Fake ‘Download Internet Explorer’ email by Microsoft

Last week I received an email supposedly from admin@microsoft.com instructing me to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.0, the latest update to Microsoft’s browser.

If I didn’t know better, I would have automatically clicked on the download link. Instantly, then, I would have made myself a victim of a spyware threat.

Although the sender of the email is “admin@microsoft.com”, you should not always readily believe that Microsoft indeed sent the email.

Programs that can spoof email addresses are now easily available on the web. With these programs, you can even send an email coming from george.bush@whitehouse.gov. That’s how easy it is now to send a fake email.

Another red flag is the download link. If Microsoft really wants us to download IE7, it would lead us to the official Microsoft website, not to some obviously-made-up URL such as http://89. 187.49.18/IE-7.0.exe.

This download link also provides instant download to an exe file, which is most probably a spyware or a trojan or a virus or some other malicious file.

So again a reminder: next time you see a phishing email such as this Download Internet Explorer 7.0 email, quickly hit the Spam or Report Phishing button. Never, ever click on the links on such emails.

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