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Cebu Pacific starts offering all-inclusive, low fares

Will more Juan fly now that Cebu Pacific has permanently reduced its domestic fares?

Starting today, June 12, Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific ( is reducing its domestic fares permanently by as much as 32%. The new all-inclusive fares already include fuel and insurance surcharge, aviation security fee and 12% VAT.

The ‘all-in’ pricing format is introduced with a seat sale across Cebu Pacific’s domestic network. The promotional offer runs from June 12 to 17 and is valid for travel on July 1 to October 15, 2008. More than half a million seats have been allocated for this promotion.

All-in fares during this promotion are:

  • Manila-Legaspi : P699 one-way
  • Manila-Cebu : P999 one-way
  • Manila-Davao : P1,499 one-way

After the seat sale, prices increase to their normal rates but are supposedly still cheaper:

  • Manila-Legaspi : P999 one-way
  • Manila-Cebu : P1,499 one-way
  • Manila-Davao : P2,499 one-way

It’s surprising that despite rising fuel costs, Cebu Pacific was still able to lower its domestic fares. However, this comes at a price: a few amenities and conveniences were previously offered to passengers are now gone.

In the past, passengers were given snacks even in short routes but now, these are being sold at very high mark-ups. Also, Cebu Pacific flights are now delayed most of the time and even their TV ad about on-time flights have been taken off the air because they could not live up to the promise anymore.

Still, Cebu Pacific is a welcome competitor in the airline industry previously dominated by the monopolistic Philippine Airlines. With Cebu Pacific, airfares even that of Philippine Airlines’ have now been reduced. Just hoping that this is not at the expense of passenger safety and security.

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5 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific starts offering all-inclusive, low fares”

  1. BAROK says:

    Story 1

    When I went for vacation last April, I purchased online my Cebu Pacific e-ticket Ilo-Mla. The trouble starts when I tried to re-book my ticket:

    1. I spent an undetermined huge amount of money overseas calling their “call center”

    2. After arriving in Manila, I tried going to their office in Robinson’s Manila to get it changed. Unfortunately the queue was very long (about 500 people and the system goes off-line frequently) that I had to give-up.

    3. I tried from their office in the Airport but the answer was NO, you need to call the Call Center…Again?

    It’s an awful waste of time, money and effort and I ended up buying expensive PAL ticket (at least the service was worth the money).
    Now I am still waiting for my refund…guess what? I will only get it after three months with 30% deductions.

    Story 2

    We had to go to Davao and the only available flight was through Cebu Pacific. Finally I get to fly Cebu Pacific after 2 long years…to my surprise:

    1. They are not late, THEY ARE VERY LATE! It’s not the Cebu Pacific I rode two years back anymore.

    2. NO SNACKS! The worst part is, you have to buy them (only in Cebu Pacific)

    3. The nice part is that they are now using Airbus which is spacious and comfortable.

    Lesson Learned: If you the budget and money, Cebu Pacific is not worth it.

  2. enteng says:

    to oli boy ,

    i would like comment about your #3 remark, It does not mean because it’s Airbus its spacious , In fact mas masikip ang Airbus seating arrangement compare to Boeing. CP planes I think are all Airbus 319,320 but they are young compare to PAL fleet which is using mostly Boeing . And for me ,I find Boeing more comfortable than Airbus.

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