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Fight the phishing sites!

Here’s one more reason why you should install or update protection softwares in your PC. Today I received an email supposedly from PayPal regarding my unauthorized activity claim (full copy of the email at the end of this article). Now, I did file an unauthorized

Don’t be fooled by spoof PayPal mails

Forwarded this PayPal phishing email to and got a reply several hours later: Thank you for contacting PayPal about a fraudulent (spoof) email or Web site. We appreciate you bringing this suspicious email to our attention. We can confirm that the email you received

Fake PayPal email

Now that you have a PayPal account, you should be wary of emails you receive supposedly from PayPal. Although the email might have a header and logo similar to that of PayPal, most of these are actually phishing mails intent on stealing your personal information.

Do they really think we’re that stupid?

Got this email today. It’s obviously a scam targeting the greediest of all greedy ginks. Does “Cheryl” really think we’d believe that she can double our money if we sent her $30? That e-Bullion has a flaw in the system that will let you “rob”

Beware of the fake e-Gold website!

Pinoy Money Talk (PMT) chanced upon a site that takes the look of the original e-Gold site in an attempt to deceive users, with the intention of hacking accounts and stealing personal information. The fake site can be found at, as opposed to the