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Post by: Prospera on Sep 03, 2012, 03:53 PM
In case anyone is trading this pair (I'm not!), let me just share this recent bulletin from my broker:

Dear Client,

Over the next few days the Swiss National Bank may take measures to intervene with the exchange rate of the EURCHF. Pepperstone does not offer financial advise but we believe that such an event may result in extreme volatility in the EURCHF currency pair. This in turn may cause the market to "gap" significantly. In light of these conditions foreign exchange providers across the globe are adopting leverage reductions on the EURCHF.

Effective immediately Pepperstone will reduce the standard leverage on EURCHF to 25:1 or (5%). The leverage reduction will be in place until further notice.

If you have open positions on the EURCHF this leverage reduction may cause your margin requirement to increase and you may suffer financial loss. Please ensure that your account is adequately funded to maintain any positions after the change. Please note that failure to do so may incur financial loss.

Pepperstone looks forward to removing this leverage reduction once the potentially volatile conditions are reduced.

Pepperstone recommends that clients seek professional financial advice on this matter.
The Pepperstone Team
Title: Re: EUR/CHF set for extreme volatility
Post by: JonathanLouReyes on Feb 01, 2013, 02:49 PM
i love trading this pair, its just really crazy! just remember that the eur and chf always try to balance each other out so they tend to consolidate most of the time. its great to scalp when its not moving and the spread is low. Big news in eur usually spins the pair out of control with spikes then goes back. However, when it breaks out, it really really breaks out. I don't recommend trading this pair if your not familiar with it. its hardly technical
Title: Re: EUR / CHF (EURCHF)
Post by: DavidApol on Sep 16, 2013, 08:59 AM
I have a short position on this (entry point triggered when US data was released, possibly due to CHF considered as a safe-haven currency) thinking of closing it though before the ECB speech later today
Title: Re: EUR / CHF (EURCHF)
Post by: DavidApol on Sep 24, 2013, 08:50 AM
EURCHF Tests Major Support at 1.229

As seen in the H1 chart, EURCHF has recently attempted to breach the support of a bearish trend channel. Currently, resistance may be found at 1.23001 whereas support may be drawn around 1.2207 levels. We should wait for further confirmation of a bearish move for EURCHF before placing a trade in favor of the Swissie.

To read the full trading recommendation, please click this link: (
Title: Re: EUR / CHF (EURCHF)
Post by: SuperForex on Dec 01, 2016, 10:24 PM
Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR / CHF on 01/12/2016. The daily chart

General analysis
Yesterday's trading day for the currency pair EUR / CHF showed unusually big volatility intro day and by the end of the day closed with a parity at the level of 1.0774.
First, the initiative on the market went Bulls and the price began to rise rapidly reaching its peak level at 1.0815. Therefore resistance level 1.0800 has been broken.
However, the price was unable be fixed above this level since after the opening of the US session, the market turned around and the price began to decline.

Following the results of the day closed at the same level at which started its move this morning 1.0774.

Next few days
Testing the resistance level 1.0800 with a further decline tells us it is the weakness of the uptrend and the fact that it is possible from this price will resume its movement in the medium-term downtrend.
We recommend to close all previously open long position of EUR / CHF and to consider the possibility of selling after a decline below 1.0750.
The target point for the profit for selling below 1.0750 will be levels 1.0705 and 1.0690.