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MSCI Philippines Index composition, effective June 2014

The MSCI Philippine Index is developed and monitored by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Inc., a global provider of investment decision support tools. According to their official website, more than 7,500 institutional clients around the world use their tools as guide in managing investment portfolios.

MSCI Philippines Index composition, as of August 2013

Here’s the rebalanced composition of the MSCI Philippines index as of August 2013, versus its composition during the previous quarter. The changes were announced August 15 and took effect on September 2 but immediately after the announcement, portfolio managers started realigning and rebalancing their portfolios.

MSCI Philippines Index vs. PSEi Annual Returns

Last week, Philippine stocks suffered a beating following a sharp decline in the stock price of SM Investments Corp. (SM), a large conglomerate with market capitalization of more than P641 billion. A big price fluctuation in such a large company would no doubt lead to a