PMT Christmas Game: Guess and win P2,000!

In the next two weeks, is the Philippine Peso going to appreciate or depreciate versus the US Dollar? Will the peso fall to P50 or strengthen to P45?

Guess the closing exchange rate of the Peso against the dollar on December 12, Friday, and win up to P2,000!

Here are the mechanics of the game.

1. You must have a valid bank account and mobile phone in the Philippines in order to join. Otherwise you won’t be able to receive your prizes in case you win.

2. To join, post your guess as a comment to this article. Include a link to any PMT Blog article that you have read. Entries not following the said format are void. Sample entry format:

My prediction of the exchange rate: $1 = P50.00
Interesting PMT Blog article I’ve read: The LCD TV that blogging bought

To post a link, use the format: <a href=URL-or-link-to-the-article>Title Here</a>

3. Deadline to post entries is on Tuesday, December 9, 11:59 p.m.

4. The winner is the one whose guess is closest to the actual closing exchange rate on December 12, Friday, published on (first row, left column, PDS Wtd. Avg.). In case of a tie, the person who posted earlier wins.

e.g. Entry #1 is $1 = P51.00 while Entry #2 is $1 = $49.00. If actual closing exchange rate is $1 = P50.00, although both entries have the same nominal difference (P1.00), Entry #1 will win because it was posted earlier.

5. The winner will receive P1,000 cash to be deposited to his/her local bank account. If he/she correctly guessed the actual rate, he/she will win double the prize, meaning P2,000 will be deposited to the bank account.

6. Five (5) runners-up with guesses closest to the actual exchange rate will each receive a P100 prepaid cellphone load.

7. All winners will be contacted via the email address they entered when posting the comment.

8. Only one entry is allowed per person. We will check the email address and IP address for duplicate entries.

Remember that the earlier you post, the bigger your chance of winning. So post your guess right now!

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