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GAMCA and Middle East Bound OFW (BIKTIMA KA BA?)

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Reply #1 on: Jun 23, 2010, 04:28 PM
Just lost my chance to work in UAE because of this.  Paid 3,000 medical exam to the agency and found out that the actual medical exam cost only 500 pesos.  Some additional cost on the Dental exams.  

Result of the exams shows that I'm Unfit to work because of a Scar in my Lungs.  Actually, have that for 10 years now, completely healed with Doctors certificate.

... that beloved Scar cost me a 5 figure $ salary... Am calling it now 'tatak ng alipin'.  Well,.. that's life..


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Reply #2 on: Jun 24, 2010, 07:16 AM

Sindikato din yang GAMCA clinics. I think because we are a weak country and other nations can just dictate their rules on us. They usually dont accept results with lung scar (even if it is inactive or cured already) and hepa- b carrier among others., even with medical clearance from pulmonologist, etc.

What we can do is, upgrade our Armed Forces not just housing for the poor, health benefits and lessen the corruption to have surplus in national budget. Sa laki ng population natin, ubos na agad ang budget.

Look for example at the spratly island. Lagi na tayo nabu- bully ng chinese because we dont have the capacity to ward them off.  

Kawawang Pilipinas.


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Reply #3 on: Jul 13, 2010, 04:13 PM

Maa abolish pa ba ang GAMCA? Under President Aquino sana magawan ng paraan ito.
Posted on: Jul 13, 2010, 03:59 PM

Me suggestion na pala ang Former Health Secretary Duque na i close na ang GAMCA- ano na kaya status nyan?
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Reply #4 on: Jul 22, 2010, 03:19 PM
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Reply #5 on: Jul 22, 2010, 10:43 PM
Baka makatulong sa mga OFW. Suportahan natin.

Petition to Fight GAMCA.
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Reply #6 on: Jul 25, 2010, 04:05 PM

Kelan kaya mai imbestigahan ng DOH ang reliability ng mga medical/laboratory equipment ng mga GAMCA clinics na questionable ang mga result kaya nagiging unfit ang mga OFW samantalang pag sa hospital ka pumunta okey naman.


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Reply #7 on: Jul 25, 2010, 09:47 PM
If these allegations of corruption in GAMCA are true, it is despicable and i am very much against it. But ofw's also have the obligation and responsibility to adhere to the policies of other countries. Basically it is them who dictate the terms and not the other way around.


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Reply #8 on: Apr 03, 2012, 09:50 AM
GCC State covers Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates just like abdulrahmanasim said. These GAMCA guidelines are only for these countries, they are the one who implemented these guidelines to the accredited clinics in the Philippines for example…so, if your health conditions / medical exam results has listed in their guidelines that unfit to work, then it’s not possible that you can enter these countries. However, you can apply for other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Africa as long as they dont have these kind of guidelines. It’s their guidelines ans it’s their right, a way to protect their countries. so a piece of advise,

If you have history of PTB(stable, inactive, active), fibrosis, Scar, calcification in your xray…you are unfit to work for these countries. Even though other private hospitals in the county declared you fit to work, still it’s not the bases for your approval in GCC Counties because their guidelines are different in local hospitals / clinic. So, still you are unfit for GAMCA / GCC Countries. But if you work locally like for example in Philippines, you are fit / healthy if you undergone treatment.

It’s not OUR guidelines, it’s THEIR guidelines. So we need to follow if we WANT to work in their country. If you’re not fit to work for them then try to apply for another country but not in Middle East.

For those who have unfit cases or pending results in their x-rays, please choose a GAMCA accredited clinic that helps you and advise you honestly on how to deal with your cases. Some of these clinics just wanted your MONEY and is not helping the patients on how or what to do leaving them behind. These are some complaints by the patients from other clinics in the Philippines. Most of their staff are so unfriendly, not accommodating and conceited. But i must say that not ALL of them. You can also try other branches of these clinics in other part of Philippines. One of them are in Davao City. I can say that yes, they are strict but they just wanted to help some cases that can be resolved if you follow proper medication and instruction from them and their doctors. Also they follow the guidelines, so ever they give all their best to help you but still, it didn’t work, much better look for other countries or make yourself better and continue your medications for your own good.

For those patients that diagnosed and declared unfit to work. Make sure that the clinic didn’t submit your medical report to GAMCA office yet. If possible, hold back your certificate and undergo medications IF your case is only PNEUMONIA. Some clinic will declare you UNFIT for PNEUMONIA. it can be treated immediately. Tell them that remark your case as pending for trearment and dont submit it to GAMCA or to your employer until such time your medication is complete and your xray result is negative. If you undergo medical in CEBU, MANILA or any place / clinic that has GAMCA office in that particular city, maybe it’s hard to hold back your result because some will submit your result to GAMCA immediately. In DAVAO city, there’s no GAMCA office there. So, most patients dont usually go to GAMCA but directly submit their medical certificate to designated embassy. That’s what i know. i dont know if it’s true. But most of the patients, declared fit to work go directly to embassy and process their documents.

So next time you have your medical, be sure that if it’s unfit, take actions immediately and ask if you can make steps to turn it to FIT TO WORK through medications, etc. These accredited clinics will always be the one who will declare you FIT TO WORK for GCC Countries because they are the only GAMCA ACCREDITED clinics and not your local hospitals.

If you have some questions you can also try to ask here.

Post Merge: Apr 03, 2012, 09:53 AM
Amid such complaints, Gamca president Dr. Rodolfo Punzalan decided to publish the list of diseases that make OFWs, by their standards, unfit to work in GCC countries.

These include:

Infectious category
• HIV/AIDS reactive
• Hepatitis B surface antifgen, HCV reactive
• Microfilaria positive and malaria blood film positive, known leprosy patients
• Tuberculosis – any type, X-ray showing active PTB, past evidence of PTB or healed • Pulmonary scar, including minimum fibrosis, calcification (granuloma) pleural thickening, pleural effusion, tuberculosis lymphadenitis
• VDRL/TPHA reactive

Non-infectious category
• Chronic renal failure
• Chronic hepatitis failure
• Congestive heart failure
• Hypertension
• Diabetes mellitus
• Known case of cancer
• Psychiatric disease and neurological disorders
• Physical disabilities, i.e. color blindness, deafness
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Reply #9 on: May 14, 2012, 03:03 PM
@ baditski08.... question lng po...pag may onting putol ba ang daliri hindi nba pasado sa medical?


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Reply #10 on: Mar 01, 2013, 02:56 PM
Hello , newbie here ... nakita ko ang trend nyo na to last Jan 29,2013 pa after ng frustration ko sa naging resulta ng Medical ko, masasabi kong biktima ako ... kac in the first place dapat b4 mag start ang procedure ng medical exam sa akin last Jan 21.2013 eh may notice akong nabasa, information oradvisory sa Clinic mismo about sa guidelines ng GAMCA at health standard ng GCC States. I have PTB Scars noon 1996 pa, at ang nakakatuwa na nakaaasar na masasabi ko eh 1 mm ang length nito at marahil un ang naging case kung bakit within 6 days eh na-x-ray ako ng 4 times. jz like when i first have this way back 1996 sa Mabini Medical Clinic sa may Quirino Ave., But then ang pinagtataka ko lang tlga kahit nakausap ko na mismo si Dr. Rudy Punzalan with the help of my friend in media industry. At na-explained ko na rin to sa Fatima Clinic Medical Director, na naka-alis ako to work abroad previously sa Saudi Arabia din mismo last September 2001 at nag exit ako last December 2011. And that in that years of service eh may yearly medical exam ( general ) sa amin na kina-conduct ng Employer namin as a requirements of renewal of contract sa Company where we are the Manpower. That procedures is really serious i may say .... kac once na ma-detect ka na may sakit ka ... kahit na maaring un sakit mong un eh doon mo nakuha eh eh inde ka tatagal ng 1 week at papa-uwiin ka nila. At may tatak pa sa passport mo na Medically Terminated ka. Now I explained to them na if " SCARS" are really big isyu sa SAUDI due to possible re-activity daw nito ... eh bakit andun ako ng year na sinasabi nilang nag-start ang Medical Standard ang mga GCC States? They says that since 2004 pa daw ang GCC Guidelines, and in that year my company still haven't allow me to go on vacation kasi during that time eh ala sila makuhang  reliever ko as a H.E. Electrician, so nag-tagal pa ako doon ng 6 years. This things happened to me is the one that they can really gave me a definite answer . Now I'm really looking possible way na maki-alam na ang Phil Government ... kac i feel this guidelines is one kind of discrimination.


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Reply #11 on: May 19, 2013, 04:02 PM
Hi guys.. ako din na unfit na rin po ako sa gamca. SEMI ELEVATED HEMI DIAPHRAGM yung findings sa akin.. ano po ba itong sakit? na to. sa nakausap ko kasi na doktor according to her hindi naman po ito sakit.. at parang wala naman ito sa guidelines ng gamca. bakit po ako na unfit? thanks po. hope to hear from you..


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Reply #12 on: May 19, 2013, 07:54 PM

That in itself will not make you 'unfit'. Your doctor is right, that is not an illness, it is just a description of a xray findings . You can talk to your GAMCA clinic and ask them to elaborate more. Good luck.


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Reply #13 on: Jul 15, 2013, 07:38 PM
good pm, meron po akong naranasan sa isang clinic. pero lilinawin ko lang po HINDI PO SILA ACCREDITED NG GAMCA. pero kaya po ilalagay ko ito dito sa forum ay dahil po kahit di accredited ng gamca ang clinic ay ginagawa din nilang scheme ang gamca guidelines sa mga pupunta ng middle east. Tama po, gagamitin nila, at di nila ipapaalam sayo na ito ay dahil sa gamca at kung accredited ba sila. Di ka nila palilipatin ng clinic na accredited dahil di mo naman alam na di i-aaccept yung medical mo galing sa clinic na iyon. Ang pangalan po ng clinic ay ABM MEDICAL AND INDUSTRIAL CLINIC sa pagkakaalam ko po ay may dalawang branch, pero sa may guadalupe po ako nagpunta.

Ito po ang nangyari sakin, Medyo mahirap po hanapin ang clinic kung tutuusin, may gate ang garahe na nagsisilbi na din waiting room, reception, nurse station, cashier, at exam place for psychological exam. para lang po syang malaking bahay. di po sya mukhang clinic o business building. nagduda na ko sa pagpasok ko palang. nagbayad ako ng halagang 2950 for phase 1 & 2 with pregnancy test. pagkatapos non ay in-xray na ako sa isa sa mga kwarto. masasabi kong luma ang machine, pero okay lang. pagtapos ay kinuhaan na ako ng bp, blood sample, urine sample, kung may history ako ng sakit etc etc. at tinanong ang weight at height ko (di po ako tinimbang o sinukat). pinapasok ako sa opisina ng doktor (Dr. Mallari) lalaki po sya. nagtanong sya kung san bansa ako pupunta, chineck ang lung sounds ko (stethoscope) may pinabasa sakin na letters na nasa papel na hawak nya (di naman inilayo at isang size lang ang mga letra) yun na ang ocular exam, walang audio exam, walang dental exam, walang physical exam. (MEDICAL CLINIC BA TALAGA TOH????) pagtapos non ay pinag exam na ko ng psychological exam sa may garahe, binigyan ako ng abstract 1-48 items at ininstruksyonan na mag drawing ng babae at lalaki sa likod ng maliit na answer sheet. (ayun lang po ang instruction at iyon lang po ang test) di ko pa natatapos ang exam ay tinawag na ko sa opisina ng doctor,kakausapin daw po ako. ayon na po yung hinihintay ko na mangyari kung mamalasin ako (dahil nakapagbasa na po ako ng mga forums about gamca at mga pakulo ng mga clinics para gumastos ka) kinausap ako ng doktor at pinakita ang xray ko, may tb daw ako. natawa ako sa sinabi nya dahil may idea na ko sa gagawin nya.sabi ko pano nangyari yon, wala naman akong history o di naman ako ngkasakit ng malubha sa baga, kahit ubo na malala ay di ako ngkaron. ang sagot ng doktor, nangingisi na "wala naman daw syang galit sakin o ano" bawal daw iyon sa middle east. ang sabi ko naman di ba pwedeng magpaconfirmatory test muna para masigurado "di daw papansinin iyon" inaasahan ko na talaga yon, natatawa na naiinis ako. pinaulit yung xray ko at nagbayad ako ng another P250. yung unang xray ko po is nakatalikod ako which is tama naman. yung pangalawa na, nakasulat sa resibo ay xray (LV) na dapat ay (ALV) base sa pwesto ng pag xray at nakatutok sa certain part para malaman kung tama nga yung unang xray. sa pangalawang xray ko, nakaharap na ko, chest out, kamay sa likod at nakatingala (parang yung una na pinaharap lang ako), yung nurse na nagkuha nung una ay nandun ulit pero may isang lalaking di ko malaman kung xray technician ba ay dahil nagtuturuan pa sila ng nurse kung pano ang dapat na pwesto (napaka unprofessional). pagtapos non ay tinuloy ko na yung psycho exam. tinanong ko yung nurse kung accredited ba sila ng GAMCA, "di daw nya alam yun" haha grabe bibingo na talaga sakin yung clinic na yon. bago magtanghali ay di ko na nalaman yung result ng pangalawang xray, ipapa-read daw sa st. lukes o makati med di ko po matandaan. tumawag nalang daw ako after 2-3 days.

Tumawag ako after 3 days, nakausap ko yung nurse, ang sabi nya pumunta nalang daw ako doon at kakausapin daw ako ng doktor about sa resulta ng medical. ang sabi ko naman baka pwedeng sabihin nalang sakin sa phone dahil may trabaho ako at di ako makakapunta sa araw na yon. tinanong naman ng nurse at pagbalik, sabi nya kelangan ko daw talaga pumunta. inaasahan ko nang sasabihin nanaman na may TB ako. Wala na kong balak bumalik dahil alam ko na yung taktika nila. Sinabi ko sa mama ko na pinapabalik ako para kausapin tungkol sa resulta. Ang ginawa naman ng nanay ko, tinawagan nya yung clinic at gusto nyang makausap yung doktor (akala nya po nung una ay babae ang doktor dahil babae ang nakausap nya nung nag inquire sya bago ako nagpamedical) kaya hinahanap nya ay yung babaeng doktor daw na nakausap nya ang sabi sa kanya ni Dok Mallri "ako nga yung doktor eh!) sa medyo mataas na tono. tinatanong na mama ko kung anong resulta ng xray at di yata gustong sabihin ni dok (okay lang kasi sa personal dapat) pero nagkataasan na sila ng boses dahil may pagka mayabang nga yung doktor na yon. at sinigawan nya yung mama ko na "EH MAY TB NGA YUNG ANAK MO EH ANONG MAGAGAWA KO??!!!) grabe sobrang unproffessional,, FYI DOCTOR ALBERTO MALLARI PWEDE NYO HONG SABIHING ANG GANONG KLASENG IMPORMASYON AY DI PWEDENG SABIHIN SA TELEPONO, SA PERSONAL LANG PO MAS MAIGE" naninigaw pa, di ba naman sa sobrang grabe may balak na perahan ka di ka pa tatratuhin ng maayos.

so nangyari po ay di na talaga ako bumalik doon dahil mali po ang diagnosis nya sakin at pinagpipilitan nya pa na pinabasa sa st. lukes/makati med yung xray. mali po ang pwesto nila sakin sa pangalawang xray kaya iniisip ko na kung totoo mang pinabasa nila yon sa iba ay ,malamang mali din po nilang mababasa iyon. the next week sa ibang clinic na po ako ngpa medical at kumuha na ko ng referral sa mismong opisina ng gamca (at tama po decking system parin sila. sa clinic po na pinagpamedicalan ko na pangalawa,, masasabi ko na lahat ng exam ay nagawa ko ng maayos, may ibat ibang doktor at iba't ibang kwarto para sa mga exam, ang xray machine nila ay bagong bago, wala po akong maipintas maliban nalang sa nakakapagod doon dahil ibat ibang floors kada exam at may annex ang isang building. pero okay lang,, inabot ako ng hapon bago ko natapos yung medical ko, bumalik ako the next week para mag follow up at pina xray ako ulit same request (ALV) na 180 lang ang presyo. dito ko napatunayan na mali talaga yung pag pwesto ng ABM MEDICAL AND INDUSTRIAL CLINIC sakin dati.. tsk tsk tsk. anyway ang haba ng kwento ko, the next day bumalik ako para mag follow up.. FIT TO WORK po ako at walang TB do gaya ng pinagpipilitan ng ABM MEDICAL AND INDUSTRIAL CLINIC Doctor Mallari na may tb daw ako. nag pa vaccine na ko at nakuha ko na yung certificate after ilang days,, may stamp pa ng GAMCA. nakakainis lang na rude yung doktor sa ABM at may balak talagang parehan ka. at nasayang na nga yun ibinayad namin nung una kung sana sinabi nya na kailangan sa gamca accredited ako magpamedical at di sa kanila (wala nga halos nagpapamedcail sa kanila) kaya siguro pinagbayad padin ako.

balak kong bumalik don at ipakita sa kanila na fit to work ako at mali ang diagnosis nya, at di sila accredited ng gamca para mang-ganyan ng tao.

sa lahat naman po ng naapektohan ng mga accredited na namemera po,, palagay ko po swertihan kung san po kayo maaassign. nagdasal din talaga ko ng sobra na di sana ganun yung clinic na na assign sakin. swerte lang din po at dun ako na-assign.YGEIA MEIDICAL CENTER INC po pala yung name at sa quirino po yung location. siguro po kung wala talaga kayong history eh paglaban nyo po talaga,, dun po sa mga may scar, napaka unfair po talaga na i-unfit dahil lang doon at di naman na iyon nakakahawa.

sana po lahat maging okay na po mga medical. God bless po. warn ko nalang po yung iba about sa unang clinic, di ko po alam kung ganyan talaga sila o nagkataong ako ang nasaktohan. base po ito sa naranasan ko sa kanila, pero wala po akong proof na yan din ang ginagawa nila sa lahat o sa ilang nagpapamedical sa kanila,, ingat nalang po tayo. anyway di po sila accredited ng gamca. para po ito sa mga direct hire na magpapamedical s kanila at magtatrabaho sa middle east.

Salamat po!
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Reply #14 on: Sep 03, 2014, 09:59 PM
Hello Peeps,

Mayroon ba kayong Idea kung pareho lang ang process ng Malaysia at Middle East pagdating sa Medical? Na-unfit to work ako sa Malaysia dahil sa Pulmonary Granuloma. Humingi na ko ng clearance sa Pulmonologist sa St Luke's Medical Center pero ayaw pa rin nilang tanggapin. Pag nagsearch ako sa website, puro sa middle east lang ang nakikita ko at wala sa Malaysia. Hoping may makasagot sa problema ko.


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