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Title: Windows XP problem - For retro gaming
Post by: Albert77 on Jul 01, 2019, 02:54 PM
I just installed Windows XP on an old PC, for retro-gaming purposes. My issue is getting the latest updates. My media was service pack 2, and the installer for SP3 fails to extract with a "file is corrupt" error when it is nearly finished extracting files. This was directly from Microsoft and I downloaded it 3 times with the same issue. So I downloaded it from another website, but it matches a SHA-1 integrity check with the one from Microsoft and fails with the same issue. Tried installing a Windows Installer update to 3.1 v2, no change, updated to Windows Installer 4.5, no change.

Hoping someone here will have an idea how to get beyond this issue.

In addition, is there any place to get an update rollup to the final updates before support stopped?