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Winners of PMT’s $25 Christmas Contest

Sharing is undeniably the essence of Christmas. And several posters in our $25 Christmas Contest wrote that should they win, they will give the prize to charity or to someone they know who needs the money. Noble intent, indeed, but how are you to win if everybody else is saying the same thing?

You make a heart-tugging but not-oh-so-melodramatic post, that’s how.

First $25 winner: sai

Our first winner, sai, did just that when he posted:

If I had an extra P1,000 ($25) this Christmas, I would give it to my son and allow him to buy 2 of his favorite toys or anything he like as long it is 2, then i will make him choose which one he really like and have it gift wrapped and tell him to give it to one of those poor kids.hope this will work…

Letting go of a possession you love is a sacrifice. If sai will do what he wrote, he will ultimately make his son learn, at an early age, how fulfilling it is to sacrifice one’s pleasures in order to delight another person. To help sai realize that, we award him our first $25 prize.

Second $25 winner: Lexan

Everyone who comes to Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) is looking to make money in one way or another. Several entrants in our Christmas Contest wrote that should they win, they will use the winnings to invest in an income opportunity that will grow that prize money. Very nice but, a reminder guys, don’t use it to gamble in High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)! There’s a high chance you’ll just lose it to scammers!

Why not follow the example of our 2nd winner, Lexan, who plans to photocopy the P1,000-bill prize one thousand times, then use it to inspire her to earn her first million?

The amount 1,000,000 pesos intimidates me. However, I thought of a plan to make it seem more reachable for me. If I had an extra 1,000 bucks and it comes as one bill, I will have it photocopied 1,000 times. I will gather the photocopied bills in one big suitcase and place it under my bed. My goal is to remove one photocopied bill for every real 1,000-peso bill I can add to the pile from thereon. Saving a thousand 1,000 peso bills seem much easier to me than saving 1,000,000 pesos hehe.

Of course, after photocopying the 1,000-peso bill, I will go to Divisoria and buy accessories. Then I will sell the accessories at my mom’s tiangge stall. From there I will make the business grow. It’s a small start but at least I can get it rolling in due time so that my pile of photocopied bills will slowly but surely be replaced by real ones!

To jumpstart Lexan on her dream to achieve one million pesos, we award her our second $25 prize.

$12 blog winner: lovely

Time now to give someone the chance to pamper herself. The $12 prize for the blogger who linked to this contest goes to lovely of Dateline Davao, who wrote that she needs a major visit to the salon after suffering from bad hair days because of Senator Trillanes, among other things. Kering-keri mo nang magpa-salon, lovely!

Final Words

All winners will receive an email from us detailing how they can receive their prize.

To the 100+ people who joined our $25 Christmas Contest, thank you very much! You may not have won, but we hope you find greater happiness, contentment, and peace of mind this season.

A Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all of you!

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932 thoughts on “Winners of PMT’s $25 Christmas Contest”

  1. McBilly says:

    Congratulations to the winners! It was a great contest. Anyway, just a several more days before xmas, Happy holidays to everyone. :D

  2. Teejay says:

    Congratulations to the winners and I hope I get to join next time :)

  3. Pinoy Rich Jerk says:

    Congratulations to all the winners and may we have a merry x-mas this season.

  4. Emmanuel Martinez says:

    congrats to the winners! and a merry christmas to all!

  5. Tita Epriss says:

    Congrats sa mga nanalo! sila din ang mga personal choices ko!!! A Happy Christmas to everyone!

  6. normanski says:

    merry christmas, pahingi ako ng photocopy!

  7. sai says:

    thanks to all .surely i will do it this coming chrismas with my son..Merry xmas to all..

  8. boddah says:

    congrats to all winners! okay, now what’s for the New Year contest? ^_^ Merry Christmas!

  9. Lexan says:

    Woohoo! I won hehehe. :D

  10. marhgil says:

    wow! ayos. usong uso ang contest. now, it’s my turn to share some blog money.

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