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Cyber-terrorists to attack today (Nov. 11)?

Yes, everything can be done online now — including waging a war.

Antivirus software developer Trend Micro posted an article in its blog saying that terrorists linked to the Al-Qaeda group are threatening to launch an online jihad (holy war) by attacking several anti-Muslim Web sites on November 11, Sunday.

The blog post cited a report published on, an online military intelligence magazine, claiming that Al-Qaeda’s electronic experts will start attacking Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites through the use of an “Electronic Jihad software.”

The software is supposedly capable of launching DDoS attacks, which are attacks that paralyze online systems by sending continuous and tremendous stream of data requests to a particular site, causing it to go offline.

Trend Micro researchers announced that they have discovered a hacking tool detected as HKTL_DAHIJ.A, which may be the E-Jihad’s latest version (Version 3.0).

According to the researchers, the file arrives as an installer package and may be downloaded from a remote site. The following is supposedly a screencap of the GUI for entering a user name and password combination:

Cyberterrorists to attack on November 11?

When a certain user name and password is encoded, the hacking tool displays the following GUI:

Cyberterrorists to attack on November 11?

However, for other user name and password combinations, this is what appears:

Cyberterrorists to attack on November 11?

The hacking tool apparently connects to a certain URL. Once connected and verified, it downloads a list from several URLs which contains another set of URLs, which is then used to launch Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks.

Unless this site itself becomes a DDoS victim or zombie, we’ll post an update here whether the e-jihad attack was successful.

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