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Where to Pay Philippine Passport Application Fee

All applicants for a Philippine passport are now required to pay the passport processing fee before they proceed to the DFA consular office.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) implemented this rule to discourage applicants who fail to show up during their chosen appointment date. Thus, when applying to get a new passport or to renew your old passport, you will have to pay the processing fee before you make the personal appearance.

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How much is the Passport Processing Fee?

The regular application and processing fee of Philippine passports is P950.00. Regular processing means the passport will be released to the applicant after 12 working days, regardless if the application was made within or outside Metro Manila.

There is a faster option for those who wish to receive their passports earlier. The express processing fee is P1,200.00. If you chose this option, you will receive your passport after 6 working days (for Metro Manila applications) or 7 working days (for applications outside Metro Manila).

If your scheduled appointment is on a Saturday, the processing fee is a fixed P1,200.00, even though you chose regular processing.

How to choose Payment Center during online passport application?

The DFA now requires applicants to prepay their passport application and processing fee. This payment must be made in an offline Payment Center accredited by the DFA.

At present, credit card or ATM / debit card payments are not yet allowed but, according to the DFA, they are currently testing this method and the system will soon accept debit and credit card payment option.

How to go about the DFA ePayment portal? Here’s a quick passport application guide:

1. Schedule an appointment at the Passport Online Appointment website at

2. Pick a DFA Consular Office where you wish to apply and choose your preferred date and time when you will make a personal appearance.

3. Accurately fill out all required fields in the online application form.

4. Choose your passport processing type (expedited or regular processing) before clicking “Proceed to Payment”.

5. After clicking “Proceed to Payment”, you will receive a Reference Number related to your application that will be sent directly to your email.

It actually doesn’t matter which payment center you will make the payment. This is going to be your choice. What’s more important is the “Reference Number” of your passport application.

Where to Pay the Passport Processing Fee?

Check your email and take note of the Reference Number sent by the DFA. You will need to show this Reference Number to the Payment Center upon payment of your passport processing fee.

Here’s a list of Payment Centers in the Philippines authorized by the DFA to receive passport application fees:

  • Bayad Center
  • 7-11 Convenience Stores
  • USCC (Western Union)
  • Robinson’s Business Center (in Robinsons Department Stores)
  • Waltermart Department Store
  • EcPay
  • Pera Hub
  • Villarica Pawnshop

When paying, all you need to do is identify the Reference Number which you got from the email sent by the DFA. This is very important since the Reference Number corresponds to your passport application.

One reference number corresponds to only one transaction. If you are paying for multiple reference numbers, you will need to separately pay for each reference number.

Take note that there is an additional P50.00 convenience fee which you will also have to pay, on top of the passport processing fee, when making payment at any of the payment centers above.

I’ve Paid the Processing Fee, What’s Next?

Make sure to keep the Official Receipt of your payment. Once your payment is processed and confirmed, you will receive the Confirmed Appointment Packet from the DFA in your email which contains the documents you must bring to the consular office during your scheduled appointment.

In the emailed packet, click the link to your passport appointment packet. You will then be shown a PDF copy of the following documents which you must print:

  1. Checklist with the indicated appointment schedule
  2. Confirmed Application Form with bar code, appointment reference number (ARN), and eReceipt number
  3. Two (2) copies of the eReceipt

Bring these 3 items, plus other required documents, during your personal appearance at the DFA consular office at the specified appointment date.

If you failed to show up during your appointment date, you will NOT be given a refund of the passport application fee and P50.00 convenience fee which you paid. You will have to pay these again when you reapply.

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