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Category Archives: Phishing Emails

More phishing emails from fake PayPal and eBay

Here are some more examples of phishing emails, this time supposedly sent by PayPal and eBay. It is our hope that our series on Phishing Emails will help you easily identify a fake email from the real one. So next time you see a phishing

Phishing scam email from fake UNICEF

We hope that our series on Phishing Emails have helped you identify fake emails and prevented you from becoming one of their victims. You probably know by now that phishing emails, also known as fake or spoof emails, are used to direct recipients to a

Phishing email, fake website:

In the tradition of fake Paypal, eGold, E*Trade, Gmail, and YouTube emails designed to steal your personal information, here comes another phishing email that attempts to deceive you into logging to a fake website so it can hack your e-Bullion funds. The well-designed email comes

Bonjour! C’est un PayPal phishing l’email

Pardon my French (literally), but a few minutes ago I received an interesting email supposedly from PayPal France. The polyglot that I am (not!), I had to get help from a Language Translation site in order to decipher the message and, as expected, it is

E*Trade email phishing alert

Today I received another phishing email — emails that look like an official letter from a trusted bank, credit card company, or payment processor but is actually a type of deception designed to steal one’s personal data. The email intends to trick E*Trade Financial (

Another fake e-gold email

Be warned of the following email purportedly from e-gold. It is a phishing email, one designed to steal your personal data to be used for identity theft. Do not click the link in the email. It goes NOT to e-gold’s official site ( but to