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(Pics) Ejay Falcon – PBB Teen Edition Plus

First to enter Kuya’s house: Ejay Falcon, the Promdi Hottie from Mindoro.

Full Name: Ejay Falcon
Nickname: E-J
Origin: Oriental Mindoro
Age: 18
Birthdate: November 21, 1989
Height: 6’0
Nationality: Filipino
School: University of Manila
Favorite cartoon character: Naruto
Favorite subject in school: Math
Hated subject in school: English
Favorite sport: Basketball, billiards
Favorite summer/vacation destination: Pola, Oriental Mindoro
Hobbies: Texting
Ultimate celebrity crush: Maja Salvador

More about Ejay Falcon below.

This shy lad from Oriental Mindoro speaks with straight and clear Tagalog, with a taint of Mindorenyo and a Visayan accent.

Ejay grew up in the island of Pola where there is a scarcity of water and electricity, and watching TV Patrol and primetime teleseryes from the community TV, the only form of entertainment for the residents.

Despite his timid ways acquired from his rural origins and strict Christian upbringing, Ejay is courageous and determined, ready to take on anything just to free his family from the poverty that ruined his parents’ marriage.

He dreams big for his family that even if he is granted one wish, he’d not ask for fame but for his family to be together again.

PBB Teens Edition Plus Housemates:

  1. Alex Anselmuccio – 18, Italian Valentino of Milan
  2. Christine Marie “Beauty” Gonzalez – 16, Rebellious Beauty of Dumaguete
  3. Ejay Falcon– 18, Promdi Hottie of Mindoro
  4. Jieriel Papa – 16, Bubbly Girl of Davao
  5. Jolas Paguia – 18, Gentle Giant of Davao
  6. Marc Josef Elizalde – 16, Lethal Lasallite
  7. Kevin Flood – 18, Spanish Stallion of Madrid
  8. Linda Backlund – 16, Bikina Babe of Iriga
  9. Arnan “Nan” Clenuar – 17, Junior Kengkoy of Davao
  10. Nicole Uysiuseng – 17, In-chick of Cebu
  11. Priscilla Mae Navidad – 17, Deaf Dreamer of Davao
  12. Robi Domingo – 18, True Blue Atenista
  13. Rona Marie Libby – 16, The Prisoner’s Daughter of Dumaguete
  14. Valerie Weignmann – 18, Dazzling Doll of Germany

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127 thoughts on “(Pics) Ejay Falcon – PBB Teen Edition Plus”

  1. djrom says:

    hi kuya ejay!! alam mo crush na crush ka ng mga pamangkin ko, ahm.. kua wag mong pancnin ung mga tumitira sayo, bsta mssbi ko ang galing2 mo na sa pag acting,nice improvement kuya, keep it up!

  2. lhen says:

    ..mahal na mahal kita ..kuya ejay.. keep up the good work.. number please..

  3. Ronnierivera says:

    this is nice to see

  4. argan oil acne treatment says:

    Thank you so much for straightening this out. It has been haunting me for several weeks now.

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