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Michael Jackson Dead!!!!

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Still young and at the top of his career. I am not an avid fan but i like his music. He is indeed the pop king.


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Sayang yung upcoming concerts niya! Magiging guest pa naman sana niya si Charice.

Anyway, at least he has left a legacy of his existence which would remind him for a while.


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I think he died of drug-drug interaction. Maybe he was on MAO inhibitors (antidepressant)
His personal MD gave him demerol? and maybe did not know he was also on other  narcotic pain killers, the drug interaction of this two is always fatal!!
How sad-
Overzealous treatment leads to death at times.(iatrogenic)
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Rest in peace Michael Jackson..  :'( it's time to go to neverland..


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Ganun talaga ang life.... mi ending... kakalungkot :cry:


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Last will and testament is mandatory for people with money... for so many reasons... i already have mine since 2000.

MJ died because of his own accord. He did not like pain.It was his pursuit to be pain-free and to sleep (forever). He was in his own world, everything was at his fingertips. Unfortunate, but true, he must have died from all the concoction of pain killers plus a very powerful medication profopol (Versed)=, the toxicology report is still pending.
In my analysis, his death could have been prevented, had he'd been in the hospital on a ventilator for a while with all those drugs on his system, because they can be given really to induce coma and still one can come out alive.
He instead, got a service at home from a personal MD, who knows? This Md should have had a portable ventilator with him, but we do not know the circumstances, if he had been told the truth???
I respect and adore MJ, he is one of a kind, an Icon, A Genius!
I will miss him sorely.


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He is one of the artists who shaped the pop music industry and influenced many singers with his unique style of performance.


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Michael Jackson DID NOT MOLEST ANYONE.  Before anyone here would call him names, I suggest you read court transcripts on the cases because those are FACTS. Once you read the court documents, it only takes common sense to know he was TRULY INNOCENT of those molestation accusations.

Tabloids only report negativity and lies because IT SELLS like hotcakes, they refuse to tell the truth because they have made so much money reporting lies on Jackson that they know it really sells.

If people would only take the time to research before throwing hurtful accusations, this world will be a better place. I have been curious of the cases against Michael Jackson particularly the 1993 case because it was settled. And these are the facts of that 1993 case:


1. The 1993 civil case settlement was NOT for molestation. The settlement papers clearly specify its "SETTLEMENT FOR NEGLIGENCE" (yes, its not settlement for molestation). It also clearly states that "THERE WAS NO WRONGDOING IN THE PART OF THE ACCUSED." The document also specifies that the prosecution IS ALLOWED TO OPEN A CRIMINAL CASE afterwards against Jackson. What does this mean? This means the settlement DID NOT SILENCE anyone contrary to what many believe.
2. The Chandlers having received the money CHOSE NOT TO PURSUE a criminal case afterwards. It was their choice. They could but instead, they ate the money and ran. The reason? Evan Chandler was only after money, he needed money badly at that time. Criminal Case REQUIRES PROOF which they did NOT have. You have to take note that LAPD was keen on pinning the crime on MJ, they were overkill in their investigation. Investigators interviewed 200+ children and 100+ adults who have stayed in Neverland and THEY COULD NOT GET ANY STATEMENT that could prove that Michael Jackson was a molester or an abuser. In fact all these children and their families could only speak about his kindness and generosity as a person. They even strip-searched Michael Jackson so they can compare Jordan Chandler's description of his genitals. This is based on the investigators' official statement. His description DID NOT MATCH Michael's genitals AT ALL.

* FYI, Evan, the boy's father took the description straight from Medical Books where the appearance of Black men with Vitiligo have detailed photographs. That's why it did not match that of Jackson's.

3. The boy, Jordan Chandler was DRUGGED by his own father with SODIUM AMYTAL (the father was a bankrupt dentist) to make him say that Michael Jackson molested him. Medical experts state that anyone who takes Sodium amytal will be in a state of hallucination,  and will therefore not be in a proper state of mind. This was the only statement the boy made-- the one when he was drugged. In fact, his description of Michael's genitals DID NOT MATCH that of Michael's real genitals and actual markings. Even his description of MJ's penis DID NOT MATCH. The boy was 14, not 4. He would know what he saw if he saw it. One crucial term = CIRCUMCISION. I would not elaborate. The boy NEVER made any other statement other than the one he made while he was drugged.

4. The boy's father was the mastermind of the extortion against Jackson. His name is EVAN CHANDLER. Way back in 1993, Evan Chandler DECLARED Bankruptcy. He was also buried in dental malpractice lawsuits because he was NOT a good dentist. He was more interested in WRITING SCRIPTS and SCREENPLAYS and HE NEEDED MONEY DESPERATELY. He co-wrote the screenplay for ROBINHOOD, MEN IN TIGHTS.  Evan requested Michael Jackson's help to sell 4 of his screenplays for 20 MILLION USD. Michael refused to talk to Evan after that because at that time, he was travelling around the world for a concert tour with Jordan, Lilly (the sister) and Evan's EX-WIFE, JUNE CHANDLER. It has been on the tabloids that time that Michael was interested in June. That June Chandler was the new girl in Jackson's life.

5. Evan was tape-recorded saying he was hurt that Jackson stopped talking to him and was alienating him from his family. He asked the help of high-profile lawyer LARRY FELDMAN who always asked for a sizeable cut whenever settlements are made. Chandler went to Jackson after he came back from the tour and told him that if he did not agree to buy his 4 screenplays for 20 MILLION USD, that he would ruin him. Michael got upset with him and REFUSED to be extorted.

6. Jackson's lawyers requested the court to hear the CRIMINAL CASE first so they could fight with evidence, but the court went with the prosecution to hear the $30 MILLION CIVIL CASE first. Civil cases get merit even with hearsays, concrete evidence is required for criminal cases. This is why they had to settle the CIVIL CASE so they can move on to the crminal case. It was NOT Jackson who settled the payment, it was his recording contract insurance, EPIC Insurance who settled the matter because the case affects his career and income. It was Sony EPIC who decided to settle that case once and for all because Jackson was under a hundred million ($100M) contract and had several upcoming albums and tours scheduled and cannot afford the negative publicity. The settlement money was nothing compared to the billions that Sony EPIC is bound to lose if Jackson cannot do the tours and the albums.

7. The boy, Jordan Chandler is now an adult. Jordan SUED his own father Evan Chandler in 2005 for attempting to kill him as court documents show. He is now DIVORCED from both of his parents and is living with his STEP-MOTHER.

Now for the 2005 case, it was the same D.A. by the name of TOM SNEDDON who was so keen on pinning Michael Jackson in 1993 who went after him in 2005. Sneddon and LAPD has been digging dirt on Jackson from 1993-1999 after the settlement. He used several millions of California taxpayer money to investigate and spy on Jackson but he found nothing. Sneddon is known for calling Jackson a NIGGER instead of his name. In 2005, he though he hit the Jackpot when the ARVIZO family approached him, but he was SO WRONG. After 150 witnesses took the stand both for defense and prosecution, it became evident that the Arvizo's are con-artists and it will turn out to be Sneddon's biggest career humiliation.

For instance, the mother Janet Arvizo, married a Jackson (not related to MJ) shortly after accusing Michael Jackson of impropriety. She requested the COURT to address her as JANET JACKSON instead of Janet Arvizo while on stand!  Needless to say, the judge did not allow it :hihi:

It was also discovered that Janet Arvizo sued JC PENNEY after they were caught shoplifting. She placed bruises on herself and her children then went to the police to sue JC Penney and JC Penney, instead of having negative publicity settled with the Arvizos for $200,0000 USD. Upon cross examination, Janet's kids including GAVIN ARVIZO, the accuser admitted LYING on that JC Penny testimony about seeing their mother raped and attacked in BROAD DAYLIGHT in the JC parkinglot.  Gavin Arvizo ALSO HAD HIS TEACHER CALL Child Protective Services when he was 10 years old to say that his mother was hurting him that the agency went to investigate Janet Arvizo. No abuse happened with Gavin, and CPS did not take him from Janet.  

The judge was so keen on finding out the truth so the JURY OF 10 can decide fairly, that he allowed evidence and witnesses from the 1993 case to testify for 2005 as per the request of Tom Sneddon. All the witnesses came and testified including June Chandler who clearly stated "SHE DID NOT WITNESS ANY WRONGDOING ON JACKSON'S PART" when it came to being with her son. The testimonies supposedly for prosecution turned out POSITIVE for the defense and Jackson was acquitted on all charges by a unanimous Jury decision.

Gavin suffered from a rare cancer which ate up his kidney and his spleen. Jackson had the whole family stay in Neverland (when Gavin was bald and basically just skin and bones and couldnt walk) because his family was living in a home that resembled a trailer in size and Gavin was able to get well and recuperate while staying in Neverland.

Jackson has helped THOUSANDS of sick children, and had them stay in Neverland EVEN WITHOUT HIM there. He has also given $350 MILLION USD to various charities worldwide. Guinness named him the MOST CHARITABLE CELEBRITY IN THE WORLD because he continously supports more than 50 charities, even in death. His estate is worth 1.4 BILLION USD and growing by the day. The 20% of his estate earnings go to charity and this remains up to present.

And Michael Jackson is NOT gay. NEVER WAS. Whoever believes that must be living under a rock the past 20 years considering the leaked telephone conversations where Jackson was talking to his friend Glenda and didnt know he was being taped by Glenda's husband because the husband thought they were having an affair.

For the consistent LIE that Jackson possessed child porn gathered in the raid--ITS A STUPID LIE that again tabloids spread. First and foremost, POSSESSION of CHILD PORN is a SERIOUS CRIME in itself especially in the State of California where he lives. If he IN ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM possessed any kind of child porn, he will go to JAIL immediately! No need for anyone to sue him! That book that tabloids referred to as child porn is an ART BOOK PRINTED IN THE 1950's ABOUT LORD OF THE FLIES- and it was in his LIBRARY along with a huge collection of vintage 1st edition hardbound art books. Any history and art afficionado will know what Lord of the Flies is.

What the investigators found were stacks of HETEROSEXUAL sexy magazines that are readily available in stores, sexy girly magazines that most men here probably have too. He had a a whole bunch and it was hidden in a locked bag in his bathroom  :hihi:

Today, OCTOBER 1--News networks all over USA have received the autopsy report stating MICHAEL JACKSON WAS HEALTHY before he was KILLED. This debunks another LIE propagated by tabloids and white media that he was a junkie. Please remember that the coroner ruled it a HOMICIDE, which means he was killed, whether intentionally or not. He had a doctor to supervise his INSOMNIA so he could rest properly for the rehearsals. He loved life and he's known to be a vegetarian and he and his children only eat healthy organic foods.


HE WEIGHED 136 LBS which is AVERAGE for his height
(They examined his brain which means you can trace even medications taken 4-6 weeks PRIOR to autopsy!)
THE ONLY MEDICATIONS FOUND IN HIS BODY were THOSE ADMINISTERED BY MURRAY for INSOMNIA which are ANTI-ANXIETY MEDICATIONS and SEDATIVES normally used in conjunction with PROPOFOL (And Murray admitted to giving those to him)

Give me a name of a "junkie" that had a healthy liver, healthy kidney and healthy heart if you can find one. Drugs and Overmedication will toast your heart, kidney and liver in a very short time.

Notice that after this autopsy report was released, EVERYONE in the US MEDIA who accused him of being a junkie has now SHUT UP--but of course they wont report it as aggressively because then they have to issue an ERRATUM that they accused him wrongly. US TABLOID MEDIA only reports negativity when it comes to Jackson, because they cannot accept how a black man changed history in general just by Music and Dance and his huge Humanitarian Efforts. They are even more pissed because Jackson OWNS THE BEATLES' SONGS, ELVIS' SONGS and 720,000 OTHER SONGS with his SONY/ATV CATALOG. In fact he owns most of the songs you hear on the radio including Lady Gaga's, Justin Timberlake's and Eminems song that everytime you open the radio, chances are you are putting $$$ in his cash register. His Sony ATV catalog is one of the main reasons many believe he was killed, to gain control of that catalog. Its a very valuable asset of the Jackson estate and was currently upraised at 4 BILLION USD. This catalog DOES NOT include Michael's own music catalog which is MIJAC  which is also very valuable :rakenrol:



Posted on: Oct 02, 2009, 08:42 PM


Evan Chandler (see above post on who he is), yung? main accuser ni MJ nung 1993 (Evan was the father and perpetrator of the whole extortion plot against MJ)  committed SUICIDE last Nov 5, 2009. Its on RADARONLINE and YAHOO NEWS. Evan shot himself in the head and died all alone in his condominium. No one attended his wake according to the funeral house, not even his son Jordan. Karmic retribution has started.

Michael is 100% innocent in 1993 and 2005 and the truth will prevail. Read this article, just search it at yahoo or google:

Chandler Suicide Highlights Media Bias Against Jackson by Charles Thomson

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Yeah. I was so sad when i heard that news. He was my ultimate idol and i really love his songs. I hope he is happy and at peace wherever he is. You will be always in our hearts MJ and your music will live forever.


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