for select clients...or whatnot? lol

I say it was strongly aggressive because 80-90 percent was in equities and only around 10 percent was in moneymarket investments... though to be fair, it did not repulse me that much because personally, I am quite confident that the country will do well in the Aquino administration (at least in the next 3-5 years)... and regardless of the volatility of equities trading, if the government doesn't do anything stupid, or no natural calamities occur.. stocks give generally high rates of return when held for at least more than a year.. or two.., etc.

So.. has anyone heard of this new Unionbank UITF/Insurance company linked investment product (Growth Fund..something)?

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #35 on: May 20, 2011, 09:18 PM »
Banks have what they call Bancassurance in which the banks tie up with a Specific Insurance Company.

For example, BPI ties up with Phil-Am
RCBC with Sunlife
BDO with Generali

UnionBank is partially owned by Insular Life that is why it's bancassurance partner is Insular Life. The details of the growth fund is at the website of Insular Life that is why you can't find it in the website of UnionBank.

Growth Fund is an addition to the existing funds of Insular Life. The existing ones are fixed,balanced and equity. Basically growth funds are invested in stocks that are called growth stocks as compared to blue chip stocks. You may check wikipedia about growth stocks to know more about it. Growth stocks in it simple sense has a higher potential for return though it is coined to be much more riskier than the regular blue chip stocks.

Bancassurance products are no different from what Insurance companies offer however, some investors would be more concerned about investing in the premises of the four walls of the bank because they feel it is safer when in fact it is no different from what the Insurance Companies offer.

The only thing is that your bancassurance officer is not as flexible as your insurance agent as they are required to be in the bank and you cannot call your bancassurance officer to go to your house/office. My take is a financial adviser from a qualified insurance company would be more "flexible".

Hope this helps

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #36 on: May 20, 2011, 10:14 PM »
Oh I see. I checked the Insular Life webpage and it is indeed posted there. Considering that the Growth Fund is truly more aggressive than the Equity Fund, it is at least consoling that the Equity Fund seems to be doing pretty well: 180.08% since inception, YoY of 40.24%...

It was only just a bit of a shock that their minimum was quite high, since I was pretty much used to the "common" 100k minimum of bank UITFs already. Despite its being partly handled by a Life Insurance Company, is it really as secure as a bank-managed UITF? By "secure" I don't mean as regular investment risk (since we all know equity investments are one of the riskiest out there), but more in line with, is it safe/reliable?

(Like you said, most people generally tend to feel more secure handing over their money to banks rather than other companies out there, e.g. insurance, mutual fund, although these latter are also being "watched" by their own respective government bodies too, as banks are watched by the BSP...)

Just another follow-up question: If I do decide to open an account with this Growth Fund (or any fund by the insurance company), does that mean I can still perform/handle future transactions with the bank instead of doing it directly with Insular Life, e.g. going to their offices, meeting with insurance agents, etc.? Does this merely make the bank a 3rd party broker to the transaction? What purpose then does the bank actually perform, besides make the client "feel secure" about transacting inside the 4 walls of a bank, i.e. 'psychological comfort'?"

I'm really sorry for the unending questions, but this has gotten a bit more complicated for me since I originally expected a simple bank-managed UITF..  :hello:

Thanks for the reply  by the way! :D

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #37 on: May 21, 2011, 06:27 AM »
I think that's insular's VRA? Correct me if I'm wrong Mark.

The minimum is high because it has no premium charges,
other VULs(That's what a VRA is btw) have premium charges.

But as far as I know the minimum is only 475k and not 1M

Well, consider that no insurance company has left their policy
holders hanging yet as the IC is very strict(as per all the
agents I spoke to) All insurance companies that closed shop
were required to sell their block of business to bigger insurance

Compare that to numerous bank failures.

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #38 on: May 21, 2011, 11:26 AM »
Insurance companies have their own regulatory body. The banks are regulated by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas while insurance companies are being regulated by the Insurance Commission as to reserve requirements and capitalization and other risk management requirements. I cannot tell you which one is more secure because I would be inkling to one. However, if you search the internet you cannot find an insurance company unable to pay any legal claim whilst you can find banks closing like the recent banko filipino. Also, PDIC is actually an insurance company too.

As to insular life, 100 years and turning 101 this year. And if you want to do your homework, you can compute the debt to asset ratio of insurance companies to determine their solvency.

Bancassurance officers are in truth insurance agents. There is no major difference. They are however employees of the bank they are with. You still have to transact with Insular Life with your growth fund. Insular Life has an online customer portal for your insurances and investments. Also, it also has a 24/7 customer service call center if you want to know your fund value just call 876-1800.

If you want more info of the growth fund and what stocks comprise, I can send you an email.

Hope this helps.

Post Merge: May 21, 2011, 11:30 AM
Yes mxherr5, its VRA and the fund is called growth fund. Yes, the minimum is 475k but I don't know what is the minimum for bancassurance officers. Maybe it is indeed 1M.

It is a VUL product yet it has no front loading charge. It has an insurance component of 125% of your investment.

The benefit is that if you die and your fund value dropped from P1M to lets say 600k, then your family will receive 1.25M not the 600k. Also it is an insurance product so it is not subject to the 20% estate tax.

By the way, are you aware of a website like ICAP.com.ph that is for VUL funds? VUL is considered an insurance product though it contains an investment component so it is governed by the Insurance Commission and not the SEC. Thus the insurance code not the securities regulation code. That is the reason it is not in ICAP.com.ph
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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #39 on: May 21, 2011, 07:56 PM »
Wow, thanks for the replies guys!

Your posts were quite informative. In any case, in investing naman, the minimum amount (or invested amount) does not matter so much in the sense that whatever capital you do decide to invest, the profit you gain will always be in the percent size of the profit.. the bigger the investment, the bigger the gain, etc.. so it can work for or against you, depending on whether you gained or lost.

The absence of the estate tax must be that little point that my bank officer was also trying to stress. haha I think it was mentioned in passing that some high net worth people chose this form of investment because they avoid the tax part.. All I can say is.. it is legal after all, so why not di ba?

Also, I think I get your points about the stability of insurance companies.. it's just that I wanted that little bit of reassurance there somewhere..  :D


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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #40 on: Jul 01, 2011, 09:03 PM »
hi guys,
i am just wondering kung ano ang difference ng: "bid", "offer", "mid/last" (different pricing ito ng NAVpU) and how can this affect your investment. Kasi ganito ang pricing ng NAVpU sa unionbank, sa mismong website nila. Does "offer" mean yung mismo ang basehan or talagang offer na price tapos ang bid ay kung maramihan ka bumili or kung gusto mo ng discount.......... ah basta naguguluhan ako minsan iniisip parang exchange rate ang datingan kung saan yung mid/last ang ibigsabihin ay huling presyo ng palitan ng currency....... Sa BDO wala namang ganito at isa lang basis nila or pricing nila.

Kaka-invest ko lang kasi sa Large Cap kahapon at pag nagtatanong ako yung "offer" na NAVpU ang binibigay sakin iniisip ko tuloy lugi ako kasi yung "offer" ang pinakamataas na price compared to "mid/last" and "bid". Iniisip ko kasi sa mga humihingi lang ng discount or maramihan bumili ng units ang "bid" price, e hello 100,000 naman kaya ang minimum participation & dati pa talaga ang basehan ko ay yung mid/last kasi iyon ang refference ng "uitf.com" kaya naman parang feeling ko nalugi ako kasi ine-expect ko na sa "mid/last" ko siya mabibili na masmababa ng konti sa pricing ng "offer".

Please enlighten me guys......Thnx in advance!

Bad trip!!! Paid the price for not inquiring enough before placing at their Philippine bond fund!!

One of he major reasons why i prefer UITF over mutual fund is because i hate...no, i disgust sales load.

Tapos sumabit pa ako dito. I can say na etong union bank uitf lang ang may "slaes load-in effect", hidden pa. 

Tama po kayo, j_l, nagulat ako when I saw on my certificate today na ang ginamit nilang navpu ay yun offer price, kala ko din yun last navpu ang gagamitin.

Tapos  when redeeming, here is how you compute it, from their website:

How do investors keep track of the value of the UITF investment?
Units x Bid Price = Market Value of Investment

So that's their purpose....Bid price is lower than offer price. In effect, pagplace ko palang, talo na ako. My 190,000k placement is only valued at around 188,600.

Hayy.....just hope its performance will at least be at par or even better than my suki BDO uitf...

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #41 on: Jul 02, 2011, 10:12 PM »
Awww, I feel your pain sir. I share your distaste for any kind of sales load or pseudo sales load. Double whammy kasi you were not informed. Its not even clear in their site that they have a spread.

Only when I checked the performance history did I see a bid mid and offer price.

Well, they do have better performances than others so lets hope
that overcomes the "sales load" that you paid

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #42 on: Jul 04, 2011, 06:01 PM »
mxherr5, ya , true, and for their performance, which Navpu ang basis nila? do they use the LAST NAVPU and not BID or OFFER Navpu?  I should drop by sa branch to clarify...

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #43 on: Jul 06, 2011, 11:07 AM »
Ang alam ko yung mid ang nirereport nila sa uitf.com as their NAV.
Yun daw ang true NAV nila.

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Re: ADVICE: Unionbank Large Cap Philippine Equity Fund?
« Reply #44 on: Dec 29, 2012, 03:25 PM »
I have read this whole thread, and I just think I have to point out the author's inaccuracy about money market and Union Large Cap fund.

See texts in enlarged bold font in the quote below.


I currently have around P200k in savings and I want to start investing in the money market for a period of 1-1.5 years for now. The Unionbank Large Cap UITF interests me (opening balance of P100k) because of it's performance over the last 2 years especially. I'm hesitant about investing in it because the price of it is so high right now and I'm scared of it dropping.

Any advice on what I should do?

Unless he means by money market broadly as all the various uitf funds.


Phil Peso Bond
Phil Dollar Bond
Peso Balanced
Large Cap
Peso Money Market
Long Term Current Income
Current Income (T-Bill 91)
Infinity Prime
Tax Exempt


Suitability Assessment
Goal Planner
Contact Us


Main Page | Products | Requirements | FAQs | Downloads | Tools | Contact Us

The Bank currently manages nine funds for its retail and corporate clients – Phil Peso Bond, Phil Dollar Bond, Peso Balanced Fund, Large Cap, Peso Money Market, Long Term Current Income, Current Income (T-Bill 91), Infinity Prime and Tax Exempt.

Fund   Date   Bid   Offer   Last
Phil Peso Bond   2012-12-28   224.947048   225.859690   225.340260
Phil Dollar Bond   2012-12-28   1.913403   1.930778   1.922090
Peso Balanced Fund   2012-12-28   130.001188   130.895228   130.391014
Large Cap   2012-12-28   619.603895   630.409677   626.159780
Peso Money Market   2012-12-28   126.929560   127.016226   126.994212
Long Term Current Income   2012-12-28   116.864026   117.436818   117.135844
Current Income (T-Bill 91)   2012-12-28   141.321980   141.518935   141.348650
Infinity Prime   2012-12-28   144.915853   145.096731   144.971669
Tax Exempt   2012-12-28   158.545265   159.557319   159.042789

Please forgive me for this nitpick on precision with vocabulary.

But I am learning more and more about investments, thanks to this website/forum.



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