Phishing Emails

Bonjour! C’est un PayPal phishing l’email

Pardon my French (literally), but a few minutes ago I received an interesting email supposedly from PayPal France. The polyglot that I am (not!), I had to get help from a Language Translation site in order to decipher the message and, as expected, it is just one of those many PayPal phishing emails

E*Trade email phishing alert

Today I received another phishing email — emails that look like an official letter from a trusted bank, credit card company, or payment processor but is actually a type of deception designed to steal one’s personal data. The email intends to trick E*Trade Financial ( users into providing their personal information which will be used …

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Another fake e-gold email

Be warned of the following email purportedly from e-gold. It is a phishing email, one designed to steal your personal data to be used for identity theft. Do not click the link in the email. It goes NOT to e-gold’s official site ( but to a fake site (loooooooooong URL!): . accsent.activationacc. 5ae52d14451gf45gfffgf54gf1h4524 5412ds45 …

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