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Is E-Gold safe?

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Quote from: bladex
proven ba yan, o baka scammer din yan :D

kasi kung totoo yan sarado na sana e-gold

Ewan ko gusto ko sanang subukan yun demo.Dehins na din :D  Takot ako!


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ako na-experience ko na ung nabago ang account settings ko...
nakakapag-taka nga eh kc PIN enabled, so it means ako ung nklogin
and i entered the PIN from email, i only checked my balance...
the next day i checked my email and found a notification that i changed
my Account Security Settings and when I checked my Account Info,
my egold was now accessible IN ANY IP ADDRESS (panic)
so I restored the default values and change my passphrase...
good thing my egold was too small to be stolen, i guess...


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it could be the systems fault, kasi kung may ibang nakalogin sa iyo, sana tangay na lahat ng dollars mo


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Got this from a post in TalkGold (unedited version). Very good read.

I highlighted in [COLOR="Red"]red[/COLOR] the most important part of the story for me. Also, with regard to the article, the suggestions in the last paragraph are rather drastic for me. Personally I won't go that far.  

Moral of the story: No matter how many anti-whatever programs you have, you may not really be protected after all.

I think the basic protection you ought to have is an updated and reliable anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-trojan software and firewall. Also, I suggest you use Roboform, and for internet browsing, shift to Mozilla Firefox.


A clear description how my e-gold account was hacked and how did I protect it.

At first I want to say what I had in my computer when my account was hacked.
1. Macafee Antivirus
2. Spybot
3. snoopfree privacy shield (to show if someone is keylogging)
4. Sygate Firewall

On 11th december a email came to my account that my e-gold AccSent is updated. The quick I logged into e-gold account and saw my $81 is gone.

Then I quickly changed my AccSent to highest protection system.
IP indentification: High.
Detect Browser: Enabled.

After 5 min I got another email that my AccSent is updated. Then I logged in again and saw
IP identification: Disabled
Detect Browser: Disabled

Then I changed it again. In this way I changed it for 4 times but it did not work. Now the panic begins. My 12dailypro expired 6 days ago. And I know very soon I will get paid from 12dailypro.
So I created a new account and planned when the money will come I will quickly transfer the money in the new account. But here is the sad part:

The new account is also getting updated automatically. Even when I was inside the account. I make it highest priority and after 5 min when I click refresh I see everything is disabled.

Suddenly $308 came into my account from 12dailypro. And within next 5 min the money is gone! It was so much horrible.
I know what is scamming, spamming and keylogger. But this thing is totally different. I checked my computer 3 times there was no virus at all. I check the system processing by pressing ctrl+alt+delete to check worm but nothing was there. I did not clicked any kind of email link or message. I did not install any software in last 2 months. I always check the URL when I login to e-gold account(minimum 2 times). So why does it happend?

Then I talked with one of my friend who work in a internet security center. He said there is [COLOR="Red"]some kind of virus script which got into my computer when i was surfing websites. This script works in such a way when you login to e-gold account it will automatically open a hiden window and then the virus will browse you account option automatically.[/COLOR] You will never know there is a hidden browser under your browser.

So whats the solution? antivirus cannot detect it, anti keylogger cannot detect it. Now what you can do is using a new computer or make your computer new.

Turn off your computer open your computer case. Then remove your ram card and battery then fix it again. Remove the partition of your hard disk and make new partition and format it. Then install Windows XP again. And from next time do not use internet explorer use FIREFOX to login e-gold (recommended by e-gold support).


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I received some news that KUM has stopped accepting e-gold due to instability. They want us to shift to E-Buillion. Bluefeast just started accepting Stormpay. The past month, we witnessed how the e-gold website went down more frequent than usual. And now, this article from Business World indicating that the U.S. government is now investigating E-gold as a source of online crooks...Hmmm, these signs aren't good...


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yep..the program you refer to above has asked its investors to make the switch asap.

Na-alarm na rin sila and they claim that even the US SEC is putting the squeeze on egold.

Syempre naman, just the thought that the FBI and US Secret Service has taken records from egold's office means that potentially that includes every transaction by the private program referred to above.

BAM! Knee-jerk reaction or impulse reflex translated to discontinuing use of egold.

In any case, a poster on another forum claims that he spoke to egold and egold said that an announcement is forthcoming-- hopefully nga a good one..


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It's a crackdown. INTGold, e-gold, Uniclear... they're after e-currencies. They can't stand the fact that there's no regulation. E-bullion has the protection of Swiss jurisdiction kuno but they have an office in California. Ewan kung exempt din yon sa mata ni Uncle Sam.


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hmm sa tingin ko di nila kayang ipabagsak ang e-gold kasi millions of people will lost there money and there jbs pag nagkataon! lets hope for the best! kasi dito rin tyo kumikita! Kaya for me e-gold parin ang safest!


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FYI, this is the reply of Dr. Walter Belford in an interview by PT Shamrock:

PTS - What do you think of e-currencies, for instance e-gold,
e-bullion, GoldMoney, etc?

DWB - I think e-currencies have their purpose and meet a need for some.
However with that said, e-gold and some e-currency exchangers
are in hot water with the feds. There was a raid on e-gold headquarters
in Florida (USA) during mid-December 2005 and e-gold was off line for 4
or 5 days. The authorities grabbed copies of everything in the raid,
so there goes ones privacy again! The authorities really don't like
e-currencies like e-gold, because they can't regulate them. I
wouldn't keep much funds in any e-currency account, because of the
possibility that they'll be shut down and you'd lose your funds.

Once again this is a case of a few naughty people ruining a good thing
for millions.

There was a very negative article about e-gold in Businessweek Magazine
recently. That can become the kiss of death for a company like e-gold.
I hope that's not the case this time, but it doesn't look good for
IMO. At the very least e-gold is going to have to cave in to the
and require ID, track all transactions, ISP's usage, etc. At the worse,
they'll be history.

However if you are you asking me are e-currencies an investment, that
is another matter.

So, there. What do you think?


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Pins in E-gold are for one time use only. Every time you log out, you are given a new pin for security purposes. That way you get protected. Only that the way it is communicated is a little negative (That’s how warnings are supposed to be!) like you can easily conjure of someone playing folly with your account. You get this feeling when you are notified for the first time because you logged out.

BUT IF YOU NEVER LOG OUT - like you're the only one using that pc - simply click to FAVORITES for E-gold access and you'll be taken right away to the site where no new pin is needed.

As for all these fears being sown about E-Gold stability, there can always be possibilities as there are possibilities for anything in this world. BUT, I'm sure the rival e-currencies have something to do with this. Public relations or PR activities, you know. If you are in communications, you can easily grasp what I’m trying to say.

Just with statistics in Fraudwatch International alone, E-gold scores with very little hacking attempts compared to that with Paypal and the others. It's more of power play among these currencies, to my mind. The company where we are 500 writers all over the globe uses E-gold paying system and dropped Paypal because of this. Of course, they do their own research which is safer compared to all the rest. E-gold came out the most expedient.
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^By this I think you mean allowing e-gold to store your account number on your PC? Never logging out is different. You could do that, of course. However, I don't trust cookies so I turn off that option and opt for PIN notification from the get go.

I seriously doubt rival e-currencies are into rumor-mongering as the nature of these latest developments are bound to affect all of them. I still say it's a government crackdown.


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No bones about E-Gold Account numbers. You can even display it and you are encouraged to do so. With E-Gold, it is the passphrase that you are told to guard.


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Encouraged by e-gold itself, doc. They don't lose anything if your account is hacked. They in fact earn from the fees if your funds are transferred to another account. And as their system does not allow chargebacks, they're not going to help you out with that, either. I wouldn't display my account number, especially if there is an online record of the volume of your transactions. Makes you an easy target.

Pero kanya-kanya na tayo diyan. Others find turning cookies on is more convenient for login purposes. Just make sure your system is secure, "kahit papano." See vingasonline and FutureGizmo's posts in the previous page.
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He he! That's very much like you. Ever the careful one. That's a good habit, but sometimes we spend time guarding something  that doesn't need it. I don't store my eggs there for a long period, that's why. And - to be consistent with being careful - we must not.
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