Best ECE Electronics Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Electronics, without a doubt, play a very important role in our everyday life. From the cellphone that we use to text or call our families to the computers we use to exchange information, electronics have allowed us to be connected more closely than ever before. The development and improvement of these equipment, among others, is the job of an Electronics Engineer.

Licensed Electronics Engineer

Before anything else, it is important to differentiate “electronics engineering” from “electrical engineering.” Electrical engineering deals with how electrons can be utilized whereas Electronics Engineering deals with how holes (which are positively charged) can be utilized on top of the utilization of electrons (Electrical Technology).

In the Philippines, Electronics Engineers are also called Electronics and Communications Engineers (ECE) and would execute the following tasks, among others:

  • Analysis of both software and hardware processes to determine any points of improvement or potential problems
  • Computation of various formulas to solve electronics-related problems
  • Application of various concepts in mathematics and engineering to be able to improve or develop useful electronics devices and equipment

These responsibilities of an electronic engineer make them an integral member of a progressing society.

Electronic Engineering (ECE) Licensure Examination

The Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination is conducted every April and October of every year.

If the job piques your interest and you are considering to be an Electronic Engineer in the future, take note that the following topics are some of the ones included in the Electronic Engineering Licensure Examination:

  • Mathematics – 20%
  • Electronics Engineering – 30%
  • General Engineering and Applied Sciences (GEAS) – 20%
  • Electronics Systems and Technologies – 30%

What you want to know would be the schools which train the highest number of graduates who pass the Electronics Engineering exam, right? Well, look no further for here they are.

These data were compiled from previous ECE Licensure Exams to find out the schools with the highest Electronic Engineering Licensure Examination passing rates. Hope you find this information useful!

Best Electronic Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Category 1: Universities with 100 or more ECE takers

 Stock CodeCompanyProfit / Loss % (Jan-Sept 2018)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceSept 2018 Last Price
1HVNGolden Bria Holdings1,327.27%22.00314.00
2IRCIRC Properties206.67%0.752.30
3ATNATN Holdings200.00%0.431.29
4ATNBATN Holdings "B"172.34%0.471.28
5NOWNow Corp156.49%2.857.31
6VULVulcan Industrial & Mining150.63%0.791.98
7TBGITranspacific Broadband Group Int'l103.64%0.280.56
8ISMISM Communications Corp100.71%1.412.83
9MHCMabuhay Holdings96.72%0.300.60
10SGPSynergy Grid & Dev't Phils93.23%180.10348.00

Category 2: Universities with less than 100 ECE takers

 Stock CodeCompanyProfit / Loss % (Jan-Sept 2018)Jan. 2018 Starting PriceSept 2018 Last Price
1BCORBerjaya Phils-69.52%6.301.92
3MAHBMetro Alliance Holdings "B"-56.18%3.401.49
4MAHMetro Alliance Holdings-55.43%3.501.56
5CHPCemex Holdings Phils-51.03%4.862.38
7DDDoubleDragon Properties-50.94%39.7519.50
8PXPhilex Mining-47.81%6.403.34
9STISTI Holdings-44.03%1.590.89

Note: The table above only ranks the passing rates of First-time takers only; repeaters are not included in the passing rate. All figures are based on the four (4) previous Electronic Engineering Licensure Examinations, specifically the ones held in April and October during the years 2016 and 2017.

Source: PRC Philippines (; Electrical Technology

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