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SC to hold oral arguments on PLDT foreign ownership

MANILA, Philippines - The Supreme Court (SC) will hear oral arguments on the case involving the extent of foreign ownership of telephone giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Co. at 2pm today.

The case is in connection with a petition filed by PLDT stockholder Wilson P. Gamboa against former Finance chief Margarito Teves, and several others. Gamboa claimed that foreign ownership of PLDT between 2003-2005 was already at 60 percent, a violation of the 40-percent ceiling mandated by the 1987 Constitution.

In an en banc advisory, the high court announced that each party will be given a maximum of 20 minutes to present their respective arguments on the following issues:

- whether the term "capital" in Sec. 11, Art. XII of the 1987 Constitution refers only to shares of stock with the right to vote in the election of directors (common shares) or to all kinds of shares of stock;
- if the term "capital" refers only to shares of stock with the right to vote in the election of directors, will this have any retroactive effect to affect such shares owned by foreigners prior to such ruling; and
- whether PLDT and its foreign stockholders are indispensable parties in the resolution of the legal issue on the definition of the term "capital", and if so, whether the high court has acquired jurisdiction over the persons of PLDT and its foreign stockholders.

In a Decision dated June 28, 2011, the Supreme Court held that the term "capital" in Sec. 11, Art XII of the Constitution refers only to shares of stock entitled to vote, in the subject case, only to common shares "and not to the total outstanding capital stock (common and non-voting preferred shares).

The high court also directed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to determine whether PLDT committed a violation on the constitutional provision which limits foreign ownership of domestic public utilities to 40-percent, applying this definition of the term "capital."

PLDT and its chairman Manuel Pangilinan filed a motion for reconsideration (MR). PLDT claimed that Gamboa's mandamus suit was infirm as there was no neglected duty alleged of the SEC. PLDT further argued that it is the Executive branch that decides how to interpret and apply the term "capital" in the Constitution.

The SEC also filed its own MR citing a "procedural defect" even as it said it agreed with the "substantive aspect of the Decision." The SEC said that respondent former SEC Chairperson Fe Barin was no longer the head of the agency, and the commission, as a collegial body, was not impleaded in the case. -I Reformina


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 :welcome: no problem sir pocoyo!  hope my posts help you keep updated... :watchuthink:


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^^napaghahalata kung cno mga ipit ah ...prang sa cebu air din  :hihi: :hihi:


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SC grills PLDT lawyer on foreign ownership

MANILA, Philippines - The Supreme Court (SC) grilled Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company's (PLDT) lawyer on the telephone giant's position that Filipinos still control the company in spite of foreigners owning 64 percent of its common shares.

PLDT lawyer Victor Lazatin told the high court during Wednesday's oral arguments at the Supreme Court compound in Baguio City that in spite of this figure, the management of the company still rests with Filipinos since only 2 out of the 14 members of the PLDT Board of Directors are foreigners.

With PLDT's admission that only 36 percent of its common shares is owned by Filipinos, Chief Justice Renato Corona asked Lazatin to explain the relationship between majority ownership and management control.

In response, Lazatin said: "In a corporation you have the stockholders who are the beneficiaries of the dividends and you have the Board of Directors who have management control."

Associate Justice Jose Perez, however, pointed out that even if majority of the members of the PLDT Board of Directors are Filipinos, they may still be overruled by the foreign owners of the non-voting, preferred shares allowed to vote in major corporate decisions.

PLDT sought a reconsideration of the high court's ruling last June 28, 2011 that defined the term "capital" in Sec. 11, Art. XII of the Constitution as shares of stocks entitled to vote, or common shares, and not as total outstanding capital stock. The ruling also directed the SEC to determine whether PLDT committed a violation on the constitutional provision which limits foreign ownership of domestic public utilities to 40 percent, applying this definition of the term "capital."

Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who penned the decision, pointed out that since the 1935 Constitution up to the 1987 Constitution, at least 60 percent of a public utility's voting stock must be owned by citizens of the Philippines.

Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco, Jr., who dissented in the June 28, 2011 ruling, said restricting the term "capital" to voting shares did not guarantee that all of the telephone firm's non-voting shares may not be owned by foreigners.

"In the process, they (foreigners) may have the majority in the outstanding stocks as a whole," Velasco pointed out.

For her part, Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro told Lazatin that if PLDT's definition of "capital" was adopted, which refers to all types of shares, voting and nonvoting, common and preferred, all voting shares may go to the foreigners.

Lazatin, however, said applying the high court's definition of "capital" posed a "possible problem."

"You can just imagine.. for national industries, we can issue preferred shares to foreigners because we said non-voting is not capital," he said.

Lazatin further argued that this definition would "discourage foreign investments and expose the Philippine government to investment suits."

"It will affect so many industries, it is not just PLDT that will be affected," he said.

Lazatin also pointed out that petitioner Wilson Gamboa did not sue PLDT nor the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but the telephone firm's officials and former SEC chair Fe Barin, in their personal capacity.

The oral arguments will continue on June 26. The high court will invite amici curiae (friends of the court) Bernardo Villegas and Joaquin Bernas, members of the 1986 Constitutional Commission which drafted the 1987 Constitution. - I Reformina

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PLDT run by Filipinos, Supreme Court told

BAGUIO CITY—Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) insisted to the Supreme Court that it is controlled by Filipinos and not foreigners, as it sought to reverse the high court’s 2011 ruling ordering the telecommunications giant to return control of the company to its Filipino stockholders.

The high tribunal held oral arguments on the case during its summer sessions here on Tuesday.

Lawyer Victor Lazatin, counsel for PLDT president Napoleon Nazareno, said the high court had “relied on untested facts and data” when it issued the ruling that he said may have implications on how foreign investors are to be treated in the country.

Lazatin said the decision “ignored the reality on the ground [of] a self-reliant and independent PLDT effectively controlled by Filipinos.” He said only two foreigners sit on the PLDT board of directors.

In June 28, 2011 decision, the high court ruled that PLDT had violated the constitutional provision on foreign ownership in a transaction involving the government’s sequestered shares of stock in PLDT.

PLDT stockholder Wilson Gamboa went to the high court in 2007 asking it to nullify the government’s sale of its PLDT shares  to Metro Pacific Assets Holdings (MPAH), an affiliate of the Hong Kong-based First Pacific Co. Ltd. (First Pacific).

Gamboa ruling

Gamboa, who died in October 2011, argued that the sale gave PLDT’s foreign investors more than half of the company’s controlling shares in violation of the Constitution which restricts foreign ownership of assets in the Philippines to 40 percent, leaving the dominant 60 percent to Filipino control.

In its 2011 ruling, the high court noted that foreign investors owned shares of stock in PLDT that gave them the right to vote on company decisions, whereas more Filipinos owned shares that do not give them the same voting rights.

This was because of Presidential Decree 217 issued by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos which required all PLDT phone applicants to subscribe to non-voting preferred shares to pay for the investment cost of installing a telephone line.

To correct the discrepancy, the high court defined the term “capital” to refer to shares of stock that are entitled to vote in the election of company directors.

In the PLDT’s case, it was defined to refer only to common shares and not to the total outstanding capital stock or common and nonvoting preferred shares of the company combined.

SEC probe

This meant that 64 percent of PLDT was owned by foreigners (holding common shares) in violation of constitutional limits to foreign ownership. (But if preferred shares are included in determining the company’s ownership structure, 87 percent of PLDT is owned by Filipinos and 13 percent by foreigners.)

In its ruling, the high court directed the SEC to investigate the PLDT’s ownership structure to find out whether it was in violation of the foreign capital limit based on the tribunal’s definition of capital, and if in violation, to impose the appropriate sanctions under the law.

Lazatin told Tuesday’s hearing the decision ignored the fact that if “capital” would be defined as all forms of shares, PLDT had not violated the Constitution because it meant that 86.3 percent of its shares of stock are Filipino-owned and only 13.7 percent are foreign-controlled.

“If not reconsidered, the Gamboa decision will affect ’vested rights’ of PLDT and its foreign shareholders. It changes the rules in the middle of the game. It sets back [by] two steps our quest for economic development and prosperity for our people,” Lazatin said.

He said the Gamboa ruling would “push our country out of the radar screen of foreign investors,” and “expose the government to investment suits” owing to bilateral treaties and contracts it may end up breaking.

Lazatin took the brunt of the justices’ questioning. Associate Justices Antonio Carpio and Presbitero Velasco Jr. asked the lawyer to explore all historical definitions of the term “capital,” including how it is defined by past and present Philippine laws, in order to show to the court how it may have misjudged the situation of the telecommunications giant.

Aside from Lazatin, the other lawyers who participated in the hearing were counsel for Manuel Pangilinan, the PLDT chairman, and those representing the SEC and the Office of the Solicitor General.

Lawyer Pablito Sanidad, who supported Gamboa’s suit, also turned up with his legal team. Sanidad and his brother, lawyer Arno Sanidad, were petitioners-in-intervention which the court had allowed to participate in Gamboa’s suit.-V Cabreza
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PLDT bags nod to hike Digitel stake

PHILIPPINE LONG Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) is poised to cement a nearly 100% ownership of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (Digitel) after corporate regulators yesterday approved the valuation of Digitel bonds ahead of their conversion into equity.
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in a filing, said it had approved the valuation of P14.64 billion worth of Digitel bonds held by PLDT.

The zero-coupon bonds referred to are the 2013 and 2014 convertible bonds issued by Digitel to its parent JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and purchased by PLDT last year.

The transaction will increase PLDT’s stake in Digitel from a little over half of the total shares to 99.5%, said Ramon R. Isberto, the dominant telco’s spokesman.

Digitel also gained the SEC’s nod for its authorized capital stock hike to P25 billion from P9 billion to accommodate the “full-conversion... of the convertible bonds,” the document further showed.

Mediaquest Holdings, Inc., a unit of PLDT’s Beneficial Trust Fund, has a minority stake in BusinessWorld -- Monica Joy O. Cantilero


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PLDT opens data center in Subic

Dominant network Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) is bolstering its product line for corporate clients in Luzon as it supports the growth of businesses by helping them modernize and automate their operations.

In a statement on Wednesday, PLDT said it had opened its second “VITRO” data center in Subic Bay Freeport north of Metro Manila.

The company said the move would benefit “businesses based in Metro Manila and Northern Luzon in terms of providing continuity, data recovery and secure data and information management.”

“PLDT Subic Vitro data center provides enterprises a very secure location to host all their data and information, which is supported by unmatched ICT experience,” said Eric Alberto, PLDT executive vice president and head of the company’s enterprise and international carrier business.

“Through PLDT’s advanced telecommunications infrastructure, the data center is able to provide end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions and multiple options for organizations’ bandwidth requirements more cost-effectively,” Alberto said.

PLDT’s first data center facility was put up in Pasig City. It has received numerous accolades in recognition of its reliable and robust services.

The new facility in Subic would offer companies full management and telecommunications services essential in business such as co-location, server hosting, disaster recovery, data security and network management.

Housed in PLDT’s SubicTel facilities, the new data center will employ top-of-the-line systems for power supply, security, cooling, fire protection and monitoring to ensure that equipment runs smoothly. The new facility will also be maintained by PLDT’s in-house staff of engineers.

“The VITRO data center in Subic assures stability, security and reliability for the ICT demands of our clients, coupled with PLDT’s unparalleled robust domestic fiber network in the country, as well as robust wireless connectivity,” said Jovy Hernandez, head of PLDT’s Alpha Enterprise division.-P Montecillo


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PLDT to shrink work force after merger

PHILIPPINE LONG Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) expects to pay out some P1.4 billion in severance benefits as it moves to downsize its work force after acquiring Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (Digitel) last year.

Already, 850 employees or 18% of Digitel’s headcount, have availed themselves of a voluntary retirement program, PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said in a briefing yesterday.

“We reduced [manpower] in the fixed line business of Digitel in the first quarter, and a slightly smaller number will be undertaken with respect to PLDT,” Mr. Pangilinan said without elaborating.

PLDT President Napoleon B. Nazareno, in the same briefing, said that the company will spend “up to P400 million” for Digitel employees and “around P1 billion” for PLDT employees’ early retirement.

“I think the assimilation of Digitel and Sun Cellular will continue [in the latter] part of this year. There will be certain rationalization measures that will still be undertaken in the course of 2012...” Mr. Pangilinan said.

Regulators in October last year approved PLDT’s take over of Digitel, giving the dominant telco 70% of the market share and leaving Ayala-led Globe Telecom, Inc. with 30%.

Dim outlook

This comes as the company has maintained its forecast of a profit drop for 2012. PLDT reiterated its profit guidance of P37 billion for this year, down from the P39 billion in 2011 after already recording a 12% drop in core net income in the first quarter.

“We expect this first quarter number to be trending towards the next three quarters,” Mr. Pangilinan said.

PLDT’s core net income from January to March stood at P9.3 billion, down 12.26% from P10.6 billion last year.

“Core net income declined as a result of higher expenses that reduced service revenue gains, a lower equity share in the earnings of the Manila Electric Company or Beacon Electric Asset Holdings, Inc. and higher provision for income taxes,” the company said in a disclosure.

Reported net income for the first quarter slid by 6% to P10.1 billion from P10.7 billion in the same period last year.

“But we are seeing some signs and stability in operations and financial results that should give us the platform to grow and increase our profitability by 2013,” he added.

Mr. Pangilinan had said that PLDT is expecting its core net income to be back at P39 billion next year, and rebound to 2010’s P41-billion profit by 2014.

PLDT’s consolidated service revenues for the first three months of year went up by 13% to P42.8 billion from P37.7 billion while expenses went up by 28% to P30.64 billion from P24 billion in the previous year.

TV investments

In a related development, the company said its wholly-owned subsidiary ePLDT, will be investing P6 billion in Mediaquest Holdings, Inc.,in the form of Philippine Depositary Receipts to sustain the momentum of TV5 and Cignal TV, a paid satellite TV provider.

Mediaquest Holdings Chief Executive Ray C. Espinosa said TV5’s audience share rose to 19% in April from 15.6% in December.

Mediaquest Holdings, Inc., a unit of the Beneficial Trust Fund of PLDT, has a minority stake in BusinessWorld.

PLDT shares fell by 0.63% to P2,536 apiece yesterday. -- Cliff Harvey C. Venzon


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8 PH companies named top firms in Southeast Asia (includes TEL)

MANILA, Philippines - An investment publications has named SM Investments Corp. (SMIC), Ayala Corp., Megaworld, Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO), Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), Globe Telecom, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and San Miguel Corp. (SMC) as the top companies in the country.

Hong Kong-based Alpha Southeast Asia made the announcement after it revealed the results of its second annual poll to find Southeast Asia’s top companies. The magazine said the awards are based on tallied votes among 460 investors, pension funds, hedge funds, equity and fixed income brokers and analysts with investment interests in the region. Companies in each country were ranked on their financial management, adherence to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and investor relations’ strategy, transparency and disclosure.

Jose Sio, chief financial officer (CFO at SM Investments, was named as the best CFO in the Philippines.

Across the region, the award for Best CFO in Southeast Asia went to Jeann Low, CFO at SingTel. The award for the Best Annual Report in Southeast Asia went to Keppel Corp. while the award for the Strongest Commitment to Sustainable Energy in Southeast Asia went to Thai Oil.

In its statement, Alpha Southeast Asia also said a distinguishing feature of its poll is that it not only names investor favorites, but also names the companies perceived to have “poor management access and investor relations (IR)” by the same group of investors. In the Philippines, Lepanto Consolidated Mining, Metropoitan Bank & Trust Co. and Security Bank Corp. were noted for their “poor and unpredictable investor relations’ strategy.”

Most organized investor relations went to BDO, Megaworld and SMIC while companies with the best senior management IR support are BPI, Globe Telecom and PLDT.

Firms cited for having the strongest adherence to corporate governance are Ayala Corp., Megaworld and SMIC while those with the most consistent dividend policy are Globe Telecom, PLDT and SMC.

Companies with the best strategic CSR are Ayala Corp, San Miguel Corp. and SMIC; the most improved IR citation went to SMC. The best annual report in the Philippines award was bagged by Ayala Corp.

Now in its sixth year of publication, Alpha Southeast Asia is an institutional investment magazine focused on Southeast Asia’s banking and capital markets.-  A Amio


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PLDT eyes TV stations in Indonesia

MANILA, Philippines - Amid an increasingly global marketplace for media content, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) will forge ahead with plans to go regional as it continues to be on the prowl for foreign television stations to add to its media empire.

On the sidelines of the Earth Resources Conference in Hong Kong Thursday, PLDT chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said the is not only vying for Filipino audience but Asian markets as well, particularly in Indonesia and Vietnam as it aims to establish a regional presence in the broadcasting field.

Pangilinan said investment in media assets would be vital to the group’s transformation from a traditional service provider to a multi-media and technology conglomerate.

He said the group is looking to acquire Indosiar, a leading Indonesian tv station owned by the Salim Group, which also owns PLDT’s parent firm, First Pacific Co. Ltd of Hong Kong.

Pangilinan said the group’s entry into the Vietnam broadcasting industry is still uncertain but they remain open to acquiring other TV stations in Asia to create new revenue streams.

Analysts said going regional makes sense should the group succeed in taking over GMA Network Inc. The acquisition of GMA would catapult Pangilinan’s group to the number one position and would result to a virtual duopoly in the TV industry.

The PLDT group, through TV5, is a far third in the TV market, currently dominated by rival networks ABS-CBN and GMA, which account for more than 60 percent of the Philippines’ audience share

TV5, however, has been steadily gaining market share through the introduction of new shows and acquisition of big talents.

As of end-2011, TV5’s market share has jumped to 18 percent in Metro Manila from only 2.3 percent in 2010 and 15.6 percent nationwide as against 2.7 percent.

Pangilinan said he is hopeful that a deal with GMA’s major shareholders – the Gozon, Duavit and Jimenez families – will be closed within the year. The purchase will be done under MediaQuest Holdings, a subsidiary of PLDT’s Beneficital Trust Fund.

Aside from television, the Pangilinan group also owns cable firm Cignal Digital and has significant presence in both FM and AM frequencies. It also has minority interest in three newspapers – The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Businessworld. The group also has a block-time arrangement with IBC-13.

Cignal TV is now the largest DTH Pay-TV operator in the country with over 250,000 subscribers.

Pangilinan said the group is exploring new media initiatives out of a growing sense of opportunity as traditional telco companies around the world face the challenges posed by new and improved content delivery technologies from so-called “over-the-top players” like Skype, Facebook and Google.

“The strategic choice was to stay at the telco level and become a full delivery system—a pure highway. But that’s not the long-term future of the telco business. It has got to get into other areas that will enhance the value of the telco other than the highway,” Pangilinan said.

Pangilian said the group wants to accelerate its strategy to deliver leading content to all the broadband screens — TV, smartphone, tablet or computer — that its customers may choose.

To remain competitive, the PLDT Group intends to establish closer relations with Silicon Valley in California, where many of the world’s biggest technology firms are located.- Z Dela Pena


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PLDT readies media war chest, as unit sells 27% stake in Philweb
By: Darwin G. Amojelar,
July 11, 2012 12:12 PM

MANILA - (UPDATED 3:33 p.m.) The PLDT group is raising funds for its expansion in media, which includes the possible acquisition of GMA Network Inc.

In a disclosure to the local bourse, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. said its unit ePLDT Inc. sold its 397.89 million shares - a 27 percent stake - in Philweb Corp. back to the online gaming firm for P10.70 a share or for a total consideration of P4.26 billion. The transaction will be completed by the end of next year.

PLDT said its unit "wanted to realize its profits" after "having made over 660 percent return in its original investment in six years."

In a text message, Napoleon Nazareno, PLDT president, said the divestment "is part of our asset repositioning program for more efficient funding of capex and investments."

Ramon Isberto, PLDT spokesperson, said the divestment from Philweb is meant to realign resources "to support the group's current thrusts, which includes of course investments in media."

Astro del Castillo, managing director of First Grade Finance, Inc., said the divestment of ePLDT's interest in Philweb comes as no surprise, as the PLDT group is beefing up its financial muscle either for expansion or acquisition.

Del Castillo said the money from Philweb will be used "possibly" for the acquisition of GMA7.

During PLDT's annual stockholders meeting last month, chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan had said the company was moving into the content business amid the maturing telecom market.

The sale of the Philweb stake comes several weeks after PLDT announced it would invest a combined P6 billion in TV5 and Cignal through ePLDT. The PLDT group owns TV5 and Cignal through MediaQuest Holdings. earlier reported that the PLDT group is holding discussions with some of the country's biggest lenders, including BDO and Metrobank, for a $300-million loan facility.

Last week, PLDT bagged an investment grade rating from Standard & Poor's, the last of three major international debt watchers to give the telecom giant a ratings boost that would reduce borrowing costs.

Pangilinan had said his group will pay cash when it acquires GMA7, adding that discussions with the controlling shareholders of the broadcast company - the Gozons, Duavits and Jimenezes - were "moving positively."

The PLDT group has been courting GMA7, but talks have stalled on a price acceptable to both parties.

Pangilinan said any acquisition price would however be "below P100 billion.”

At the close of trading on Thursday, the market valued GMA7 at P34.887 billion


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hindi ko afford ang TEL miko :hihi: hanggang P10/sh and below lang kaya ng kakaunting funds ko. :D

pag totoo na yung GMA7 acquisition, baka yun kaya pa ng powers ko. lapit na kaya yun? :watchuthink:


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  • leonine_zafiro: what product nun?
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  • lusart: jayrob i agree 200%. hulog ng langit organico. legit na legit
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